Havaianas unveils newest fashion must-hav

Genetics has gone beyond science and has found its way into fashion.
Havaianas, the world’s best rubber flip-flops, now shares its DNA to the newest addition to their family.

“True to the innovative characteristic of the brand, we are introducing a new line of bags that carry the same elements as the Havaianas flip-flops,” says Anne Gonzalez, Managing Director for Terry S.A., Inc., the exclusive distributor of Havaianas in the Philippines.

With the same sense of functional style, these new fashion statements from Havaianas showcase the basic features that define the chic brand. Aside from using the same rainbow of colors as the flip-flops’ palette, the different bag styles are subtly ingrained with distinct Havaianas elements: the rice pattern on the soles and the Greek pattern on the straps are integrated into different details of all the bag styles. Reinforcing the bag’s durability are familiar rubber elements that provide sturdy yet stylish bases, straps and locks. The round rubber buttons used to keep the flip-flops’ soles and straps together can also be found detailing the bags, locking-in the Havaianas DNA.

“The original design elements of our flip-flops are stylishly transposed to this latest must-Hav. This new collection has been meticulously designed with the same originality, creativity and style that are inherent to the brand,” says Gonzalez.

Havaianas Mega

Similar to flip-flops, an understated handbag such as the Havaianas Mega can be the most versatile item in your bag wardrobe, adding a punch of color to any outfit. Havaianas Mega comes in two orientations, with the vertical Havaianas Mega NS currently available in Navy Blue and Black, and the horizontal Havaianas Mega LO currently available in Light Green and Red. Through careful attention to detail, the solid hues of Havaianas Mega underscore flexibility without compromising fashion or style.

Havaianas Mega Printed

Havaianas Mega Printed takes the same silhouette of the Havaianas Mega and adds a playful print. With its intricate design of flip-flop flowers, the Havaianas Mega Printed currently comes in Yellow|Gray and Light Blue|Brown. The added print makes the style a perfect option for the multi-faceted modern woman with an eye for style and a need for adaptability.

Havaianas Sack

Nothing beats the functionality of a durable carry-all, and Havaianas takes it a step further with the introduction of the Havaianas Sack — perfect for men and women who prefer a simple, subtle, ever-so-versatile style. Mirroring the variety of color found in the flip-flops, this style is currently available in nine different colors - Black, Brown, Gray, Lawn Green, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Orange, Pink, and Red – and each Sack features a detachable rubber strap that you can mix and match to suit your mood and style.

Havaianas Side

Havaianas takes the basic messenger sling bag to fashionable new heights with the Havaianas Side. This style features a rubber bottom for a sturdy and unique base, while a similar rubber brace keeps the bag cover in place while adding a distinct edge to the style. Available in Black, Brown and Navy Blue, the Havaianas Side is ideal for the dynamic lifestyles of youthful and fashionable individuals who value ease and practicality.

Havaianas Tote

One can’t help but love the simple yet functional construction of the Havaianas flip-flops and now, the Havaianas Tote. By inserting a colorful printed drawstring bag into the traditional tote silhouette, this bag – currently available in Light Blue, Pink, and Yellow - provides a fashionable way to secure your essentials. Add in the internal pockets, and the Havaianas Tote is perfect for every woman whose life is filled to bursting – from the chic career woman with her pens and papers to the stylish mommy with her baby’s bottles and diapers.

Havaianas Zip

The brand’s originality and innovative spirit shines through with the introduction of the cool, new bag concept of the Havaianas Zip. With wide-open sides, and numerous pockets, the Havaianas Zip allows you to conveniently tote items you would normally hand-carry, such as skateboards, yoga mats, jackets—even puppies. Currently available in two sizes and six colors – Black, Navy Blue, Orange, Red, Pink and Yellow - the Havaianas Zip is perfect for diverse girls and guys who are willing to break out of the traditional bag mold.

Bags with Your Personality

With this newest offering, Havaianas does for bags what it did for flip-flops: it offers the fashionable set an alternative that will let them live an active and versatile lifestyle without sacrificing fun, fashion or function.
“Havaianas has always espoused the concept that style should be personal and fashion should allow one to live their vibrant lives without any obstacles,” explains Gonzalez. “Our bags fit into the wearer’s lifestyle. The wearer doesn’t have to change their lifestyle to fit the bag.”

As the Havaianas portfolio grows, its style chromosomes can’t stay in one place. And if its predecessor, the flip-flops, is anything to go by, the new bag collection from Havaianas is set to take the fashion industry by storm.

Carry the Havaianas Lifestyle at www.havaianasphilippines.com/musthavs.
The all-new Havaianas Bag Collection is out now at selected All Flip-Flops stores nationwide: Alabang Town Center, Bonifacio High Street, Glorietta 3, Greenbelt 5, SM Megamall, Ayala Center Cebu, SM City Cebu, SM City Cagayan de Oro, SM City Davao, SM City Iloilo, SM City Lipa, and SM City Naga.


Do you know kids?

Tang asks parents to rethink the idea of kids’ independence

Are kids ready to be given more independence? Can they be trusted to make bigger decisions and more grown-up choices? Starting with the simplicity of a question and armed with nothing but the innocence of curiosity, Tang, the country’s leading powdered juice brand, recently concluded its revolutionary journey into the minds of Filipino children.

Challenging the norm

With a fast-paced world spun on by cable television, internet, and other technologies, children today are raised in an environment that preaches dangerously attractive attributes such as instant gratification. Parents often bewail the lack of responsibility in their offspring, pointing fingers at numerous possible causes leading to an inevitable, unpleasant conclusion – that today’s children, spoiled by modern-day opportunities, discard independence and responsibility in favor of games, toys, and time spent with friends.

But beyond such societal norms and basic assumptions, is there nothing more to expect from today’s Filipino child? Could the numerous opportunities granted them have contributed to their lack of responsibility? The repercussions of such a question were not to be taken lightly. To find the answer, scratching beneath the surface was not enough.

Thus began the journey of one hundred children and five hundred pesos.

A revolutionary idea

In search of an answer, Tang launched a revolutionary social experiment to explore the minds of one hundred Filipino children between the ages of seven and nine years old.

A controlled environment was constructed, replete with elements designed to cater to the typical wishes of a child on a shopping spree. The various choices included an extensive range of toys, school supplies, and snacks and other options like a charity box where they can donate the money or the alternative for them to save the money they received. While the children were granted the time to spend and peruse the makeshift shopping paradise, their parents were interviewed regarding their views on what they believed their child would purchase. More than half of the mothers expected their kids to mostly spend on toys and snacks, believing that they were too young for responsible decisions.

