Kids speak about their newest favorite food

Chikitings just can’t get enough of 555 Corned Tuna, their newest favorite food. From pizza pies to sandwich plates and from spaghetti toppings to being just a plain delectable ulam, 555 Corned Tuna’sSarap-Ginisa tastehas becomean ultimate tummy treat for children. Ithas more to offer than its mouthwatering taste that kids love. It’s also affordable, healthy and convenient which is why moms love giving it to their kids. Answering the question of curious minds on why kids love it so much, we asked the honest opinions of five cute but discriminating bulilits.

For 8 year-old Miguel Sancho Mendoza, 555 Corned Tuna is the perfect partner for garlic rice. “I love to eat 555 Corned Tuna-silog. Masarap pong breakfastang 555 Corned Tuna with scrambled eggs,Yummy! Favorite ko din po ito with hot pandesal partnered with orange juice for merienda,” he shares. “Even in school, I love eating 555 Corned Tuna. Mommy prepares 555 Corned Tuna spaghetti as my baon. My classmateseven ask me to share it with them because it just tastes so good. Pati nga po sila nagpabili na sa mga mommies nila eh,” he adds.

Aside from fried chicken and ice cream, 555 Corned Tuna is one more thing that makes the eyes of 6 year-old Anton Iñigo David sparkle. ““It’s really delicious. Lasang luto ni mommy at nakakabusog po talaga. Mommy is happy because I eat well when it is my ulam. She’s also happy that it’s so easy to prepare,” he said.

This table treat is also good for sharing. Moms prepare it when their kids’ friends come over to their homes for a fun meal time bonding. Like what 9 year-old Anicka Espiritu does. She loves to eat 555 Corned Tuna after playing with her friends. She exclaims, “It is yummy! Five year-old Sophia Nichole Layoso also loves eating healthy and delicious food. “I like 555 Corned Tuna because mom said it’s good for my eyesight and for my bones,” she said. “That is why I always eat it and I have no leftovers. Ubos ko po palagi ang food ko!” With the real sautéed goodness of home-style cooking, 555 Corned Tuna has captured not just the taste buds but the hearts of children as well.