Hello Kitty Online is all “kawaii,” all hearts on Valentine's

The cutest gamers in town are logged on to Hello Kitty Online where the Love Bug is arriving to celebrate the season of love with exciting in-game activities starting February 11 until February 15.

Hello Kitty Online is introducing special group quests for Valentine's where players can get happy hearts as rewards. Players will assist The Love Bug in collecting, crafting and distributing Valentine's Day gifts and eventually can play matchmaker for the Sanrio characters. There are seven quests that can be completed at any time. The focus will be on gathering resources, crafting, walking and talking and distribution. Players will also receive guides for making presents and collecting the materials for these.

Another cute development in Sanrio Land is the new Hello Kitty Online theme song. The catchy tune is sure to get stuck in the heads of little girls worldwide and probably their mothers, who were around when Hello Kitty first made it cool to be cute. The song is called “The World is saying Hello (Kitty)” and the full version can be heard by logging on the game.

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