Children step up to the plate

They were wrong. Ninety-nine out of one hundred children saved most of their money. Many donated to charity. Half of them purchased items for school. One child indeed spent all of his money on food and toys – but to give as gifts to his brothers and sisters.

The conclusion of the social experiment was indeed astonishing, but the most shock was elicited from the parents of the children themselves when the results were revealed. Surprise led to curiosity at what the children purchased. Upon hearing that a vast majority opted to retain their funds in favor of savings or for the benefit of their respective families, parental pride was clearly evident with each smile.

“It was very heartwarming to see how the kids reacted and what they decided to do with the money. I was very surprised and actually quite impressed that my son/daughter is responsible enough to know the value of money and opted to save it instead of spending it on toys,” said one very surprised mom.

In a world where kids can be dismissed as too young for any sense of responsibility, these one hundred children made us question what we thought we knew about kids these days.

“Tang believes that just like the refreshing results of this social experiment, today’s kids can surprise, amaze and delight us in so many more ways, than we can imagine.” says Cyn Icasas, Kraft Beverage Category Marketing Manager. “Whether it be in school, in their community or in their own families, kids can shine when we least expect them to –all they really need is to be given a chance. “

So the next time you think you know kids, dare to question, explore and perhaps be amazed at what you find. To learn more, watch Tang’s “Do you know kids?” social experiment video by logging on to http://www.knowkids.org.ph/ and share the surprise!


Every day is Christmas Day at Jollibee

This season, Jollibee, the country’s most loved food chain, brings everyone together in joyful merrymaking. The all-time Filipino favorite lets friends and loved ones celebrate Christmas everyday by serving a feast like no other. Sharing stories, memories and affordable langhap-sarap meals under one roof, families and friends need not wait until December 25. Everyone can have an early Christmas because with Jollibee, any day can be Christmas day.

The true spirit of a merry Christmas

As a kid, it is easy to think that Christmas is about presents, aguinaldo and noche buena. But as people get older, these perceptions are trimmed down to one important thing: having the entire family together for one day. People adjust their schedules, making sure that they have freed Christmas Day of any other commitments. And it doesn’t matter much if there are gifts or not, because the mere presence of loved ones is enough to make the holiday celebration complete. After all, it’s the true spirit of having a merry Christmas—above anything else—and it’s a good thing that Jollibee provides a venue for this kind of togetherness.

Where everyday is Christmas day

Whether it’s the entire clan or the whole barkada that will be celebrating Christmas together, Jollibee carries the crispylicious and juicyliscious Chickenjoy, the meatiest and tastiest Jollibee Spaghetti, the langhap-sarap Yum Burger and all the other Jollibee favorites to cater to everyone’s cravings. It’s the place that is closest to home; after all, it’s where every Filipino practically grew up. So celebrating this season at Jollibee is just like enjoying meals at one’s own dinner table.

With the kids enjoying play time and the kids-at-heart having a good time with each other’s company, Jollibee truly makes every visit seem like a holiday celebration. Every table can serve a jolly get-together because of its first-rate yet easy-on-the-pocket menu, creating a warm and family-friendly atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Bee happy

The spirit of togetherness combined with a reasonably-priced dining experience at Jollibee can be all it takes to make any person extra happy this Christmas. It is in life’s simple things that people often see the beauty of bonding with loved ones, so what better time than now to spend a simple yet fulfilling Yuletide season at Jollibee stores nationwide. In the end, Jollibee will always the best place to bee happy!


Lolo Dad’s Brasserie introduces exciting menu for the Holiday Season

Enjoy some Stewed Beef cheeks baked with Puff pastry instead for the main course, available only at Lolo Dad’s Brasserie.

Among the strip of Malate’s finest dining choices, it is Lolo Dad’s that gained a reputable image among the authorities of gastronomy. People who frequent the vicinity can testify what that image means, claiming that this café is truly worth experiencing. True enough, those who have dined there have become living testaments to Lolo Dad’s hard-earned glory. That same spark and good taste that ignited the Cafe’s success can now be experienced in Makati , bringing the Lolo Dad experience closer to busy metropolitans. But this time, it comes in the form of a brasserie.

A brasserie in Makati

Except for the price range, Lolo Dad’s Brasserie is nothing short of the Café in Malate. The same trademark quality of food and service fills the simple and minimalist structure of the 6750 venue, easily complementing the grand dining experience. People who frequent the place have become accustomed to the Brasserie’s unique way of tickling the palate, making no excuses or reasons to justify why dining there is a must. “We created a Brasserie in order to give a more affordable Lolo Dad’s dining experience to the people,” said Ding Ayuyao, general manager of the Brasserie.

How about a Kebab of boneless Chicken leg with Garlic rice? Surely this will be a feat to the senses.

Contrary to the popular cafés that Filipinos frequent, a brasserie is an affordable restaurant that serves wine, fine meals and beer. Lolo Dad’s Brasserie has been striving to provide an authentic brasserie experience for the Filipinos; and after more than one year of doing so, to say that they succeeded is an understatement.

More reasons to dine

Lolo Dad’s Brasserie is genuinely grateful for more than one year of journeying not only to people’s stomachs, but to their hearts as well. As such, Lolo Dad’s Brasserie dedicates its reinvented Lunch Special Menu to its loyal (and soon-to-be loyal) customers.

Taste this hearty Mussels, Prawn and White Flesh in Chardonnay, Garlic and Anchovy pasta available on the Lunch Special Menu.

At just P495* per head, the Lunch Special Menu includes Mussels or Beef Cheeks specially prepared by Ariel Manuel himself, owner of Lolo Dad’s and Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets Best Chef awardee. This menu already includes three choices of appetizers, and for dessert, indulgent Vanilla Almond ice cream sitting on top of home-style banana bread.

For tapas aficionados, the Brasserie has prepared a tapas menu that won’t cost over P200*. Enjoy this delightful Spanish treat anytime of the day, any day of the week with this affordable and scrumptious menu.

Open from Mondays to Saturdays at 11:00 am to 10:00 pm, Lolo Dad’s Brasserie at 6750 in Makati City invites guests to come over and have a taste of their special meals. Whether it is to celebrate the Yuletide season or it is just another ordinary day to have coffee or dessert, the Brasserie will always have something flavorful, filling and reasonably priced. For diners who want to satisfy their craving for a special dining experience, head on to the Brasserie now.

