Be a Jollibee Kids Scout and enjoy a jolly summer 

Jollibee ushers in a summer of fun and excitement with the Jollibee Kids Club Kid Scout Program. Starting this April, kids ages 12 and below can enjoy different activities that spur creativity, imagination and learning as they get the most joy out of their vacation.  
In store for Jollibee Kid Scouts is a fun schedule of workshops filled with thrilling games. Kicking off the Kid Scout Program are personality and team-building workshops that build up confidence and bring out the star in every kid.

Other activities include junk art and eco-music workshops that not only develop the kids’ creative potential, but also teach them about the environment and what they can do to help protect it.

Jollibee Kid Scouts can also discover the joy of being a part of the Jollibee team, from greeting customers, mingling with other kids and assisting the elderly. Of course, the Jollibee Kids Club experience wouldn’t be complete without the much-awaited Burger-Making Day, where the Jollibee Kid Scouts can experience first-hand the joy of making their favorite langhap-sarap Yum burgers. 
The six-day event will be rounded off with the Jollibee Kid Scouts’ very own graduation. Proud parents can watch as their children get awarded with certificates for their successful completion of the Kid Scout Program.

With all these fun activities, kids can enjoy a memorable and exciting summer by signing up for the best kids’ club in town. Hurry and drop by your nearest Jollibee store and be a Jollibee Kid Scout now! 


CEB gives Holy Week travel tips to passengers

High-quality low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific (CEB) offers travel tips and reminders for the peak season this April 1-4, 2010.

“We hope our guests can use our friendly reminders and travel tips for a fun and stress-free long weekend. It always helps to remember that there will be a lot of people traveling during this time,” said CEB VP for Marketing and Distribution Candice Iyog.


Flight changes must be made more than 24 hours before the flight’s estimated time of departure. Guests can no longer rebook or cancel within 24 hours of the ETD and any time thereafter.

Remember that CEB allows only one hand carry bag (maximum weight is 7 kilos) and gives passengers free 15 kilos baggage allowance (except for Clark which gives 30 kilos). Weigh the luggage in advance so there will be no surprises.
If guests have a lot of excess luggage, go to www.cebupacificair.com and purchase Prepaid Excess Baggage (20% discount on excess baggage) for a faster check-in process.

Fix loose straps and broken locks, and place easily identifiable markers on the bag to avoid luggage problems.


Check in for the flight as early as possible because of expected long lines at the security scanners and check-in counters. CEB counters will close 45 minutes before the estimated time of departure.

Those with no check-in luggage for domestic flights can fall in line at the Express Counter.

Guests on international flights can arrive at the airport earlier. Aside from the usual security and check-in requirements, they will still have to pass by immigration.


Be at the boarding gate 30 minutes before the flight’s published time of departure.
Guests will pass through another security check before getting to the boarding gate, so wear shoes that can be easily removed and avoid wearing belts with metal buckles.

CEB flies to 33 domestic and 14 international destinations, using the youngest aircraft fleet in the country.


Celebrate this Easter at The Manor Hotel in Baguio

For Filipinos, the Easter holidays are one of the most highly anticipated celebrations of the year as families plan their weekend getaways and set out to enjoy an adventure-filled vacation. For those wanting to experience the coolest and most memorable family holiday, The Manor Hotel at Camp John Hay in Baguio City offers the perfect Easter escape at the heart of the City of Pines with the week-long “Magical Easter Adventure.”

One of the highlights for the whole family is the “Easter Camp Rock at The Manor Hotel” that will fire-up the imagination and excitement of kids and the kids-at-heart. The festivities starts on April 1 with a Kiddie Campfire, a fun outdoor adventure complete with bonfire cookouts, storytelling, and singing and nature appreciation talks.

Kids can also delight in the Easter Kiddie Fair on April 2 to 3 that boasts a list of amazing activities and workshops: fair booths, inflatable play areas, and activities like cookie decorating. To get into the spirit of Easter, kids can join in arts and crafts workshops such as Easter Egg Designing and Easter Card Making.
The Easter holidays wouldn’t be complete without the Great Easter Egg Hunt on April 4. With the “Easter Camp Rock” theme, the fun-filled children’s show will feature balloon artists, face painters, magic and puppet shows, photo booth and will culminate with the much awaited highlight of the weekend – the exciting Easter egg hunt in the sprawling Manor gardens.

