Spend your “me” time with C2 Green Tea

There’s a heavy feeling every time stress strikes. But you endure it while you face the hurdles of daily life. Sometimes it fuels you, challenging you to rise above the situation and daring you to conquer the tasks at hand; but most of the time; stress wears your mind out, harasses your body and tires your spirit. That is why your regular “me” time is important. Taking time to unwind and slow down is the perfect antidote to stress. This simple act of relaxation is an essential part in reducing stress and can do wonders for the mind, body and spirit.

So whether you relax by reading a book, having an intimate chat with your close friends or marveling at the wonders of nature, with just the right refreshments, such activities can help you get back on your feet fully refreshed, recovered and ready to take on what life has to offer.

When enjoying your “me” time, C2 Green Tea is just the right complement for you to achieve that overall soothing effect. Made from 100% natural green tea leaves of Camellia sinensis, C2 Green Tea gives your mind and body that refreshing and invigorating feel. With C2 Green Tea, you can enjoy all the health-giving goodness in refreshing green tea flavors Classic (Plain), Apple, Lemon, Orange, Peach, Forest Fruits, Strawberry, and Sugarfree Apple.

Every time you plan to loosen up, don’t forget C2 Green Tea, the ideal companion for your little breaks from life’s daily pressure. C2 is available in leading groceries, supermarkets and department stores nationwide.


Keeping it cool with the hottest apparel for the summer

Ipanema, Rider, Grendha and OndadeMar brands are the season’s top choices

Summer is just around the corner, and things are definitely heating up—and we’re not just talking about the high temperatures of late!

Each season brings about the hottest trends and fashions, and summer time is certainly no exception. And since Filipino fashionistas love to dress to the occasion, the hot and sunny months call for footwear and apparel that exude cool comfort along with stylish design—yes, we’re talking about chic flip-flops, comfy casual shoes, and sultry swimwear.

Whether you’re strolling down the beach, going to the mall, or out on a date, these are the season’s must-have items, and picky shoppers looking for the best summer wear can turn to Bambu, where you can find Ipanema, Ipanema GB, Rider, Grendha, and OndadeMar brands.

Living the fantasy with Ipanema

Now who hasn’t dreamed about living the life in one of Brazil’s fine beaches? Ipanema, the brand famous for its Brazilian-made flip-flops, is helping us live the fantasy with their high-quality leisure footwear. The light and sunny feel of these flip-flops, combined with their elegant and fashionable look will make you feel like a hip, tropical lass—a modern Girl from Ipanema.

Ipanema’s global appeal is such that none other than Gisele Bundchen, the world’s most famous supermodel and a bonafide Brazilian beach babe, has been an avid endorser of the brand since 2002.

Ipanema GB

Gisele is not only a renowned supermodel, she is also a keen environmentalist involved in many socio-civic causes. In line with this, Ipanema has launched a special Bundchen line; the Ipanema GB (Gisele Bundchen) line prides itself in providing trendy and earth-friendly footwear for eco-conscious consumers. Each annual collection of the GB line is aimed at providing help in the preservation of our natural resources and biodiversity. Stay chic while protecting the Earth!

Men’s Line

While Ipanema primarily targets female consumers, it also has a trendy men’s line, specially designed for maximum male comfort with a hip look that’s ideal for those looking for adventure, or casual days of leisure.

Likewise, the Rider brand mainly targets the male consumers, and is a global leader in after-sports sandals and slides. Rider sandals and slides are perfect for fitness buffs and athletes looking for maximum comfort after a grueling game or workout, or for cool dudes searching for all-day comfort.


Grendha is a beloved brand especially among young women, with its Jelly shoes in various designs and vivid colors proving to be a smash hit. These colorful and ultra-comfy Jellies, along with Grendha’s other line of casual footwear, are among the trendiest shoes in the market, and one of the best choices for summer or casual wear.


Of course, we need to look our best from head to toe, and to complement your uber-chic footwear, you should definitely check out Colombian brand OndadeMar. For those looking for a fun and adventurous clothing experience, the renowned brand offers a trend-setting line of swimwear which captures the “gypsy spirit”, breaking away from tradition while remaining stylish and trendy.

These brands are available in leading department stores, except for OndadeMar which is exclusive in the hot new Bambu store, located at the 2nd floor of Glorietta 4 in Makati.

