Jollibee Kids Meal brings you Robotech® and Nickelodeon's iCarly toys

Technology and trends meet in the newest toys that come free with every Jollibee Kids Meal. From February 27 to March 31, Jollibee brings anime action and youthful style to fun-loving boys and girls across the country with its latest collectibles.

Little boys can get battle-ready with Robotech®: The Macross® Saga Combat Mechas, inspired by the long-running and critically-acclaimed anime show. Imagine the adventures of human champions battling aliens via giant robots with these three toy fighter figures.

The Veritech Guardian is a toy ship that launches missiles with just a push of the button on the top. Want to go into full battle mode? Just pull down the legs and it's ready for action.

There's also the Veritech Space Fighter and its two boosters for speedy air combat. Simply pull back and release, then watch it zoom!

For giant robot fun, there's the Veritech Battloid with its fierce laser cannon. Just attach the gun to the robot's right hand and aim at Robotech enemies.

For young girls, the iCarly iStyle accessories help keep them looking and feeling pretty wherever they go.

Fans of the hit Nickelodeon show can take after the title character--a web and trend-savvy teen star with her own online show that also features her cool friends.
It's easy enough to look as good as Carly with the Lip Shimmer Bracelet. Strap it on and use the fancy swirl lipgloss with sweet strawberry scent for pretty lips anywhere you go.

For fancy hair and nails, get the Hair N' Nail Charms, a cute flower-shaped case that comes with hair clips, hair ties and colorful nail stickers. Just style your hair and nails according to your mood!

Collect all five toys when you get any of the Jollibee Kids Meal for only P69 to P95.


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