Presented by The Manor Hotel and Stratworks, the event is sponsored by Le Chef, Chevrolet, Argentina Gold Label Corned Beef, Argentina Gold Luncheon Meat, Xenical, Off Lotion.
Catch the thrills and excitement this Easter and get the most out of your family holiday at The Manor Hotel where lots of fun for the whole family await.


Restore facial fullness and definition with Anew Clinical Derma-Full Facial Filling Cream

For centuries, women all over the globe have searched for the perennial fountain of youth. The challenge of choosing from hundreds of brands that promise erasure of wrinkles and fine lines has resulted in an unending quest for the right anti-aging product that actually works.

Understanding women’s desire to maintain their youthful glow, Anew, the global pioneering skincare brand by Avon, introduces Anew Clinical Derma-full Facial Filling Cream, a revolutionary anti-aging treatment that restores youthful facial fullness and definition without going under the knife. Say hello to a youthful looking you with this non-invasive, first-ever at-home treatment that restores youthful facial fullness and plumps out wrinkles and deep folds. It boasts of pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid, an anti-aging ingredient used by dermatologists for facial-filling injections.

“We are excited to introduce this new breakthrough product from Anew. It has always been our goal to deliver anti-aging products that perform at par with professional treatments. With the Anew Clinical Derma-full Facial Filling Cream, attaining a full and well-defined youthful face is made easier and accessible without the hassle and the anxiety of perhaps going through an invasive filling treatment,” said Jacqueline Marcelo, Associate Category Manager for Avon Skincare, Southeast Asia Cluster.

Anew Clinical Derma-full Facial Filling Cream helps hydrate and plump up the skin, making skin suppler, radiant and glowing. Its revolutionary formula helps provide visible volume restoration, contouring and wrinkle filling with a breakthrough design that stimulates the production of key filling fibers and builds skin’s natural reserve of hyaluronic acid. It helps dramatically improve the look of hollows and reduce deep wrinkles by up to 33%. In just four weeks, it adds youthfulness to cheeks and definition to the jawline.

Anew Clinical Derma-full Facial Filling Cream provides superior results without the professional costs, painful injection, and the hazards of going under surgery. For best results, use the Anew Clinical Derma-full Facial Filling Cream day and night on cleansed face and neck, followed by the Anew moisturizer with sunscreen (for day).

This superior anti-aging cream can be purchased through any Avon Representative nationwide starting March 16, 2010 for a special introductory price of P999 for the 30 g jar (Regular price is P1,200.00) and P449 for the 15 g jar (Regular price is P635.00).

Don’t have an Avon Lady yet? Call the Avon Customer Hotline 8642900 or visit www.avon.com.ph for details on how to get in touch with an Avon Representative.


Save and Eat Out with the Jollibee 39ers!

Young people may look as if they have much to learn from the daily grind of school or office work… But that doesn’t mean they are new to the task of saving and working around daily budgets. Here, they impart their tried-and-tested tactics on how to save up.

“If you’re really tight on the budget, then don’t splurge all the time,” Maje Palarca, a 24-year-old PPC Advertising Analyst shares. “Be practical. As they say, money doesn’t grow on trees so spend wisely be it in clothes, gadgets and even food.”

Anna Lorraine Angeles, a 23-year-old make-up artist agrees. “I think that being practical means choosing where you eat,” she says. “Calculate your daily expenses and you will see that majority of it is comprised by expensive lunches and dinners.”

That’s why meals that taste great, cost light and are readily available are such a welcome treat as they look for ways to stretch their wallets. And for people like Anna and Maje, the Jollibee 39ers fits their need for affordable and deliciously satisfying meals while still allowing them the luxury of eating out.

Maje adds that despite being wary of her spending, she still gets to enjoy regular lunch outs with her colleagues. “Of course we still get to go out, thanks to the Jollibee 39ers!”