Walking into the House of Footwear Style with Bambu

Bambu's colorful facade and stylish wooden interiors provide a welcoming atmosphere to shoppers

In today’s fast-paced fashion world, trends and seasons come and go, but the demands of the modern, chic woman stay the same: she wants to be hip, beautiful and pampered—and this holds especially true with the way she shops and dresses.

With the launching of Bambu’s flagship store in Glorietta 4, the fashion outlet aims to meet these expectations—and more.

“With Bambu, we provide an enticing and totally refreshing shopping environment that caters to the lifestyle-oriented woman,” said Patxi Elizalde, owner of Bambu.

“We want our customers to indulge themselves in a memorable shopping experience, as we offer not only world-class leisure wear, but also the finest in personalized, hands-on shopping assistance. We want our customers to shop and live in style, comfort, and class, with a tropical twist!”

Indeed, an earthy, relaxed, and “samba” vibe pervades the store’s well-designed interior, with wooden panels and bright fixtures that match perfectly with Bambu’s wide assortment of leisure items. Its distinctive look and feel is a much apt allusion and tribute to its main range of products—Brazilian footwear and Colombian swimwear.

Bambu’s offered brands are by no means unfamiliar to fashionistas, as these are some of the most popular footwear brands in the world. The store is home to brands such as Ipanema, Ipanema Gisele Bundchen (or more commonly known as Ipanema GB), Rider, Grendha and OndadeMar brand, which are exclusively distributed in the country in the Philippines by ELRO Corporation, where Elizalde is the managing director.

With the coming together of these brands, Bambu holds the distinction of being a one-stop shop for fans of leisure footwear, breaking the mold in how consumers can shop for different brands.

“These product lines are renowned the world over because of their high quality, attractive design and inherent fashionability, and we are very pleased to bring together these brands under one roof,” said Elizalde.

Ipanema is well known for its Brazilian-made flip-flops, and is the go-to choice of footwear for women looking for a comfortable, relaxed yet elegant and fashionable look. Its global appeal is such that none other than Gisele Bundchen, the world’s most famous supermodel and a well-known environmentalist, has signed up to have her own Ipanema line, the Ipanema GB.

The Ipanema GB line prides itself in providing trendy and earth-friendly footwear for eco-conscious consumers, with each annual collection aiming to help preserve our natural resources and biodiversity.

While Ipanema primarily targets female consumers, it also has a hip men’s line, with a uniquely sunny flavor that is ideal for casual and leisure outfits. Likewise, the Rider line targets male consumers, and is a global leader in after-sports sandals and slides.

Grendha is a beloved brand especially among young women, with its Jelly shoes in various designs and vivid colors proving to be a smash hit, along with its other line of casual footwear.

To complement Bambu’s footwear collection, those looking for a fun and adventurous clothing experience can check out Colombian brand OndadeMar. The brand offers a trend-setting line of swimwear which captures the “gypsy spirit”, breaking away from tradition while remaining stylish and trendy.

The launch of the flagship Bambu store promises to be a glitzy and glamorous affair, a testament to the store’s commitment to a hip, classy, and sophisticated lifestyle.

Bambu is located at the second level of Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati City.

Bambu's exciting range of leisure wear is a feast for the eyes, exuding comfort, class and style.


Jollibee 39ers: Deliciously filling rice meals that fit your budget

After the Holiday shopping sprees that left a dent in most people’s pockets, it is but natural for many to look for ways to wisely spend their hard-earned money when eating out. The good news is you can still enjoy an affordable yet deliciously filling rice meal as Jollibee brings back its popular 39ers offering! With two new variants, the Jollibee 39ers will satisfy your appetite for sulit sarap rice meals for only P39.

The new Beef with Mushrooms, with a hefty serving of delicious strips of beef complemented with mushrooms that is just perfect with steamed rice will surely be a hit among office workers and students alike. While your favorite 39ers meal gets even better with the 5-pc. Shanghai rolls with rice, with 1-piece added to your crispy-sarap shanghai rolls for a tasty and satisfying fare. Just add P10, and you can get a regular softdrink to go with these rice meals. With the Jollibee 39ers, you can still enjoy eating out as often as you like with officemates and friends without worrying about your budget.

The Jollibee 39ers are available from Mondays thru Fridays in all Jollibee stores nationwide for dine-in, drive-thru and 8-7000 Jollibee Express Delivery.