End the Lunch Special on a sweet note as Chef Ariel Manuel brings the delectable Banana Split to the table consisting of Vanilla and Almond Selecta Ice cream with Banana bread.

*Exclusive of service charge

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Making jolly memories with Jollibee and Enervon Prime

Perfect Combination. Jollibee teams up with Unilab Nutritionals, Inc.’s Enervon Prime to let families enjoy more “Jolly Memories.”

Families now have more reasons to continue making memorable moments together – even with their older folks. With the new partnership between Enervon Prime and Jollibee, food-loving Pinoys don’t just reinforce past memories, but they get the chance to make new ones as well.

Jollibee, the country’s largest fast food chain, teams up with Unilab Nutritionals, makers of Enervon Prime the nutritional drink for older adults, for a promo that aims to further strengthen the bond of today’s Filipino families.

Dubbed “Jolly Memories,” the promo rewards consumers with free Jollibee meals for every purchase of Enervon Prime. The effort is driven by the shared commitment of Jollibee and Enervon Prime in championing the importance of having a sharp mind and a healthy body in making more memories with the family.

Brenda Miranda, the Marketing and Operations Director of Unilab Nutritionals, Inc., stresses the importance of staying healthy and strengthening the family unit.

“This is a perfect partnership since Jollibee and Enervon Prime share the same ideals,” she says. “And what’s great is that the promo helps families keep their minds sharp and make more memories as they spend more time together when they visit Jollibee.”

Jollibee’s National Key Accounts head Jun Salao also shares, “Jollibee believes in the value of uniting the family through sharing happy moments together. With the Jolly Memories promo, Filipinos can stay healthy and create more unforgettable memories as they enjoy the company of their loved ones in Jollibee.”

Until December 15, 2009, one can get free Jollibee treats simply by purchasing Enervon Prime in any SM Supermarket, SM Hypermart, Savemore, Robinsons Supermarket and Mercury Drugstore, Just present a proof of purchase to any Jollibee store nationwide and you can instantly avail of the following treats: Peach Mango Pie for every Enervon Prime 200g, 1-piece Burger Steak with rice for every Enervon Prime 400g pack, and a 1-piece Chickenjoy meal for every Enervon Prime 1kg. Consumers can claim their free Jollibee meals until February 15, 2010.

No to oil, yes to clear skin this Chirstmas

Clean & Clear offers solutions to prevent oily, blemished skin this holiday season

The holiday season has arrived, and for most people this means hectic preparations and the onset of the Christmas breeze. While most people look forward to the change in temperature, women should know that the cold weather increases one’s chances of having oily skin. This is why it is important to use products that help manage oil production and prevent shiny, blemished faces in pictures of all the yuletide gatherings.

So how does the cool weather cause oily and blemished skin? The cool, crisp, dry air dries up the skin. When this happens, the oil glands naturally overcompensate for the dryness and produce more oil. According to dermatologists, excessive oil production and abnormal shedding of dead skin cells can clog pores and cause bacteria to proliferate, thereby causing acne breakouts. So one must first keep oil under control in order to prevent and control acne.

Luckily, Clean & Clear makes available two special product bundles to keep the skin from breaking out and help girls achieve fair and radiant skin, without the excess oil, this holiday season.

Enjoy pimple- and oil-free skin with the help of Clean & Clear’s Pimple Clearing Kit. This kit consists of one CLEAN & CLEAR® Active Clear™ Pimple Clearing Cleanser (50g) that helps clear pimples while at the same time, gently soothes irritated skin. What’s more, it comes with the CLEAN & CLEAR® Oil Control Film at 50% off! The all-time favorite oil blotter instantly removes excess oil and shine from the face. It can be used anytime, anywhere throughout the day as it doesn’t smudge make-up.

Those who suffer from acne breakouts due to oily skin are also likely to have dull, lifeless skin. Bring back your skin’s naturally clear, fair glow with Clean & Clear’s Clear Fair Glow Kit, which contains one CLEAN & CLEAR® Clear Fairness Cleanser (100g) and CLEAN & CLEAR® Oil Control Film at half-price. The Clear Fairness Cleanser has a unique whitening Vitamin C Beads Formula that effectively lightens skin, making it fair and radiant. Its oil-free and non-drying formulation makes it ideal for everyday use.

Keep the effects of the cold season at bay with these special product bundles from Clean & Clear, which will keep your skin clear, glowing and oil-free throughout the holidays. The Pimple Clearing Kit and the Clear Fair Glow Kit are available in all supermarkets, drugstores and department stores, for P133.50 and P186.50, respectively. Promo will run until December 31, 2009.


CLEAN & CLEAR® has a strong and successful heritage in answering the skin care needs of young women. The line includes more than forty products to help maintain clean, noticeably clear, beautiful skin. CLEAN & CLEAR® is committed to understanding its consumers and delivering solutions to meet their needs with the most innovative skincare technology. A global skincare brand, CLEAN & CLEAR® is currently available in 41 countries such as Australia, Brazil, China and Poland.

‘Tis the season to be cheesiest

With Christmas fast approaching, the cheesiest barkada moments are bound to happen. As groups of friends jump from one party to another, expect loads of cheesy happenings as best buddies catch up, new pals bond, or distant friends become close again—all part of the Christmas barkada traditions. Who can help it when there are sweet songs in the air, tinkling lights and festive food? Combined, all these provide the perfect backdrop for sharing the spirit of the season in unabashed, overflowing, and yes, very cheesy ways. Here are some cheesy Christmas rituals friends enjoy together:

The exchange gifts. The monito-monita is one barkada tradition that never goes out of style. Through this, friends get to express their cheesy side to one another as they hunt for something to buy or even create to give to dear pals without going over the prescribed budget. There’s also the ‘secret Santa’ where every member of the gang will outdo each other in being the sweetest and most caring ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’ by giving their ‘baby’ a gift every week, complete with Hallmark-worthy gift notes.

The high school reunion. Need a reminder of how corny you were before? There’s the reunion where everyone brings out all the old photos and the old autograph books as well. Everyone gets a turn on the hot seat as the entries are perused to reveal past cheesy quotes, mottos and kilig moments. Fortunately, in the company of long-time friends and yummy food and drinks, the potentially embarrassing reminiscences always turn into a time full of good-natured hoots and peals of laughter.

