Let loose and party at Billy Rock!

Check out this newest bar and restaurant hangout in Streetscape Shangri-la Plaza which opened last June 26. Experience good music, great food and explosive party at BillyRock.

Here are some of their offerings for the whole week...

Mondays & Tuesdays: Bucketday

A bucket of 6 San Miguel beer. 250
A bucket of 6 San Miguel beers with our Billy's Bite pica-pica. 425

Wednesdays: con-Coke-tions

Enjoy bottomless cocktail drinks with Coca-Cola twist. 275
Add P100 for your endless onion rings.

Thursdays/Fridays/Saturdays: Endless BillyRocker Drinks

One isn't enougn but be responsible! BillyRocker drinks will surely get you buzzed and wanting for more. 350
Add P100 for your endless homemade potato chips.

BillyRock Wine + Endless Potato Chips
Have a taste of our own wine, right from the can. Served with endless homemade potato chips. 350


Big&Small sale

Big&Small Co. and the brands under its umbrella (Big&Small, HAB, SPIN and Orange Juice) is having its mid-year sale starting June 27 in all branches.

Come visit their branches all over the metro!


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One t-shirt at a time

Big & Small Company, the company of leading children’s clothes brands Big&Small, Spin and Orange Juice recently celebrated it’s partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) to support its programs on climate change, environmental protection and wildlife conservation.

Big&Small Company’s wide range of clientele – specifically young, hip moms who are instrumental in molding succeeding generations, the partnership aims to advance climate change awareness through a line of green-themed T-shirts. The T-shirts will impart strong messages about the environment and sensible tips on reducing individual carbon footprints. When enough people heed the tips, the debilitating effects of climate change can be mitigated.

To celebrate its partnership with the WWF, the Big&Small Company, through its carrier brands Big&Small, Spin, Orange Juice and H.A.B, recently showcased its WWF T-shirt collection through a kids fashion show. The event featured kids parading in WWF T-shirt designs that aims to encourage others in doing their share to protect our planet.

In helping save the world through its small, concerted efforts, the Big&Small Company genuinely shows that no small effort will go unnoticed when you dream big for future


Now Everything Can be Found in ONE Box

No need to visit different sites to get everything: all one needs to do is register and be part of the Sandbox (http://www.mysandbox.com) website.

With the launch of Sandbox, the latest web platform that unites social networking, online media content sharing and downloading, as well as web services, the future of digital connection for Filipinos comes with a new breakthrough interactive experience.

The event, recently held at Bureau marks the unveiling of a technology that seamlessly fuses your digital lifestyle online and on the go. With Sandbox, one can easily access anything at the touch of a fingertip, as all information from the website is readily shared between PCs and mobile phones.

By fusing social networking, mail, content uploading, and music and video downloading, you will never have to undergo the hassle of juggling through different websites for a complete digital experience. Here, you can create a profile, update your status for the world to see, upload and check on friends’ photos and videos, as well as write blogs, join forums, send and receive e-mail, and download music, games, and various content.

To mirror the digital harmony offered by Sandbox, the event celebrated the fusion of it’s different elements—downloading, gaming, watching, sharing and shopping. Unlike other content download sites, Sandbox offers an easier and faster way to get information online. You don’t even need credit cards to download: since content is delivered straight to your mobile, the cost for any requested music, game, and video is automatically charged to your prepaid load or billed above your postpaid plan. Downloading and installing is trouble-free: by filling up the purchase details on the pop-up window in the site. After clicking the download link sent to one’s mobile, the requested music, game, or movie wallpaper is installed to one’s phone in a matter of seconds.

Taking shopping to a whole new level is Digisoria, Sandbox’s unique online retail portal. Here, shoppers and sellers will discover a more streamlined way to connect to each other, as Digisoria categorizes online merchants to make searching for specific products that buyers want faster. Entrepreneurial spirits will find this a great opportunity to bring their products to their target market, as shoppers will likewise find it as a cost-efficient and hassle-free way to find the things they want on the web.

With all of these features, this newest online portal keeps Filipinos easily connected to everything and everyone, whenever and wherever. Without doubt, the best way to be linked has arrived.


A SOULidifying Partnership: Analog Soul partners with Pinoy Artists

They talk about expression. They talk about creativity. They talk about individuality. These points have brought Analog Soul and Filipino artists together to form a partnership that can be considered as an expression of the soul.

In this digital-centric time, Analog Soul embraces more the wonders of our five senses – believing that sensing one’s reality is truly the way to live. Its partnership with Filipino artists like Ysobel Aboitiz and Tata Balerite hypes the significance of expressing one’s self – one’s soul. The Filipino-owned company has allowed its brand to be the canvass of Filipino artists as they share their views through art. Beautifully and artistically, Ysabel and Tata have been able to design shirts for Analog Soul.

It was in 2008 when Ysabel joined Analog Soul. A graphic designer, painter, and dog lover, she hones her craft and gets inspiration from graphic magazines, creative openings to movies, and the like. Some of Ysabel's most popular designs include the Medusa shirt, Rock and Roll, Earth, Sweet Tooth, Jellyfish, Grunge, Linked, Bubbles and many more.

Tata, on the other hand, works up his inspiration by observing the irony and comedy of life, and of course, with his daughter as his greatest inspiration. He also makes sure that he has a daily dose of creativity books on screen and on the web.

Aside from being an Analog Soul artist, Tata is also working on Design Insurgent & Wolf & Sheep Clothing. He shares, “I love that I am able to get to work with creative talents around the world. Brainstorming is just like coffee in the morning. The best thing of all, I also get paid for doing the things I love 24/7!”

Through the artistry Filipino artists like Tata and Ysobel, Analog Soul now carries creative, evocative, and eclectic designs that aim to capture their market’s expressions and emotions. Their shirts aim to be the venue for their customer’s to shout out their emotions or express one’s self.

“Through our partnership with Filipino artists, Analog Soul is able to carry creative, evocative, and eclectic designs. These designs are what capture our market’s interest. Their artistry is able to capture the emotions and expressions of the market. The brand now becomes a venue for our customers to shout out their emotions or express themselves,” Analog Soul owner Migs Naguiat explains.

“We, Filipinos, are gifted with creativity. We may be a third world country but we are never short on creative talents. Our attention to details and unique intricate designs are something we should be proud of. That’s why I try to incorporate all that design elements through my work. The more complicated the design, the harder for other people to copy,” Tata said.

Like these artists who value their individuality, most of Analog Soul’s customers are looking for something that will allow them to stand out and be unique rather than be like anybody else. Analog Soul gives them products that fit their lifestyles and speak the philosophy and heart of their customers.

Check out Ysabel and Tata’s designs in Analog Soul. Visit their stores at Archaeology in R2 Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati; the Ramp in Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati City, and; at the second floor in Trinoma Mall, Quezon City.

About Analog Soul:

ANALOG SOUL is an apparel company that believes that sensing one’s reality – seeing, touching, tasting, hearing, smelling- is truly the way to live. Their shirts try to capture one’s expressions and emotions, striving to come up with creative, evocative, and eclectic designs that match their customer’s unique and meaningful lifestyles. Visit www.analog-soul.com