Fall in love freewheelingly with Windscape

Avon celebrates the story of three free-spirited couples to launch Windscape

Global leader in direct selling and the country’s no. 1 fragrance company Avon celebrates the love month with the unveiling of its newest fragrance, Windscape For Him and Her. Windscape is the cool, sparkling fragrance for men and women who live their lives as a daring adventure, who want the sun’s warmth on their skin and the wind rushing in their hair. Windscape evokes the raw power of nature to make your heart pump and your senses come alive.

To mark this special launch, Avon turns the spotlight on three Filipino couples for whom life is a bold adventure, who keep their faces toward change and whose spirits are as free as wind.


Celebrity mom Suzi Entrata-Abrera and triathlete and TV host Paolo Abrera first met in 1997 on the sports-oriented show Gameplan, where they both worked as hosts. Together and on camera, Suzi and Paolo traveled to exciting places, jumped off cliffs, dove into the ocean depths, and took enormous risks to bring the rush of extreme sports to their viewers.

“We were always traveling together, trying out different sports, meeting new people. It was a constant learning experience. It was great to know that there is a huge world out there with so many different sorts of people,“ Suzi said.

“Suzi has a free-spirited and easy-going manner. She has the wonderful gift of always being able to make me smile,” Paolo said on what attracted him to Suzi. “It doesn’t hurt that she’s easy on the eyes too.”

“Paolo still takes my breath away,” Suzi shared. “He is sensitive, kind, funny and devoted.”

“We went on fun adventures in exotic places for Gameplan,” Paolo stated, then adding, “What did you think was gonna happen?”

On 2001, the couple took life's biggest plunge and got married.

Paolo said that they are lucky to work in a “non-traditional” way that has allowed them to be a little more free-wheeling.

“We both love to travel so we would ride on buses, get lost, and find our way again. We don’t mind getting lost because every place has something interesting to offer,” Suzi said. “My parents always encouraged me to follow my own road, and I hope our three kids will see how important it is to follow your heart and be the person you want to be by following your passions and living your dreams.”

“I like being outside and feeling the sun on my skin and the rush of the wind. My ideal day would be spent just sitting at the beach, with no particular plans, just taking things as they come. We go where the winds lead us,” Paolo added.

The couple love going to the movies, having coffee or having lunch together. On weekends, they go running, swimming, go on bike rides or visit the market with the kids. Sometimes, Suzi and Paolo hop on the motorcycle for a ride on weekend afternoons.

However, being in the TV business and not working in 9-to-5 office jobs also presents its own challenges.

“It’s particularly hard for Suzi who has to wake up at the crack of dawn, and sometimes gets home late from taping a second program,” Paolo shared. “It’s hard sometimes to find time for each other, and with three kids as well. But even on extra-busy days, those last two minutes right before you nod off –where you tell each other one last funny story and make each other smile—are golden,” he added.

RISSA MANANQUIL & PAOLO TRILLO: The ordinary can also be extraordinary

“I first met Paolo in a Christmas party for the fashion industry. I was then president of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines while Paolo was managing partner of Fiamma,” said Rissa Mananquil, a model, columnist, and modeling-school teacher.

“I eventually asked Rissa out on dinner dates. As we got to know each other better, I was smitten,“ said Paolo Trillo, Ateneo men's basketball team manager, restaurateur and sportscaster.

“I was impressed by how responsible, hands-on and attentive he was to his business. He always treated his staff well. He’s incredibly down-to-earth, intelligent and principled,” she said.

“I love how Rissa is so humble. She never expects special treatment. I’m so drawn to her because she’s very sweet, considerate and kind-hearted,” Paolo added.

“We love to eat! We enjoy trying different restaurants and cooking together at home. We also indulge in traveling. We like to explore, get lost, and discover new things,” Rissa enthused.

The multi-hyphenated couple always makes it a point to share time with each other, even in extremely bad weather.

Rissa tells how during the height of typhoon Milenyo, which brought Manila to a standstill, the couple just hung out and talked amid the power disruption and general uproar.

“When we’re together, the ordinary becomes extraordinary,” Rissa said.

ISSA LITTON-GARRIDO & TIGER GARRIDO: Open yourself up to everything life has to offer

Issa Litton-Garrido and Tiger Garrido met in a blind date and tied the knot in a Stars Wars-themed wedding ceremony.

“Tiger asked me if I could become his girlfriend by making me check a series of boxes in a placard,” Issa recalled fondly. ”The series of placards began with questions like if I’m happy with him or if he makes me smile, which eventually led to the final question of wanting to be together exclusively.”

