Save and Eat Out with the Jollibee 39ers!

Young people may look as if they have much to learn from the daily grind of school or office work… But that doesn’t mean they are new to the task of saving and working around daily budgets. Here, they impart their tried-and-tested tactics on how to save up.

“If you’re really tight on the budget, then don’t splurge all the time,” Maje Palarca, a 24-year-old PPC Advertising Analyst shares. “Be practical. As they say, money doesn’t grow on trees so spend wisely be it in clothes, gadgets and even food.”

Anna Lorraine Angeles, a 23-year-old make-up artist agrees. “I think that being practical means choosing where you eat,” she says. “Calculate your daily expenses and you will see that majority of it is comprised by expensive lunches and dinners.”

That’s why meals that taste great, cost light and are readily available are such a welcome treat as they look for ways to stretch their wallets. And for people like Anna and Maje, the Jollibee 39ers fits their need for affordable and deliciously satisfying meals while still allowing them the luxury of eating out.

Maje adds that despite being wary of her spending, she still gets to enjoy regular lunch outs with her colleagues. “Of course we still get to go out, thanks to the Jollibee 39ers!”

“I go to Jollibee simply because it allows me to eat out as often as I like,” says Mark Reodica, a 26-year-old Web Developer and Project Manager. “Ever since they had the 39ers, I have been enjoying Jollibee’s delicious treats almost everyday.”

Patti Gaite, a 25-year-old Architectural Apprentice shares the same sentiment.
“I love Jollibee’s 39ers because I never have a problem with the price,” she says. “It’s just so affordable and yummy, and for only an additional P10 it already comes with a drink! And it’s still lower than P50—the most sulit meal in town.”

Since no other fast food chain in the country offers a more reasonably priced and fulfilling rice meals, the Jollibee 39ers has become the meal of choice for students and yuppies alike. They can all easily attest to why the 5-pc. Lumpiang Shanghai and Beef with Mushrooms have become such a hit when it comes down to price, taste, and serving.

“Jollibee’s 39ers is the most convenient meal choice for me,” shares Marc Carbonel, a 25-year-old Brand Manager. “It’s delicious and affordable, and hindi nakakasawa tapos malaki pa yung mga portions! It’s really value for money.”

“Jollibee 39ers yung talagang swak sa budget naming mga studyante,” Erwin Go, a freshman at the country’s State University said. “Especially for us who lives in a dorm, we have to be more wary of our daily expenses.”
“I really enjoy my lunch break every time I order Jollibee’s super-sulit 39-peso meal, masarap na nakakabusog pa,” JC Perez, a 30-year-old Call Center Agent said.

The young ones have spoken, and they all have a veritable advice to those who compromise eating out for the sake of saving.

“For me, the most sulit meal ever is the Jollibee 39ers!” claims Mariel Dionisio, a 24-year-old Video Editor. “It’s affordable and extremely delicious, so for all of those who need a good saving tip: go for the 39ers because it’s ideal for the budget.”