“I go to Jollibee simply because it allows me to eat out as often as I like,” says Mark Reodica, a 26-year-old Web Developer and Project Manager. “Ever since they had the 39ers, I have been enjoying Jollibee’s delicious treats almost everyday.”

Patti Gaite, a 25-year-old Architectural Apprentice shares the same sentiment.
“I love Jollibee’s 39ers because I never have a problem with the price,” she says. “It’s just so affordable and yummy, and for only an additional P10 it already comes with a drink! And it’s still lower than P50—the most sulit meal in town.”

Since no other fast food chain in the country offers a more reasonably priced and fulfilling rice meals, the Jollibee 39ers has become the meal of choice for students and yuppies alike. They can all easily attest to why the 5-pc. Lumpiang Shanghai and Beef with Mushrooms have become such a hit when it comes down to price, taste, and serving.

“Jollibee’s 39ers is the most convenient meal choice for me,” shares Marc Carbonel, a 25-year-old Brand Manager. “It’s delicious and affordable, and hindi nakakasawa tapos malaki pa yung mga portions! It’s really value for money.”

“Jollibee 39ers yung talagang swak sa budget naming mga studyante,” Erwin Go, a freshman at the country’s State University said. “Especially for us who lives in a dorm, we have to be more wary of our daily expenses.”
“I really enjoy my lunch break every time I order Jollibee’s super-sulit 39-peso meal, masarap na nakakabusog pa,” JC Perez, a 30-year-old Call Center Agent said.

The young ones have spoken, and they all have a veritable advice to those who compromise eating out for the sake of saving.

“For me, the most sulit meal ever is the Jollibee 39ers!” claims Mariel Dionisio, a 24-year-old Video Editor. “It’s affordable and extremely delicious, so for all of those who need a good saving tip: go for the 39ers because it’s ideal for the budget.”


Mineral Flowers™ delivers an amazing formula for skincare

The amazing benefits of Dead Sea ingredients blended with floral extracts are now available in the Philippines with the launch of Mineral Flowers™, a skincare line uniquely formulated to help cleanse, moisturize, balance and support skin renewal.
The Mineral Flowers™ brand has its origins in Israel, where Dead Sea minerals have been used in beauty treatments since the days of Cleopatra for their proven effects in improving the skin's health and vitality.  Minerals are essential for cell metabolism and needed to stabilize the skin's moisture content.

In developing Mineral Flowers™, founder Uri Ben Hur, himself a trained chemist, reveals that nature was his strongest inspiration.  “Formulating a natural product with rich ingredients from mother earth is the key.  I have been working hard to do this since 1991 and through the years we have come up with around 1400 formulations,” he says.  “Mineral Flowers™ has a unique blend of natural concentrated mineral water with 35% of mineral and trace elements.  Together with Dead Sea Mud, bee's wax, fresh flowers, pomegranate juice and pomegranate peel, this formula works to enhance the moisture factor of the skin and its regeneration, and will help to reduce the signs of aging.” 

Renowned as a premium destination for health, rehabilitation, recreation and specialized spa treatments, the Dead Sea contains an extraordinary 345 grams of mineral salts per liter, with 26 different minerals and trace elements such as Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Bromide contained within its salts, water and mud.  Mineral Flowers™ combines these unique minerals with nature's best skincare wonders like microalgae (seaweed), antioxidants, vitamin-rich fruit and vegetable extracts and essentials oils.  The skincare line offers facial wash, day cream, night cream, facial wash-off mask, hand cream, body and massage milk, body butter and massage oil.  Variants include Camomille for sensitive skin, Rose and Geranium for normal and combination skin and Almond Blossom for dry skin. 
Look for Mineral Flowers™ at Watson's as well as the Health and Beauty section of SM in Megamall, Mall of Asia, Makati, Cubao and North Edsa.

Perfect match, perfect pearls

Trust Jewelmer’s expertise to help you find your exquisite pair of classic pearl earrings

You’ll know it when you see it: that perfect match. Like two halves of a whole, they complete each other. When you wear them, they bring out your inner glow. That’s the magic of a perfectly matched pair of Jewelmer’s classic Palawan South Sea pearl earrings.