“Laughter is definitely a big part of our life,” said Tiger, who is an orthopedic surgeon at De La Salle Medical Center.

“We both don’t take life too seriously, and simply take whatever comes our way,” added Issa, a culinary enthusiast and TV host for a morning show that tackles a grab-bag of topics and a cooking show that features top chefs and their recipes.

“My husband likes to chill and I like fast-paced things yet we manage to make things work between us. Life is definitely not boring having each other and our two daughters,” Issa added.

“I am a surgeon and nobody in the world could imagine me being free spirited, but there are two sides to me: the serious side and the idiot side. God forbid that they overlap!“ he said.

“I love his sense of humor and athleticism. Plus, he’s a really good dancer,” Issa said of her husband, who answered that he loves her competitiveness, resolve, and passion for life.

Tiger proudly stated that free-spirited Issa loves to race on the track, has no problem bungee-jumping off a crane and sky-diving out a plane.

The couple enjoys going to the beach, dancing, watching movies and getting massages together. Given Tiger’s hectic work schedule, they try to enjoy the simple moments of walking together after dinner, or sharing the day’s events with each other, or playing with their girls in their bedroom.

“Life is short. Open yourself up to everything life has to offer. Live with passion. If not, life will just pass you by,” Issa said.

These couples’ free-spirited lifestyle is exactly what Avon’s Windscape wants to evoke with every spray. Windscape For Her features sunny citrus and a hint of crisp apple sparkle through an airy blend of aquatic florals and white musk. Windscape For Him, meanwhile, has zesty citrus that gives lift to a whirl of dewy greens and fresh, invigorating spices. Ah, the scent of freedom, indeed.

You, too, can enjoy a sense of freedom with Windscape. Windscape is now available through Avon Representatives nationwide at a freedom-evoking price of only P800.00. Don’t have an Avon Lady yet? Call Avon Customer Hotline at 8642899 or log on to www.avon.com.ph to find out how you can get in touch with an Avon Representative.

About Avon

Avon is the world’s leading direct seller of beauty and related products, with $6.8 billion in annual revenues. Avon markets to women around the world through 4.4 million independent sales Representatives. Avon product lines include such recognizable brand names as Avon Color, Anew, Skin-So-Soft, Avon Solutions, Avon Naturals, Avon Fashions and Avon Wellness. Avon also markets an extensive line of fashion jewelry and apparel. Aside from providing women with quality beauty products and meaningful earning opportunities, Avon is also the largest corporate supporter of the breast cancer cause. Recently, Avon has announced reaching the new milestone of US$500 million raised and awarded worldwide for access to care and finding a cure for breast cancer. More information about Avon and its products can be found on the company’s web site www.avon.com.ph.


Delight in Ministop’s Valentine Madness promo

Ministop, the fastest growing convenience store chain in the country, gives you more reason to spread the love this season of hearts with its Valentine Madness Delight Promo.

Lucky customers get a chance to win a romantic getaway for two for every single-receipt purchase of any of Ministop’s participating

Products. Customer must write his contact details and affix his signature at the back of the Ministop Official Receipt, and drop the receipt at designated drop boxes.

There will be four winners of a trip for two to Boracay, with airfare and accommodations at the Grand Boracay Hotel; three winners of a trip for two to Cagayan De Oro, with airfare and accommodations at Malberry Suites; and three winners of a trip for two to Busuanga, with airfare and accommodations at Busuanga Island Hotel. The Valentine Madness Delight promo will run until February 28, 2010.

You can also express your love in full bloom this year through Ministop’s flower delivery service, which offers next-day delivery of farm fresh roses to major key cities nationwide. Romantics can choose from 8 stunning colors. Available at popular prices, the roses are available in 3-stemmed, half a dozen, one dozen, and two dozen. You may also choose from the new flower color combination for 1 dozen and 2 dozen all meticulously grown by Ministop’s partner, Island Rose. Ministop’s delivery service is available 24/7 for special occasions all year round in Ministop stores in the metro.

Make the love month extra special for your beloved, with Ministop your favorite 24 hour store

Per DTI-NCR permit No. 0583 series of 2010


Avon Fashions introduces Romantic Lace for V-day

Romantic Lace Bag & Wallet

Romantic Lace Filigree Accesories

Heather Sleepwear

Heather Underwire Bra & Panty

As hearts are strewn all over the month of February, Avon Fashions introduces the intimate apparel, jewelry and accessories that perfectly match the love season. The Avon Fashions Romantic Lace Collection is composed of the Heather intimate apparel set and loungewear, matched with jewelry and accessories in mocha, pink and gold. Complete your ensemble with this collection!