The annual Christmas picture. Like many families, some barkadas even have their annual Christmas photo shoot. There are no holds barred here. All in the name of cheesy Christmas fun, some groups of friends will go all out for this yearly tradition. They will cook up a creative theme, prepare their costumes, even rent a studio AND a good photographer, and then come up with silly poses. Afterwards, multiple copies will be made and sent as Christmas cards to friends here and abroad.

One, big party. And then there’s the biggest cheese-fest of all—the barkada Christmas party. Whether it’s at the group’s favorite chill-out place, a new hot spot or somebody’s house, it brings out everyone’s utter cheesiness. Glittering party hats? Check. Gifts for everyone? Check. Corny sing-alongs? Check! This is one time in the year where even the biggest grudges are put aside, old loves are rekindled, and fierce declarations of friendship are made. This is also one time in the year when the enjoyment of scrumptious food goes full-throttle. For Filipinos especially, whose taste buds rejoice given intense flavors and rich textures, only the cheesiest will do.

To make the barkada’s Christmas events extra cheesy, treat the taste buds to Greenwich’s premium pizza and pasta offerings for the season.

The new Triple Ham and Cheese Overload is overflowing with 3 types of premium hams and cheeses--Chinese ham, pastrami ham and cooked ham ; quezo de bola, mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese. There’s also the new Meatball Spaghetti Supreme with parmesan cheese over big juicy Christmas meatballs in marinara sauce and served over al dente pasta. Greenwich also offers other pizza and pasta products that will surely add cheesy delight to the barkada’s Christmas gimmicks.

Turn every yuletide event into an extra delicious experience. Serve and share these Greenwich delights to your friends and have the cheesiest time of your lives!


Even small purchases can help you win big

Save your receipts and have a lot of fun with the winning Panalo’tto promo from 7-11, as every 50-peso purchase entitles you to a lotto entry you can match or combine to win up to Php7 million in prizes! The lotto ticket also entitles customers to freebies or discounts indicated on the printout, so everyone walks away a winner.

The popular convenience store kicks off this exciting promo to make their customers Christmas merrier, and what’s more, they’ve pledged to donate a sum of money to ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. for every top prize winner. Winning combinations will be announced every Wednesday, which will be posted in all 7-Eleven stores and at www.7-eleven.com.ph

Match number combinations announced online or in stores to win. Three out of five numbers nets you Php5,000, while four out of five clinches a cool Php10,000. The lucky customer who manages five out of five will walk home richer by Php500,00 while ABS-CBN Foundation gets support for their charitable work.

Go for the win and have fun by collecting receipts and buying your favorite products at any 7-Eleven store this holiday season. You just may have a handful of lucky numbers.

Spread Holiday Cheer with Beauty-licious Treats

Great discounts when you buy Neutrogena’s Fine Fairness UV Compact and Body Oil

Looking for the perfect kikay gift to give your girlfriends this Christmas? Look no more as Neutrogena, the brand recommended by dermatologists, offers great deals on its hottest and must-have products this yuletide season!

Fine, Fair and Smooth Skin For Less

‘Tis the season to achieve fine, fair skin for less! Buy one Neutrogena Fine Fairness UV Compact and get 50% off on the second compact. Share this beauty secret with your girlfriends. With the pack conveniently designed for the holiday season, all you need to do is attach a card and you’re ready to spread the love for fine, fair skin this Christmas.

Available in shades of natural and light beige, the Neutrogena Fine Fairness UV Compact is clinically-formulated to blend evenly with the skin tone and provide beautiful, natural-looking coverage. Its Vitamin C and Licorice Extract plus sunscreen protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, preventing sunspots and premature skin aging. The Neutrogena Fine Fairness UV Compact is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and does not clog pores. It is also resistant to humidity, sweat and oil, thus, giving the skin lasting coverage needed for all the merry-making this season.

In addition, get the same 50% discount on the Neutrogena Fine Fairness UV Compact when you buy Neutrogena Body Oil. With its light sesame formula, the Body Oil is easily absorbed by shower-damp skin, leaving it soft and silky with a radiant and healthy glow. And with Christmas just around the corner, you only need a few drops of the Neutrogena Body Oil to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized amidst the cool holiday breeze.

Christmas must-haves

Make Neutrogena’s Christmas gift bundles the perfect kikay must-haves this holiday season! Share the love for healthy and beautiful skin with your girlfriends. Get amazing discounts from Neutrogena: two (2) Neutrogena Fine Fairness UV Compacts, with the second compact at 50% off, at a bargain price of P1,063.59; and one (1) Neutrogena Body Oil and one (1) Neutrogena Fine Fairness UV Compact (at half its original price) for only P939.50. Hurry and grab the Neutrogena Christmas gift bundles in select drugstores and department stores from December 1 to 31, 2009.


“Love Yourself” with Watsons and Bioessence this Christma

When it comes to health, wellness, and beauty, no one does it better than Watsons Your Personal Store. As one of the leading beauty retailers in the Philippines, its promise of “looking good, feeling great and having fun” is brought to life by its wide selection of exclusive products.

For the holiday season, Watsons took its Christmas theme of “How Do I Love Me?” one step further through its partnership with Bioessence Serenity Spa, a stalwart player in Manila’s beauty industry with a variety of services that make it a one-stop shop for beauty and wellness needs.

A perfect Christmas pair

This November, Watsons and Bioessence ushers in the holiday season with a very special Christmas offering that combines Watsons’ products with Bioessence’s paraffin wax treatment exclusively for Watsons and Beauty by SM shoppers.

“Watsons’ partnership with Bioessence is something we felt was a perfect fit,” said Vicky Encarnacion, Watsons Department Store Business Unit Head. “This Christmas, Watsons is all about finding ways to ‘love yourself.’ With our product lineup coupled with the paraffin wax treatment of Bioessence, every customer to Watsons and Beauty by SM is sure to have a delightfully indulgent holiday.”

“As an advocate of health, wellness, and beauty, we knew that Watsons was perfectly suited to what Bioessence believes in,” added Yeng Francisco, Marketing Director for Bioessence Serenity Spas. “For the last 14 years, we have grown to 26 outlets nationwide by honing our beauty expertise with beauty products like soaps, anti-ageing, whitening, slimming, essential oils, food supplements and other complementary items. By partnering with Watsons, we are able to go even further with our offerings by crafting a special paraffin wax treatment that customers can avail of. Our paraffin treatment is exclusive to Watsons for the holiday season and is slated to be one of the most unique activities you can do with your girlfriends this Christmas.”