Of the tens of thousands of pearls that Jewelmer harvests, no two pearls are alike. A pearl is a gift from nature that is shaped by the environment where it is grown. Upon its lustrous surface, every change in tide and temperature and every impurity is recorded, which is why these perfect pearls can only be cultivated in the rich, pristine environment of Palawan. The results are pearls that possess a thick, rich golden nacre, with a luster that can last a lifetime.

In order to make that perfect match, an expert eye for pearls is required—much like that of Jewelmer’s Master Pearl Graders. Master Graders are pearl “matchmakers” whose years of experience enable them to find pearls that are perfect for each other—and for you.

First, they sort each pearl according to the five value factors: size, shape, color, luster, and skin purity. This process is called “Grading.” Next, they sort through the graded pearls a second or even a third time to find matching pearls that can be set into a pair of classic pearl earrings.

“It takes a minimum of four years to earn the title ‘Master Grader’,” says Abelardo Mondoñedo, Jewelmer’s Senior Sales Manager. A veteran with over 20 years of experience in pearl grading, Mondoñedo says that it takes a special discipline to grade and match pearls. “One has to be focused and patient,” he adds.

A Master Grader can match up to 50 pairs of classic Palawan South Sea pearl earrings on a good day. “The challenge is to work with each pearl harvest, to consistently find the best match possible for each pearl.” Mondoñedo shares.

Each perfectly matched pair of pearls is then set by hand with18-karat gold by Jewelmer’s skilled craftsmen. The result is a beautifully set pair of classic Palawan South Sea pearl earrings.

One of the foundations of Jewelmer’s Les Essentielles collection, classic pearl earrings are a must for every woman’s pearl collection. This simplest of designs allows the pearl to enhance your natural glow whatever the occasion.

From March 1 to May 2, find that perfectly matched pair of classic Palawan South Sea pearl earrings for a special price in any Jewelmer Showroom.

Visit any Jewelmer showrooms located at:

EDSA Shangri-La Hotel (02.9107571),
Makati Shangri-La Hotel (02.7577447),
Manila Peninsula Hotel (02.5015862),
Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel (02.8341468),
Alabang Town Center (02.7723529),
Glorietta IV (02.7296735),
Shangri-la Plaza Mall (02.6375146),
SM Megamall (02.6335068),
SM Mall of Asia (02.5566344),
Trinoma (02.9015823),
Ayala Center Cebu (32.2315665),
Eastwood Mall – (02.9150389)
Greenbelt 5 – (02.7576441)
Marquee Mall, Pampanga – SOON TO OPEN


Stay healthy and hydrated this summer with Hidden Spring Mineral Water

Being mentally and physically healthy is one of the ways we can ready ourselves for the challenges of the hot summer season. And a way to stay healthy is to keep our bodies properly hydrated. Proper hydration is a must since our bodies need this to detoxify and function well. Our bodies require at least eight tall glasses of water a day -- one must never forget to take in the essential amount of water everyday. This helps the body regulate its temperature, promote proper metabolism and eliminate wastes and toxins, especially when the occasional excessive eating and drinking happens.

One must not forget to hydrate and drink to good health with Hidden Spring Mineral Water. Every bottle of this natural water comes from a pristine and well-protected source. It also undergoes a multi-filtration process that eliminates impurities and ensures cleanliness and safety. Moreover, Hidden Spring offers the highest concentration of essential minerals like calcium to strengthen the bones and teeth, magnesium to regulate blood sugar and boost energy, potassium to aid kidney and heart function, and bicarbonates to balance sodium levels in the body.

Apart from drinking water from a good source, one must exercise regularly and maintain a nutritious and balanced diet to complement the healthy summer regimen. So load up on Hidden Spring Mineral Water, available at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide, and practice other good hydration habits because good health is the best gift you can give to yourself..

A salute to the graduates as they receive the most expensive piece of paper on earth

After years of burning the midnight oil and surviving through several hell weeks, the day has finally come when your graduate proudly walks up the stage to receive the most expensive piece of paper on earth: the diploma.

This month, give your graduate the ultimate congratulatory celebration he / she deserves at the country’s iconic Manila Hotel where dining in a group of five at the Champagne Room, Café Ilang Ilang, Cowrie Grill or Ginza will give you a 10% discount on food and beverage purchases upon presentation of a valid school identification or diploma.

