Restore and Refresh your body with Yin Yang Cooling Tea

Drink your way to good health with Universal Robina Corporation’s (URC) newest beverage offering, Yin Yang cooling tea. Yin Yang Cooling tea is inspired by a Chinese belief that good health begins by maintaining balance in the body. According to a traditional Chinese belief, our body has a condition which is called “internal heat. This “internal heat” is caused by the hot, fried and spicy food we eat. “Internal heat, or an excess of it, causes the imbalance in our body, which, in turn, leads to sickness. As a remedy to this, the Chinese drink “cooling tea ”made from carefully-selected cooling herbs. Cooling herbs take heat away from the body thus restoring our body’s natural balance.

Yin Yang Cooling Tea is a ready-to-drink tea, freshly brewed from green tea leaves of Camellia Sinensis with three traditional Chinese cooling herbs, Mesona leaves, Camellia sinensis, Liquorice Root and Chrysanthemum flower. These herbs will definitely provide the balance your body needs to meet life’s daily challenges.

Yin Yang’s non-carbonated and deliciously refreshing flavor, of black gulaman, a local favorite of Filipinos, is the perfect drink for every meal. Conveniently packed in sip and seal bottles which are easy to carry around, Yin Yang Cooling tea is perfect for young and health conscious individuals who are on the go. Restore and refresh your body’s balance naturally with new Yin and Yang cooling tea. Now available in leading supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores nationwide.