Indulge yourself this Christmas

Along with paraffin wax, indulgence this season comes in the form of Watsons Exfoliating Body Scrub, Spa Essentials Massage Oils, Body Treats Body Care Range (Body Lotions and Body Soaps), and Glamworks Whiteplus Whitening Range.

Available in Cucumber, Strawberry, Grapefruit, and Peach Mango, Watsons Exfoliating Body Scrub kicks off your Christmas beauty by effectively removing dead skin cells and refreshing your skin. After a bath, Body Treats Body Care Range makes Christmas indulgence a sweet-smelling experience with specially formulated Virgin Coco, Green and Orange Papaya, and Calamansi scented Body Lotion and Body Soap, while Glamworks Whiteplus Whitening Range ensures that your Christmas complexion is kept fair and rosy for every party. These beauty and pamper products are exclusively available at Watsons and Beauty by SM stores.

To perfectly round off your Christmas indulgence, shopping for these Watsons’ exclusive products could earn you a FREE hand paraffin treatment plus a 50% discount for any facial at Bioessence Serenity Spa. Complimented by Watsons Exfoliating Body Scrub or Spa Essentials’ specially formulated Massage Oils, your holiday season is set to be your most pampered Christmas yet.

Starting November 27, customers can explore Watsons’ indulgent Christmas offerings at Watsons branches in SM Megamall, Fairview, West Ave, Visayas Ave, Connecticut Greenhills, Greenbelt, Makati Commercial Complex, Binondo, Bellagio Square Malate, Sta. Lucia Cainta, Expressions Building Las Pinas, SM Southmall, SM Bacoor, Lipa Batangas, SM Lucena, SM Marilao, Silayan Center Tarlac, SM Baguio, and Marfori Heights Davao. Free service redemption can also be claimed in participating Beauty by SM Department Stores.


Superb Bite Sandwiches: Bigger in Size, Easy on the pocket

Professionals can now enjoy the goodness of classic sandwiches with Mini Stops’ Superb Bite Sandwiches. The latest all-day delights from the nationwide chain boast of extra filling and flavorful combinations that will satisfy any appetite.

For many busy workers, nothing beats the delicious taste and convenience of their favorite sandwich combination. What more when it’s offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, just a few steps away from the office.

The new sandwiches come in three enjoyable variants and at a price that’s made extra affordable.

The Superb Bite Ham and Egg Croissant lets you bite into the classic texture of croissant, with layers of juicy ham slices, scrambled egg, special dressing, and fresh lettuce in between.

Reinterpreting the traditional corned beef in pan de sal combination is the Superb Bite Corned Beef with Egg Sandwich with its addition of scrambled egg, special dressing, and fresh lettuce.

You can also taste another pan de sal special with the Superb Bite Bacon and Egg Sandwich. Enjoy the same delicious scrambled egg, special dressing, and fresh lettuce, but this time with slices of yummy bacon.

Looking for a superb yet affordable treat? Nothing makes a better reward for hard work than these tasty new treats from Ministop.

The Superb Bite Sandwiches are available for only P39 each in all Ministop stores within Metro Manila and nearby provinces in Luzon...

Big savings and great value with Jollibee Spaghetti and Yum Value Meals now for only P50!

Make your spending count during these trying times with Jollibee’s special price-off on your favorite Yum and Spaghetti value meals!

From November 1 to 30, you can delight in the langhap-sarap goodness of the Jollibee Yum Value Meal and the Jollibee Spaghetti Value Meal for only P50 each from its original price of P57. The price-off promo gives you big savings and great value so you can save your hard-earned peso especially during these challenging times. With the lower prices, Jollibee gives back to its loyal customers who no longer have to scrimp on food as they can continue to enjoy their favorite Jollibee treats!

Burger lovers can delight in the Jollibee Yum that’s made with 100% pure beef patty and is served with Jollibee’s own special dressing all in a soft bun. Fans of Jollibee Spaghetti can continue to savor this flavorful treat with chunky slices of ham, sausages, generous amount of ground beef that are served over premium noodles and topped with lots of cheese. The Yum Value Meal comes with regular Jolly Crispy Fries and regular softdrink, while the Spaghetti Value Meal comes with a regular softdrink.

So dash to your nearest Jollibee store now and load up on the affordable and value-packed Jollibee Yum and Spaghetti Value Meals for more jolly moments with family and friends. This special price-off offer is valid in all Jollibee stores nationwide.

Experience expert skin care from The Skin Specialist

You can be your most beautiful self without breaking the bank. The search for professional dermatology services that won’t bleed your paycheck dry is over with the opening of the Skin Specialist Clinic in Timog, Quezon City.

The Skin Specialist Clinic is a warm, relaxed and well-designed haven where you can experience personalized and professional skin care treatments. It provides a wide range of modern, non-invasive skin services that can be customized based on patient's needs, and of course, at rates that are most reasonable. There is even a toddler room to assure moms undergoing treatments that their kids will be entertained and taken care of as they wait.

Your skin will be in the good hands of Dr. Jean Marquez, a clinical and cosmetic dermatologist known for her compassion, understanding and expertise derived from extensive medical experience and in-depth trainings here and abroad.

Banking on her credentials, Dr. Jean, a fellow of the Philippine Dermatological Society, earned her degree in medicine from the De La Salle University in 1993 and passed the Philippine Physician Licensure Examination in 1995. She also graduated Chief Resident of the Department of Dermatology at the East Avenue Medical Center and has extensive trainings in clinical, cosmetic and laser dermatology in Mid Valley Dermatology in Sherman Oaks, California, as well as in Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology in Houston, Texas, USA. And to guarantee premium professional dermatological care, Dr. Jean is backed up by her team of medical experts, making sure that every one gets the professional medical attention their skin deserves.

Dr. Jean and her team offer treatments and services which address various skin concerns such as acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, keloid, excessive sweating, freckles, varicose and spider veins, warts, pigmentation problems, cellulite, skin tags, syringoma, sebaceous hyperplasia and seborrheic kerotoses. Among The Skin Specialist’s exciting banner offerings are:

InfusionTM – a safe and effective needle-free aesthetic procedure that aids in collagen regeneration, skin re-hydration, skin firming and whitening, body toning, and cellulite and stretch marks reduction.

