7-Eleven Honors Our New President…with a Cup!

Many of us were part of a significant event in Philippine history last May as we participated in the country's first automated elections. To quote a classic Latin phrase, "we came, we saw, we conquered" indeed, as this year's elections proved to be the fastest, the most organized, and the most peaceful electoral process that the Philippines has experienced to date.

But, as most of us already know, another historic event took place before the elections, when 7-Eleven Philippines launched 7-Elections – an informal polling campaign using 7-Eleven GULP ® cups. Six specially designed GULP ® Cups were offered in 7-Eleven stores, and customers were urged to "cast their votes" as they chose to drink their beverages from GULP ® Cups featuring their preferred candidates. There was even a specially designed cup for those who were undecided or chose to abstain from voting. Thousands of customers trooped to over 450 7-Eleven stores to cast their own cup, or rather, their vote using these GULP ® cups.

And just because the elections are over doesn't mean that you've seen the last of these creatively designed cups. Whether it was your presidential bet who won or not, you can still join in the celebration of democracy and this year's peaceful elections, because all six 7-Elections GULP ® Cups are back due to popular demand!
For only P20, you can collect all six 7-Election cups as souvenirs to remind you how democracy and peace prevailed during the 2010 elections.

But that’s not all: fresh from the success of 7-Elections, the country's favorite convenience store chain is ready to give the Filipino people what they've asked for. Starting June 24, all 7-Eleven stores, will offer a special Commemorative GULP ® Cup in honor of our new president-elect, Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino, III, and our recently concluded elections.

Our country has proven to the world that democracy does reign in the Philippines and that there is hope for a better and brighter future ahead for us. Take this important piece of Philippine history, democracy, and hope home with you with the 7-Eleven Commemorative Cup. Choose a GULP ® beverage from any 7-Eleven store, and you get your own Commemorative Cup!

With a new leader, new-found optimism, and new dreams, there's no way else to go but forward together in the coming years. Now, that's definitely something we Filipinos can all drink to!

The 7-Eleven Commemorative Cup is available in all 7-Eleven stores. Visit www.7-eleven.com.ph/ for more details.


Even in skincare, mother knows best

Trust is a very important element in a relationship. Trust is gained and built, and certainly makes the relationship last the test of time. And for many of us girls, there’s one person we almost always equate with trust: Our mom.

When we are faced with daily dilemmas or hardships in life, we turn to Mom. And even when it comes to skincare, we know we can never go wrong with what our moms trust and recommend.

This is especially true for Joyce Velasco who has been using a skincare line that her mom has relied on for many years now. “My friends have noticed how my skin has become supple and fairer. They often tease that I’m in love cause they say I’m ‘blooming’!” shares Joyce who has been using Eskinol since her mom recommended it a year go.
Joyce chose Eskinol because she has seen how her mom has, for many years, trusted the brand, with great results. Says Joyce’s mom: “I wanted my daughter to use Eskinol because I have personally experienced how effective it is. My friends always tell me I look so much younger than my age. People we meet for the first time think Joyce and I are sisters!”
Jennifer Go, whose mom also grew up with Eskinol, has a similar story. “I used to constantly worry about my oily skin,” she shares, “until my mom told me to use Eskinol.” According to Jen’s mom, oily skin runs in the family. “I had a similar problem when I was younger. So when Jen started complaining about her skin, I knew Eskinol is what she needs. It has helped me before and I knew it can help Jen.”

In return, Jennifer introduced her mom to Eskinol’s new Ice Poretherapy Scrub and Toner, which they both use now. “It’s very effective,” shares Jennifer who now feels more confident to go out even without makeup. To this, her mom agrees: “People always compliment my skin, and they refuse to believe Jen is my daughter – she’s looks like my sister lang daw!”

Another daughter who swears by her mom’s beauty regimen is Soleil Capulong. Her mom has been using Eskinol for many years so when Soleil first became concerned with skin care, her mom’s first recommendation was Eskinol. “My skin became smoother,” attests Soleil who now uses Eskinol Ice Pore Therapy Facial Wash and Toner because they make her pores look smaller. “I’m so glad I’ve found the brand that works really well with my skin. I use Eskinol because it’s really effective and it’s the brand trusted by my mom!”

Soleil’s mom, on the other hand, attributes her long-standing loyalty to Eskinol to its being “hiyang” to her skin. “I’m always mistaken for Soleil’s older sister,” she laughs, “and for this, I thank Eskinol. It’s the skincare brand I trust for many years now!”
The unwavering trust of women is one of the enduring legacies of Eskinol, one of the brands in Sara Lee Corporation’s roster of leading brands.
Eskinol’s continuing success, says Mario Salvatori, Sara Lee Asia-Pacific's Regional Vice President for Marketing, is a reflection of the brand’s commitment to innovation and research and development. “Eskinol continues to evolve with its consumers, and is committed to delivering products that address women’s changing skin care needs,” he added.
It’s true that skin care for Filipinas has evolved through the years. And yet, Eskinol remains their trusted brand. Proof of this is the fact that the original solution, Eskinol Medicated Facial Lotion, launched in 1945 and now named Eskinol Classic Whitening Facial Cleanser, is still available and widely used by Filipino consumers.