If your graduate has a sophisticated palate and is in the mood for French cuisine, Champagne Room’s new chef Christine Zarandin will be more than happy to cook up a storm of delectable dishes that will truly delight the senses. And if Continental Buffet is what your graduate craves, head to the charming Café Ilang Ilang, a quaint Café that overlooks a picturesque pool and garden area by the glistening waters of Manila Bay. Not to be outdone of course is the hotel’s Cowrie Grill and Ginza as they offer the most succulent steaks and the freshest seafood in town.

“For the entire month of March, our outlets are all geared up to provide graduates and their families an unforgettable gastronomical celebration,” says Leon Keekstra, General Manager of Manila Hotel. “This kind of event happens only once in a lifetime and should be celebrated in a grand way.”

Also this month, however, Manila Hotel’s newest restaurant, Mabuhay Palace, has a unique food festival that feature delicious Australian Abalone dishes prepared in various cooking styles by their master chefs. Harvested from the pristine blue Australian seas, the abalone is known for its briny-sweet accents. Paired with Mabuhay Palace’s culinary expertise, we are positive that our palates will not be disappointed. This promotion is available daily from March 8 to 31, 2010.

Nian Liwanag-Rigor, Assistant Vice President for Corporate Communications of Manila Hotel invites everyone to partake of this limited time offer. “At 50% off, we believe that our Australian Abalone promotion will make our guests clamor to make reservations with us this month. Our abalone dishes are so flavorsome, so succulent, that we are convinced this is one of our best promotions this year.”

Manila Hotel’s other promotions include their monthly Filipino Afternoon Tea which currently features Nueva Ecija delicacies, Cake of the Month, and Cocktails of the Month. Please visit www.manila-hotel.com.ph for more information on these promos.
For dining reservations, please call 5270011 local 7.


Nike Introduces Manny Pacquiao Tees for Upcoming Fight

Nike Philippines suits up Pacquiao fans with the introduction of new Manny Pacquiao inspired Tees – Nike Pride, Pac-Man Knows, and Fight Night tees and the release of the MP Trainer SC 2010 Low. The new Nike tees are scheduled to be released on March 5 while the MP Trainer SC 2010 Low is scheduled to drop on March 10 in select Nike stores nationwide. The effort is a testament of Nike’s continued support for the pound-for-pound king.

On March 13, 2010, Manny will step into the boxing ring to take on Joshua Clottey and this time, he won’t be the contender as his World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title is on the line. All eyes will be on Manny Pacquiao again as he takes on another historic battle and Nike Philippines continues its commitment as it rallies the entire nation to support this amazing athlete.

“Nike is proud of all of Manny Pacquiao’s accomplishments,” said Mae Dichupa, Nike Philippines Country Marketing Manager. “He serves as an inspiration to athletes around the globe and especially to the youth of the Philippines. His dedication to training, which is how he builds his physical and mental strength, plays a key factor in his success.”
Nobody trains like Manny Pacquiao. Couple that discipline with his talent and skill and we have a world champion. What makes it even more special is that he is Filipino,” added Dichupa.

Train to win with the MP Trainer SC 2010 Low

In 1992, Nike training generated tremendous energy and momentum for the brand. The height of the crescendo was the debut of the Air Trainer SC III. How do you improve on the most iconic training shoe in the industry? How about making it 2 ounces lighter through the use of Nike Flywire, Phylite Midsole, Heel Max Air and Nike Diamond FLX Grooves. The result is the birth of the MP Trainer SC 2010 Low, specially designed with the Philippine flag’s colors of red, blue, white and yellow. The shoe celebrates the nationalism evident in every fight that Manny battles. Inspired heavily by Manny’s pride for and of his local origins, boxing fans are able to train like the champ himself. MP Trainer SC 2010 Low will retail for Php 5,295 on March 10 in select Nike stores nationwide.

Wear your pride

Manny Pacquiao fans can express their support for the boxer with the release of three new Tees: Pride Tee, Pac Man Knows Tee and Fight Night Tee (Poster Tee). All Tees will retail for Php 1,195 on March 5.