MTS (Micro-needle Therapy System – a procedure that stimulates the skin to produce new collagen formation, thereby reducing wrinkles and improving skin texture, enough to smoothen deep acne scars and chicken pox marks

CICU (C02 Fractional laser System) – a procedure that treats skin concerns like acne scars, large pores and wrinkles; it also aids in skin tightening, tone & texture improvement, and skin resurfacing.

Carboxy Therapy – an effective non-surgical method that dramatically improves the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite by increasing local tissue metabolism and perfusion

Botox (Botulinum Toxin A) – Botox (Botulinum Toxin A) – the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the world, botox lessens the appearances of wrinkles and fine lines and also treats hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of underarms and hands

Cavitation – a non surgical fat-loss and cellulite treatment using the latest in ultrasound technology

Veinlite – a device perfect for locating hard to find veins, it is used for sclerotherapy treatment which eliminates varicose and spider veins

Other sought-after services are facials, diamond peel, Iontophoresis, dermal fillers, laser tattoo removal, anti-aging treatments (with stem cell anti-aging treatment), placenta injection, radiofrequency, IPL rejuvenation, skin and chemical peel, mesolipo, mesowhite, mesolift, glutathione injectables, thermal cautery, mole removal and laser hair removal. There are also effective treatments for keloid, hair loss, skin, hair and nail diseases, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Experience now the beautifying professional care of Dr. Jean Marquez and the rest of The Skin Specialist team and discover that effective and safe skin care need not be expensive.

For more information please call 02-3748087, 02-4077210, and 02-7941317 or log on to www.drjeanskinspecialist.com. For modern and reliable skin care services, visit The Skin Specialist Clinic located at ESNA BLDG. #30 Timog Avenue, Quezon City Philippines.


Philippines in State of Unity

The spirit of Oneness moves the Filipino nation in this time of need. With the aftermath of the recent calamity, the whole country is moved by how Filipinos have been working together towards one goal.

Analog Soul, a Filipino retail clothing line that believes in Filipinos, celebrates the nation’s oneness through the introduction of their new shirt designs called State of Unity. A true believer of this nation’s talents, the brand tapped young Filipino artists to share their interpretation of what is happening in the country after the recent typhoon.

“It’s inspiring how everyone, not only Filipinos, is unified in aiming for one goal, which is to help the calamity victims. We continue to overcome hardships because we are a united people whose hopes and aspirations are one. You will see both young and old, doing their own share to help. Every initiative, every effort counts,” Migs Naguiat, Analog Soul owner, said.

On its part, Analog Soul is using these new shirt designs to continue to inspire and see the positive effects of the calamity, as well as help the victims. Naguiat explained that for every shirt sold, a portion of the proceeds would go to the Citizen Disaster Response Center to help with the relief operations.

The new State of the Unity designs are available in Analog Soul outlets in Trinoma, Megamall, Rockwell, and Glorietta.

Nike Creates Special Edition Tees Celebrating Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao

Design inspired by Manny’s phenomenal athletic journey as he trains for a new title on November 14, 2009

Nike announced the creation of two special edition tees, the Nike MP Team Pacquiao Eagle Tee and the Nike MP Tee, celebrating boxing great Manny Pacquiao’s possible unprecedented seventh world title in seven different weight classes as he goes into the ring on November 14.

Both shirts, available in limited quantities, will bear the Nike Pacquiao identity crest, an iconic symbol which has come to be associated with Manny’s many victories over the past few years. This specially designed crest also reflects Nike’s unwavering commitment towards supporting one of the greatest boxers of all time, Filipino pride Manny Pacquiao.

“We are very proud to support Manny Pacquiao in all his battles and feats. As he once again steps into the ring for what could be a historic first, Nike and the entire Philippines will be supporting him,” said Mae Dichupa, Nike Philippines Country Marketing Manager. “Manny embodies the good sportsmanship and athleticism that Nike athletes possess. We are committed to being a part of his battle - from his rigid training to the actual fight in the ring.”

The Nike MP Team Pacquiao Eagle Tee comes in bold red, showcasing a gold foil outline of the Philippine Eagle head in the center front, with a screenprint of an outlined Eagle wing in the background. The back carries the Team Pacquiao statement in bold letters, with the Nike – Manny Pacquiao logo below it.

The Nike MP Tee comes in black, and showcases the iconic Nike logo on the front, accompanied by Manny Pacquiao’s initials MP in red and blue respectively and a sun to the lower right, reminiscent of the Philippine flag. On the U.S. version of the tee, the back bears the Nike tagline Just Do It in bold letters, with the Nike-Manny Pacquiao crest below it. The localized version of this tee differs in the writing on the reverse side. Instead of Just Do It, the slogan especially for Philippines bears the statement “Lamang Gawin Ito.” The Philippine release will be sold exclusively to the local market.

The Special Edition tees will be available in select Nike stores nationwide including Nike Park The Fort, Trinoma and Glorietta 4 from PHP 1,095 starting November 6th.

Signed Manny Pacquiao merchandise up for auction to benefit GK youth communities

As an added initiative to celebrate Manny and his supporters, signed Manny Pacquiao merchandise will be put up for auction on November 12, and will close on the day of the fight on the 15th.

These items celebrate the journey of Manny Pacquiao’s battles in the boxing ring and the roads he had to take in order for him to make his legacy.

Proceeds from this auction will go to the education of GK youth communities who were victims of typhoon Ondoy and who are slowly putting back the pieces of their life together.

New Faces of Hidden Spring: Isabel Roces and Akihiro Sato

There is one sure and safe way to be truly bold and beautiful: nature's way. Hidden Spring Mineral Water introduces its new Bold and Beautiful Campaign through its newest endorsers – stunning personalities, Isabel Roces and Akihiro Sato.

Top supermodel, health advocate, animal rights activist, and beauty columnist Isabel Roces is a popular face among fashionistas and health buffs everywhere. Isabel maintains her healthy mind and body by regularly doing yoga and living a vegetarian lifestyle. Brazilian-Japanese model-ambassador Akihiro Sato an up-and-coming TV actor is currently one of the contestants in the 3rd season of Celebrity Duets on GMA7. Akihiro complements his healthy and high-protein diet with regular gym workouts, boxing and jiu jitsu.