What’s Not to Love?

Roses are red. Violets are blue. But they’re deeply unoriginal, and costly, too.

So instead, why not spread the sweetness of the season by indulging in a love triangle—all you have to do is log on to www.toblerone.com.ph for great ideas on how to celebrate Valentines Day in sweeter and more original ways.

Digital Love

Log on to www.toblerone.com.ph and check out the Toblerone Fanpage where a community of like-minded, chocolate lovers await. This interactive site invites users to share their thoughts on different V-day traditions and gift ideas making it easier for singles and couples to share the sweetness of February.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Nix the roses and go for the tried and tested: chocolates. Online, you can check out Toblerone’s gift giving application, which allows you to send virtual sweet treats to friends and loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

Mix and Match

Play a little game of Cupid this season by trying out Toblerone’s matchmaking application. This fun, online application lets you mix and match buddies online to check their compatibility and romantic potential.

Be Mine

There’s no denying that love is in the air—and clearly it’s on store shelves too. Spread the sweetness literally and figuratively and grab a limited edition Valentine’s Day Toblerone.

Speed Dating

For the single and ready to mingle, be sure to head on to UNO Pizzeria Restaurant and Bar at San Miguel By the Bay on February 11 at 7pm as Toblerone, in partnership with Thinkpadd and UNO Pizzeria, hosts a Valentine’s Day speed dating exclusive.

Whether you’re basking in unbridled romance or unbridled panic—Toblerone has got you covered. Be sure to log on to www.toblerone.com.ph and discover new ways to spread the sweetness on Valentine’s Day.

An uplifting new scent that inspires sense of freedom

Avon introduces Windscape, a cool sparkling fragrance for men and women who want to feel uplifted and free. Windscape evokes the spirited power of nature that makes you feel alive.

For Her - 50 mL
For Him – 75mL
PRICING: Regular P800


Hello Kitty Online is all “kawaii,” all hearts on Valentine's

The cutest gamers in town are logged on to Hello Kitty Online where the Love Bug is arriving to celebrate the season of love with exciting in-game activities starting February 11 until February 15.

Hello Kitty Online is introducing special group quests for Valentine's where players can get happy hearts as rewards. Players will assist The Love Bug in collecting, crafting and distributing Valentine's Day gifts and eventually can play matchmaker for the Sanrio characters. There are seven quests that can be completed at any time. The focus will be on gathering resources, crafting, walking and talking and distribution. Players will also receive guides for making presents and collecting the materials for these.

Another cute development in Sanrio Land is the new Hello Kitty Online theme song. The catchy tune is sure to get stuck in the heads of little girls worldwide and probably their mothers, who were around when Hello Kitty first made it cool to be cute. The song is called “The World is saying Hello (Kitty)” and the full version can be heard by logging on the game.

Hello Kitty has remained an enduring aspect of the times since the ultimate iconic character from Sanrio first emerged in 1974. She is hardwired into popular culture consciousness and this influence has been getting stronger among today's online generation through Hello Kitty Online, the first and only Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG) set in the world of Hello Kitty and her friends, like Badtz-Maru, My Melody, Dear Daniel, Keroppi and more. Thousands of players can enjoy the game via computer-controlled characters in a persistent virtual world that is brimming with cuteness. Hello Kitty Online is a unique experience in virtual world gaming, enhanced by social media like blogs and video sharing that are built in the game itself. Check it out at http://hellokittyonline.levelupgames.ph.


Bee a Hero

In the photo (from R-L) is Nangka High School principal Albert Mutia receiving brand-new computers from Jollibee president Ernesto Tanmationg, Vice President for HR Tet Jotie, Vice President for Information Management Paul Zaldarriaga and Jollibee.

Jollibee gives back to typhoon victims. Employees of the country’s number one fast food chain contributed their time and resources last December to reach out to their fellowmen most affected by the typhoon. In lieu of the company’s annual Christmas party, Jollibee instead launched the Bee a Hero Campaign that called on its employees to do their share and make Christmas special for the less fortunate. Close to 500 Jollibee employees volunteered a total of 1,922 work hours in selected schools and communities and Jollibee MaAga Pasko beneficiaries in Cainta, Pasig, Marikina and San Mateo where they distributed school kits, repainted classrooms and turned over new computers. Kiddie parties in selected affected communities were likewise held. This is on top of the P300,000 cash donation extended by Jollibee to the MaAga ang Pasko campaign’s classroom donation component, as well as the total P584,000 pledged from the salaries of about 1,200 Jollibee employees.