The Nike Pride Tee banners the special Manny Pacquiao graphic introduced in his last bout against Miguel Cotto. The graphic depicts icons, symbols and defining moments that have been significant to Manny’s rise as the world champion.

Inspired by the “Knows” campaign that was originally created back in 1986, the Nike Pac Man Knows Tee continues to communicate authentic training experience and maximizes the energy of sport.

Paying tribute to the classic design of the traditional fight-night boxing poster, Nike’s Fight Night Tee showcases different icons relevant to Manny’s boxing career, chronicling his journey to success.
Nike continues its commitment to sporting excellence in boxing as in other sports disciplines. As through the last four years and into the future, Nike’s support for the world’s greatest Filipino boxer will continue to inspire young athletes to achieve their sports dreams.


Restore and Refresh your body with Yin Yang Cooling Tea

Drink your way to good health with Universal Robina Corporation’s (URC) newest beverage offering, Yin Yang cooling tea. Yin Yang Cooling tea is inspired by a Chinese belief that good health begins by maintaining balance in the body. According to a traditional Chinese belief, our body has a condition which is called “internal heat. This “internal heat” is caused by the hot, fried and spicy food we eat. “Internal heat, or an excess of it, causes the imbalance in our body, which, in turn, leads to sickness. As a remedy to this, the Chinese drink “cooling tea ”made from carefully-selected cooling herbs. Cooling herbs take heat away from the body thus restoring our body’s natural balance.

Yin Yang Cooling Tea is a ready-to-drink tea, freshly brewed from green tea leaves of Camellia Sinensis with three traditional Chinese cooling herbs, Mesona leaves, Camellia sinensis, Liquorice Root and Chrysanthemum flower. These herbs will definitely provide the balance your body needs to meet life’s daily challenges.

Yin Yang’s non-carbonated and deliciously refreshing flavor, of black gulaman, a local favorite of Filipinos, is the perfect drink for every meal. Conveniently packed in sip and seal bottles which are easy to carry around, Yin Yang Cooling tea is perfect for young and health conscious individuals who are on the go. Restore and refresh your body’s balance naturally with new Yin and Yang cooling tea. Now available in leading supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores nationwide.


Jollibee Kids Meal brings you Robotech® and Nickelodeon's iCarly toys

Technology and trends meet in the newest toys that come free with every Jollibee Kids Meal. From February 27 to March 31, Jollibee brings anime action and youthful style to fun-loving boys and girls across the country with its latest collectibles.

Little boys can get battle-ready with Robotech®: The Macross® Saga Combat Mechas, inspired by the long-running and critically-acclaimed anime show. Imagine the adventures of human champions battling aliens via giant robots with these three toy fighter figures.

The Veritech Guardian is a toy ship that launches missiles with just a push of the button on the top. Want to go into full battle mode? Just pull down the legs and it's ready for action.

There's also the Veritech Space Fighter and its two boosters for speedy air combat. Simply pull back and release, then watch it zoom!

For giant robot fun, there's the Veritech Battloid with its fierce laser cannon. Just attach the gun to the robot's right hand and aim at Robotech enemies.

For young girls, the iCarly iStyle accessories help keep them looking and feeling pretty wherever they go.

Fans of the hit Nickelodeon show can take after the title character--a web and trend-savvy teen star with her own online show that also features her cool friends.
It's easy enough to look as good as Carly with the Lip Shimmer Bracelet. Strap it on and use the fancy swirl lipgloss with sweet strawberry scent for pretty lips anywhere you go.

For fancy hair and nails, get the Hair N' Nail Charms, a cute flower-shaped case that comes with hair clips, hair ties and colorful nail stickers. Just style your hair and nails according to your mood!

Collect all five toys when you get any of the Jollibee Kids Meal for only P69 to P95.