“Isabel and Akihiro perfectly embody Hidden Spring’s Bold and Beautiful campaign: gorgeous, sexy, dynamic, and most importantly, true advocates of a healthy lifestyle,” said Carlo Blanco, Hidden Spring’s Brand Manager. Both Isabel and Akihiro agree that real boldness and beauty can only come from the natural goodness of pure and clean water. Hidden Spring Mineral Water comes from a naturally occurring and pristine source, undergoes multi-filtration process to rid impurities, and bottled to perfection making it clean and safe. It offers the highest concentration of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and bicarbonates to help keep our body naturally healthy and beautifully invigorated.

A product of Universal Robina Corporation (URC), a trendsetter in the food and beverage industry with its innovative products, Hidden Spring Mineral Water guarantees to quench the thirst and refresh the tired body, for more bold and beautiful days ahead. The refreshing goodness of water the way nature made it is available in supermarkets, groceries and major convenience stores nationwide.


14 Days to Show off Your Shape

Ever wanted to raid a certified fashionista’s closet? Or have you ever wanted to strut the streets of Manila wearing a Hermes, Rhett Eala, Michi Calica, Religioso, Kate Torralba,Jun Escario, Chanel, or 7 for All Mankind?

You know you want to and in 14-days, these could all happen to you -- if you win in NESTLE FITNESSE’s 14 Days to Show off Your Shape, that is.

Here, fashion and fitness come together to give style mavens a crack at their dream ensemble— handpicked by the country’s top fashion editors no less—while getting in tip-top shape. “This is the first of its kind in the country,” says Myra Garcia, Consumer Marketing Manager, Nestle Fitnesse. “After all, there’s no better motivation than walking the streets of Manila while looking fashionably fit.”

Editors Pick the Ultimate Wardrobe

“ For the prizes in NESTLE FITNESSE’s 14 Days to Show off Your Shape, we found out what some of the country’s most stylish people want to have in their closets,” shares Myra Garcia, Consumer Marketing Manager, Nestle Fitnesse. “And in doing so, we were able to shortlist what’s arguably the most coveted designer wardrobe to hit Manila.”
Donna Cuna Pita, for example, believes Chanel to be a true fashionista must-have saying that the iconic designer “blazed the trail for all female high-fashion designers.” On the local front, Kate Torralba and Rhett Eala emerged to be among the top favorites. “Her quirky dresses and colorful palettes make you feel like a Barbie doll. I can almost swear they come with invisible heels that make you feel like you’re 5’11,” quips Isabel Roces about designer Kate Torralba. On the other hand, Rissa Mananquil describes Rhett Eala as “fashion’s big innovator, thinker and provocateur.”
Jenni Epperson, Joyce Fernandez, Audrey Carpio, Bianca Consunji and Pauline Juan are the other top mavens that Nestle Fitnesse consulted in assembling the Ultimate Wardrobe.

14 Days to Fitness and Fashion

So what do you have to do to get a crack at Manila’s most coveted designer wardrobe?

Simply form a team of 2-8 members, and using Nestle Fitnesse’s 14-day meal plan, everyone in the team has to lose at least 2 pounds in 2 weeks. “No, 2 pounds is not that daunting, it only needs a few diet tweaks,” quips Myra Garcia. She explains that participants only need to replace breakfast and one of the main meals – either lunch or dinner--for 2 weeks. She adds that to exercise as well as eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and low-fat, carbohydrate rich foods is the best way to complement the 14-day regimen.

And as part of the challenge, participants also need to chronicle their 14-day regimen via an online “fitness diary” accessed at www.fitnesse-14days.com. The Top 10 most popular FITNESSE 14-day diaries will make it into finals.

The Nestle Fitnesse 14 Days to Show off Your Shape will kick off on November 14, Saturday, 9am at the Greenbelt Park in Makati, with the voting period lasting from November 15 to December 3, 2009. And as adjudged by Manila’s top style icons the winners will be announced on December 10, 2009 in a special fashion show.

“People who’ll join this challenge will have nothing to lose but pounds,” jests Myra Garcia. “Not only do they win the fashionista closet of their dreams, but they walk away with health tips, tweaks and tricks during their 14-day challenge and continue on living a healthier, fitter and a more runway-ready lifestyle.”

For more information about Nestle Fitnesse’s 14 Days to Show off Your Shape, please log on to www.fitnesse-14days.com.


WOW Ulam: Ready-to-eat canned pang-ulam for the budget-conscious Filipinos

When cooking is not possible, affordable ready-to-eat food which can be consumed immediately comes very handy. Your favorite local Pinoy dishes are now available in convenient, ready-to-eat canned pang-ulam. Pacific Meat Company, Inc., (PMCI), the maker of the number one corned beef, Argentina , introduces WOW Ulam, a ready-to-eat canned food that is perfect for the budget-conscious Filipinos.

WOW Ulam is made of flavorful chunks of sausage and luncheon meat in popular pinoy sauces. It comes in the following variants: Adobo, Asado, Afritada, Caldereta, Lechon Paksiw, Mechado and Bicol Express. Each variant is prepared using authentic Filipino ingredients, comparable to home-cooking.

“According to an AC Nielsen study conducted in 2008, two out of 5 Filipinos ranked rising prices as the number one issue affecting their lives. Through WOW Ulam, PMCI hopes to provide Filipinos with a delicious, ready-to-eat and affordable meal in can that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere,” says Dutch Rodolfo, Senior Product Manager.

WOW Ulam is affordably priced at P13.50. One can of 155g is enough to feed a family of four. It is available in supermarkets, groceries, sari-sari stores and public markets stalls nationwide.

Bringing the classic back

New K-Swiss models now available in the Philippines

Do you remember that fashionable footwear that stood out in the ‘90s? Those tasteful white sneakers that grabbed everyone’s attention?

Newsflash: K-Swiss is back and once again ready to take on the top spot for that classic and trendy footwear. As an opening salvo, it is introducing new designs that are sure to excite loyal patrons and entice new followers.

A brand known for innovation, quality, performance, and style, K-Swiss is integrating the classic look with contemporary touch to suit the new generation’s taste in apparel. Just think K-Swiss Classics. First introduced in 1966, this K-Swiss signature design with its characteristic five stripes and the D-rings still holds that elegant and fashionable imprint 40 years later. A timeless piece that represents style, authenticity, and individualism, the K-Swiss Classics has transcended from being the first leather tennis shoe to being a fashion staple both on and off the court.