Release the Force of Love

It’s happy. Fullfiling. Intoxicating. Exhilirating. It’s Love Etc…!

Fall in love this season with a whiff of The Body Shop’s newest fragrance—Love Etc…™ With a sensuous union of iconic feminine jasmine, with indulgent notes of vanilla, sandalwood and musk cream, it’s sure to get you high on love!

Layer on the happy notes of love with the Love Etc… 30 ml Eau de Parfum (Php 1,495.00) or 50 ml (Php 1,995.00) or the Love Etc… 50 ml Eau de Toilette (Php 1,495.00) with the Love Etc… Body Lotion (Php 895.00), Love Etc… Body Butter (Php 895.00) and Love Etc… Body Wash (Php 795.00)

What’s the scent of love without the look of love? Find your perfect love match with The Body Shop’s Love Gloss (Php 650.00) and create alluring lips with a hint of sparkle! Pucker up your lips with high shine and shimmer this Valentine’s season with subtly-colored gloss!


Planet Sports Inc. opens five concept stores in Marquee Mall Pampanga

Planet Sports Inc. strengthens its foothold in the sporting apparel and footwear industry with the opening of five (5) concept stores in Pampanga’s Marquee Mall. With the opening of New Balance, Nike Stadium, Nautica, The Athlete’s Foot, and K-Swiss, sports enthusiasts can now shop for their different sporting needs within the facilities of one mall.

Shoppers up north will be thrilled to see some of their favorite sporting brands open a concept store to cater to their needs. K-Swiss opens it first concept store at Marquee mall since it’s reintroduction in the Philippine market. K-Swiss offers its followers styles that include the K-Swiss Classics, Surf & Court, K-Ona, and K-Swiss Grand Court. New Balance concept store is a one stop shop for runners. Its wide range of running footwear answers the specific needs runners, whether it’s for cushioning or stability. As the first specialty store in athletic footwear, The Athlete’s Foot (TAF), offers any athlete the convenience of finding the performance wear he or she needs in one store. Nike followers can check out the latest footwear, apparel, and accessories at Nike Stadium. Finally, fans of Nautica apparel need not go to the metro to check out the latest collection. Its stand alone concept store offers the latest collection of men’s outerwear.

“The opening of our concept stores at Marquee Mall in Pampanga is part of our commitment to bring to our loyal clients the sporting brands they love closer to them. Our presence in Pampanga brings convenience to clients who want the have the best possible sporting apparel and equipment,” said Anton Gonzalez, president of Planet Sports, Inc.

Boy Abunda shares his New Year’s resolutions with Argentina Corned Beef

For popular TV host and talent manager Boy Abunda, the good thing about each New Year is that it allows new beginnings and brings in fresh zeal and energy into one’s life. And just like everyone else, he wants this year to be better than last year. To achieve this, he has made several resolutions for himself.

Better Boy for 2010

“I want to be better in everything,” he shares. “I want to spend more time with Nanay and Bong. I want to eat better food and exercise more consistently. I also plan to learn more about everything and nothing. And I should know now when to stop and run away to smell the flowers without losing the fire and passion in order for me to come back happier and stronger. As a television host, I will continue to give my all. I am always looking forward to doing the next show, hoping that it will be the best. As a manager, I’d like to be able to discover and develop new artists.”

And the one thing that Boy would surely take on is the value of pagpapakatotoo. “Pagpakatotoo is very important. If you live and fight from the point of view of truth, you will survive anything”, he exclaims. Just like Argentina Corned Beef’s campaign on the truth about the authentic taste of corned beef, Boy gives big importance on the value of truth and pagpapakatotoo.

Better food and diet

Aside from playing badminton and regular exercise, he also plans to count on his nilagang saba, and of course, his Argentina Corned Beef to achieve a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. His favorite dish offers the taste of real corned beef with added health benefits such as Zinc, Iron and Protein. With the 100% authentic corned beef taste of Argentina , he certainly would not settle for copycats and would always go for the true corned beef goodness. For him, nothing beats the taste of real corned beef. And as the brand’s endorser, he enthused, he is thankful for everyone for making Argentina the number one corned beef in the market.”