And while Eskinol continues to introduce new variants and lines that address specific skin care requirements, generations of moms and daughters remain steadfast in relying on the brand to give them smoother, more radiant, and younger looking skin.

It’s an enduring relationship built on trust that spans generations – today’s women trust it, their moms trust it and moms before them have done the same.
And as the experiences of Joyce, Jennifer, Soleil prove, one can never go wrong with the brand that their moms have trusted for many years.


The Unilab Youth Camp for Change

Ideas have the power to effect positive change. A droplet of ingenuity can
create ripples of positive change, especially from the Filipino youth.

Unilab is looking for innovative ideas that can help improve the health and
wellness of people in communities. Unilab wants to help by working with the
Filipino youth in translating their ideas into a sustainable plan for a
community of their choice.

This June, Unilab launches Ideas Positive: The Unilab Youth Camp for Change
—an idea-generation camp and competition for college students that aims to
inspire fresh, developmental, and research-based social marketing
initiatives that promote and advance health and wellness at the community

Through Ideas Positive, Unilab invites college students from Metro Manila.
Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Bulacan and Pampanga to submit their project
plans towards the betterment of the health and wellness situation of their
chosen community. Students may visit www.ideaspositive.com for details on
the competition. Deadline for submitting their entries is on August 16,

Also, students are invited to the Ideas Positive Clinic on September 23-25,
wherein the first two days are dedicated to a workshop on social marketing,
leadership, and project management skills by respected experts from the
following industries: community development, business, government and
health and wellness. The clinic will culminate on the third day where the
student finalists will be presenting their plans to a panel of judges.

For more information about this initiative, attached please see the press
release and the screenshot of the Ideas Positive website (
www.ideaspositive.com). We do hope that this interests you and your


Unleash your imagination with Jollibee Kids Meal's new blockbuster toys

Jollibee brings cartoon action to life with the Johnny Test and Card Captor Sakura toy collectibles that come with every Jollibee Kids Meal.

Join Sakura in her quest to capture her magical cards with the Card Captor Sakura Gifts of Magic.
Featuring Kero, Sakura's faithful adviser and the guardian of the magical cards, the Kero Magic Note Roll lets little girls have fun writing notes and secret letters. Take it with you wherever you go and watch Kero spin around as he reveals his magical sheets.

Girls can also glam themselves up with dazzling temporary tattoos using the colorful images and patterns of Mystic Tattoo Tape. Just don't forget to ask for help cutting the tattoo strip!

Little boys who can't get enough of Johnny Test's out-of-this-world adventures and experiments will surely have a blast with the Johnny Test Amazing Chasers.
For some fast-paced heroics, there's the Bobble Speed Kart that launches Johnny into action. Push the launcher trigger to see Johnny zoom out in blazing speeds. You can even push his head to make it bobble.

Start your own fun adventures with cool gadgets just like Johnny Test. Just strap the Flywheel Spinner on your wrist, press the launcher buttons and see your propeller spin away.

Watch Johnny Test glide with the Rocket Glider. Just slide the Glider over the launcher pad, and pull it back until it locks. A simple squeeze of the trigger launches Johnny into the air!

Start new and amazing quests together with your favorite cartoon heroes with the coolest toy collectibles only from Jollibee! Hurry to your nearest Jollibee store now and purchase any Jollibee Kids Meal for only P71 to P97 and collect all the amazing gadgets and magical toys. Available from June 1 to 30 only.


Kids speak about their newest favorite food

Chikitings just can’t get enough of 555 Corned Tuna, their newest favorite food. From pizza pies to sandwich plates and from spaghetti toppings to being just a plain delectable ulam, 555 Corned Tuna’sSarap-Ginisa tastehas becomean ultimate tummy treat for children. Ithas more to offer than its mouthwatering taste that kids love. It’s also affordable, healthy and convenient which is why moms love giving it to their kids. Answering the question of curious minds on why kids love it so much, we asked the honest opinions of five cute but discriminating bulilits.

For 8 year-old Miguel Sancho Mendoza, 555 Corned Tuna is the perfect partner for garlic rice. “I love to eat 555 Corned Tuna-silog. Masarap pong breakfastang 555 Corned Tuna with scrambled eggs,Yummy! Favorite ko din po ito with hot pandesal partnered with orange juice for merienda,” he shares. “Even in school, I love eating 555 Corned Tuna. Mommy prepares 555 Corned Tuna spaghetti as my baon. My classmateseven ask me to share it with them because it just tastes so good. Pati nga po sila nagpabili na sa mga mommies nila eh,” he adds.

Aside from fried chicken and ice cream, 555 Corned Tuna is one more thing that makes the eyes of 6 year-old Anton Iñigo David sparkle. ““It’s really delicious. Lasang luto ni mommy at nakakabusog po talaga. Mommy is happy because I eat well when it is my ulam. She’s also happy that it’s so easy to prepare,” he said.