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PETA names healthy kitchen's Boca Burger the Philippines' best veggie burger

Large Selection of Delicious Meatless Burgers Gives Filipinos Reason to Celebrate

Manila — If you've made a New Year's resolution to adopt a healthier diet, you're in luck. More and more restaurants are offering meals that are lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in fiber and other nutrients—and vegetarian foods are fitting that bill. The Boca Burger at Healthy Kitchen wins PETA's prize for the country's best-tasting veggie burger—but there are plenty of other tempting veggie burgers to be found in the Philippines. Rounding out the top five are the following:

· The Vegan Tofu Walnut Burger at Corner Tree Café, Jupiter, Makati—also named Healthiest
· The Streamliner at Johnny Rockets (can be made vegan by asking for a wheat bun and no butter or cheese), Eastwood, Quezon City—also named Meatiest
· The GWDC Vegeburger at Green Wok Deli & Café (with soy mayo!), Quezon City—also named Best Value for Money
· The Veggie Salsa Mex at Good Burgers (can be made vegan by asking for no mayo or cheese), C5 and Greenhills—also named Best Burger-on-the-Run

Receiving honorable mention are veggie burgers from the Hard Rock Café; Murray & D'Vine; Baguio's Bliss Café; M2M at the Renaissance Hotel; Jeepney Café at the Intercontinental Hotel; Ima's Gulay Bar in Puerto Princesa, Palawan; the Fort Serendra's Arama; Makati's Herbal Nook and Greens in Quezon City. All the veggie burgers at these locations can be made vegan—just ask for no cheese, butter, or mayo.

Why are vegan burgers growing in popularity in the Philippines? Consumption of meat, eggs, and dairy products has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. On today's factory farms, cows are routinely branded, dehorned, and castrated without any painkillers. Pigs are castrated, and their tails and teeth are cut or broken off—also without painkillers. Chickens are drugged and bred to grow so rapidly that they become crippled from supporting the weight of their own massive upper bodies. Birds' throats are cut while they are still conscious, and many are scalded to death in defeathering tanks.

"There are as many fast and delicious veggie burger options as there are reasons to choose a veggie option," says PETA Director Jason Baker, who is also the group's resident food critic. "Making it meatless—and better yet, vegan—is good for your health, the environment, and especially animals."


C2 brings Pinoy taste to other countries

The country’s popular ready-to-drink (RTD) green tea, C2 Green Tea, is now spreading Pinoy taste around the globe. “Universal Robina Corporation (URC) is proud that this Filipino-made product has penetrated markets in other countries,” said Edwin Totanes, URC’s VP and business unit general manager for RTD beverages.

A Pinoy favorite

Since its introduction in the market, C2 has become a popular drink among Filipinos. Its seven flavors are now preferred thirst-quenchers as people pair them with almost any type of food, or just drink them on their own. As C2 advocates an active lifestyle, people can be seen conveniently carrying re-sealable bottles almost everywhere they go: schools, offices, gyms, malls and houses. C2 even comes in a 1.5 liter bottle that’s ideal for a small group or party. Suffice to say, C2 has become the drink of choice for many. Its delectable taste, array of variants (including sugar free), and the fact that it is brewed from 100% natural tea leaves and bottled on the same day cemented its position in the Philippine market as the healthy and refreshing RTD green tea.

C2 goes global

C2 began to widen its reach in 2006, introducing its authentic green tea taste to Vietnam . The tea-drinking country went gaga over the delectable beverage, with skyrocketing sales over the past three years. Demand has been so strong that URC put up its first C2 line outside the Philippines , namely in Vietnam , and expanded production in 2009. C2 is now the market leader in ready-to-drink tea in Ho Chi Minh.

Within the region, C2 is now readily available in Singapore , Malaysia and Indonesia as well. And through URC’s export division, C2 has tapped more than 20 countries across the globe including United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, South Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea, United Kingdom and Cyprus, making C2 a favored drink not only of Filipinos, but of other nationalities as well. Its aim is to give the world a beverage that best fits today’s dynamic, on-the-go and health-conscious lifestyle.

Reaching as far as the North American market, URC made it possible for foreigners to get a taste of premium RTD green tea that’s 100% Pinoy.

Today, the Filipinos are being joined by other countries in attesting to the quality taste and refreshment that C2 provides. The favorite bottled drink has truly come a long way from its roots in the Philippines to spread the joy of living a cool and clean life all over the world. For more information about C2 going global, just visit www.thec2life.com.