This table treat is also good for sharing. Moms prepare it when their kids’ friends come over to their homes for a fun meal time bonding. Like what 9 year-old Anicka Espiritu does. She loves to eat 555 Corned Tuna after playing with her friends. She exclaims, “It is yummy! Five year-old Sophia Nichole Layoso also loves eating healthy and delicious food. “I like 555 Corned Tuna because mom said it’s good for my eyesight and for my bones,” she said. “That is why I always eat it and I have no leftovers. Ubos ko po palagi ang food ko!” With the real sautéed goodness of home-style cooking, 555 Corned Tuna has captured not just the taste buds but the hearts of children as well.


Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick and Pressed Powder

Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick

Introducing Avon’s first ever 100% natural lipstick that provides luminous color that is naturally gentle on the lips. Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick contains Mega Moisture Complex of nurturing shea butter and conditioning oils to keep lips smooth and soft. Its exclusive mineral complex helps out bring out the lips’ vibrancy. It is fragrance free, dye free, preservative free enriched with vitamins and with SPF 15 to protect the lips.
PRICING: Regular P375

SHADES: Available in 10 shades:

Pink Quartz
Rose Garnet
Plum Craze
Brick Red
Apricot Glow
Crystal Coral
Rosy Brown

AVAILABILITY: Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick will be available through Avon Representatives nationwide starting June 16, 2010. Don’t have an Avon Lady yet? Call the Avon Customer Hotline 8642900 or log on to www.avon.com.ph to find out how you can get in touch with an Avon Lady.

Avon Smooth Minerals Pressed Powder

The coverage of liquid foundation…now in a pressed powder.

The Avon Smooth Minerals Pressed Powder glides on smooth for buildable coverage and easy touch-ups. Avon’s fine-milled formula with our 100% naturally derived mineral complex is enriched with vitamins and essential nutrients. After just one week, complexion looks healthier, more radiant and feels better, even without your makeup on

PRICING: Regular P395

SHADES: Available in 3 shades:

Pure Beige
Sand Beige

AVAILABILITY: Avon Smooth Minerals Pressed Powder will be available through Avon Representatives nationwide starting June 16, 2010. Don’t have an Avon Lady yet? Call the Avon Customer Hotline 8642900 or log on to www.avon.com.ph to find out how you can get in touch with an Avon Lady.

Anew White brings to light skin whitality

Skin whitening, as we know it, is out. It’s a thing of the past. Fair skin is no longer about chalk-like, pale and dull-looking skin. It’s now all about beautiful, white skin that looks revitalized, vibrant, healthy and young-looking.
That’s skin whitality.

And skin whitality is Anew 360º White.

Addressing women’s desire for vibrant white skin glowing with vitality, global beauty company responds with the introduction of Anew 360° White, the latest skincare breakthrough from the premium skincare line, Anew.
Anew 360° White has the exclusive 360° Whitality Technology for brighter and healthier skin that glows and whitens from within. The concept of ‘whitality’ synergizes whitening and vitality that results in flawless, vibrant white skin aglow with health.
Anew 360° White revolutionizes the science of whitening through the 360° whitening benefits:

3 – innovative ingredients that TURN OFF sources of dark skin cell production

6 – revolutionary ingredients that TURN ON, ENERGIZE and REVITALIZE skin cells

0 – flaws and dark spots for total skin VIBRANCY and VITALITY

Traditional whitening only goes skin deep as dark skin cell production is turned off. However, Anew 360° White goes further to provide that additional step to achieve glowing fairness by activating the skin cell’s energy and vitality. In one week, 70% of women using Anew 360° White showed improved skin whitality.

Fairer skin can be attained in two steps with the Anew 360° White Regimen: Protect and Vitalize. The Anew 360° White Protective Cream with SPF 20 PA++ serves as a day cream that provides deep and effective 24-hour moisturization throughout the day while whitening the skin. It helps minimize melanin production on its first use to prevent further skin darkening. Its SPF 20 component brings wide spectrum protection from UVA/UVB.

Revitalize and whiten skin inside-out with the Anew 360° White Vitalizing Cream. This luxurious night cream vitalizes the skin, boosting whitening efficacy during the skin’s natural repair time to reveal supple and translucent fairness. Defy the traditions of superficial whiteness and boldly reveal glowing white skin.

The Anew 360° White Protective and Vitalizing Creams work best with the Anew 360° White Clarifying Cleanser and Anew 360° White Activating Lotion. Complete your 360° whitality regimen with the cleanser and toner to reveal white beautiful skin from within.

The Anew 360° White Protective and Vitalizing Creams will be available starting May 1, 2010 through all Avon Representatives nationwide. The Anew 360° White Clarifying Cleanser and Activating Lotion will be available in June 2010. Don’t have an Avon Lady yet? Call the Avon Customer Hotline 8642900 or visit www.avon.com.ph for details on how to get in touch with an Avon Representative.