Joining the Classics is the entry of the Surf and Court design, another timeless offering that complements K-Swiss’ originals collections. The Surf and Court design is sure to style women up anytime, anywhere. With its nautical classic design, soft full-grain white leather, and nautical stitching, Surf and Court epitomizes the elegance of the K-Swiss sailing shoe. Heritage K-Swiss details like the iconic five stripes, D-rings, and discreet script are likewise included in this design.

K-Swiss also touches on performance in its 2009 lineup. Runners may want to check out K-Swiss’s K-Ona model. Its 9 oz. ultra-light, stable running shoe with its exceptional cushioning makes it a perfect partner for training, road races, and triathlons. They may also want to try out K-Swiss Run One miSOUL Tech model. A versatile running shoe that features a modular, interchangeable sole system engineered for customized performance.

Completing the lineup is K-Swiss Grand Court, an athletic-inspired shoe made with a fashionable design. It features wider stripes on the side and the classic K-Swiss elements plus synthetic leather upper and a rubber sole.

Check out the Classics and the new K-Swiss designs. Now available at all Planet Sports outlets, Athletes Foot stores, and Olympic Village stores nationwide.


Analog Soul releases new rock and roll designs

Analog Soul comes out with new designs that envelope Filipinos’ most common form of expression – music.

Once again, it collaborated with young artists who shared their talent and expressed their insight on Rock and Roll through Analog Soul’s shirts. Designers Paolo Lim and Ronnie Amador return with their Another Dimension and Rockstar designs, respectively, while Vincent Pimentel comes out with his Past, Present, and Future design.

“We’ve witnessed how Filipinos have used music to express their views, and among its many forms, Rock and Roll is what we can say one of the most expressive forms of music,” Migs Naguiat, Analog Soul owner, expressed.

“As what we always say, Analog Soul allows its brand to be venue of artists to share their insights and ideas. And, with these new designs, we’re proud to be, once again, the venue that allowed these young artists to share their thoughts and insights on Rock and Roll,” Naguiat said.

Analog Soul is an apparel company that believes in Filipino artists and it believes that sensing one’s reality through the five senses is truly the way to live. Their shirts capture one’s expressions and emotions, which becomes the brand’s motivation to come up with creative, evocative, and eclectic designs.

These new Rock and Roll designs are available at the Boy’s Teen Section at the 3rd level of SM Megamall and all Analog Soul outlets in Metro Manila.


French Dressing: Style secrets of Les Parisiennes

French women and their style essentials...

Another variation on the day dress, this time made of supple jersey, evokes a more sensual mood by featuring drapery.

A tank made from quality jersey, tailored trousers and a scarf make up a French woman’s casual uniform.

A cocktail dress easily solves the problem of what to wear during semi-formal or formal evening functions.


Havin’ A Baby is now H.A.B Maternity & More

Who said that pregnancy means being less chic and fashionable? Big & Small Company thinks otherwise. Over the years its maternity brand- Havin’ A Baby- has been the brand that moms turn-to to keep looking fabulous as she goes through one of the important stages of her life. Today, this same brand has evolved to keep up with the needs of today’s modern women. Now named H.A.B Maternity and More, the revamped brand with its fresh designs is sure to attract more women.

H.A.B Maternity & More is a high-fashion boutique for moms looking not just for maternity wear, but great clothes as well. H.A.B. Maternity & More is still a one-stop-maternity shop, an image it is well known for, now complemented with a new logo and store design to cater to all fashion-conscious moms, regardless of age, size or shape. H.A.B Maternity & More is not just about covering the bump as it offers a whole line of fashionable, comfortable and versatile clothes and accessories. for women. All H.A.B Maternity & More pieces are carefully designed for moms to wear during early and full term pregnancy and until after giving birth.

"H.A.B understands the modern mom’s need to stay fashionable and comfortable during her pregnancy. We at H.A.B keep this in mind when creating our designs. Our goal is to simply help moms look and feel beautiful during this wonderful stage and even after giving birth,” said Joanna Duarte, President of the Big&Small Co.

H.A.B also goes beyond maternity in the sense that the clothes can be worn by those who are not pregnant but are looking for stylish and fashionable outfits,” added Duarte

With H.A.B Maternity & More, moms can keep their personal style and begin to proudly tell the world that she is fashionably embracing motherhood.

Visit H.A.B. stores now at Alabang Town Center, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, and Greenbelt 5.


Reveal soft, beautiful skin with Johnson’s Body Care Line

Johnson & Johnson recently launched Johnson’s Body Care, its first body care brand with a complete line of skin care products especially made for women. Addressing the universal desire of women for soft, beautiful skin, the Johnson’s Body Care product line boasts of a range of body lotions and washes with moisturizing properties and a slew of other additional benefits like 24-hour lasting moisture, aromatherapy and sun protection.

With Metro Manila’s top fashion and beauty icons, and media personalities in attendance, the Johnson’s Body Care Line was presented through a fashion show event. The runway showcased some of Manila’s young female designers namely: Debbie Co, Rosanna Ocampo, Mel Orlina, Choc and Yvette Religioso and Czarina Villa. Taking inspiration from women’s beautiful skin, each piece in the collection puts a spotlight on soft, moisturized skin, which can be achieved with the new Johnson’s Body Care products.

“Drawing from Johnson & Johnson’s brand heritage and trusted expertise, the Johnson’s Body Care brand now provides women with gentle yet effective skincare products that are especially formulated to maintain and enhance the softness of an adult woman’s skin,” explained Via Abaño, Johnson’s Body Care Senior Brand Manager.

The Johnson’s Body Care range of body lotions and washes comes in three variants: 24 Hour Lasting Moisture, Melt Away Stress, and Naturally White, providing women with options to cleanse and nourish their skin.

Recent studies reveal that the top skin problem faced by one out of every three women is dryness. Luckily, women now have a solution for dryness with the 24 Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion and Wash. With moisture-rich ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil, these help make the skin incredibly soft, moisturized and touchable for up to 24 hours. Specifically made with the needs of women who are prone to daily stress, the Melt Away Stress Body Lotion and Wash variant is enriched with aromatic fragrances of chamomile, lavender and moonflower to help relax, relieve stress and tension at the end of the day and promote better rest at night. For the woman who is frequently exposed to the sun, the Naturally White Daily UV Body Lotion and Wash will help protect her naturally white skin with SPF 8 and other added ingredients such as vitamin C and milk extracts that help keep skin naturally light and nourished.

The Johnson’s Body Care Launch Fashion Show presented exquisite pieces that used soft, sheer fabrics in shades of white, blush and nude. The show likewise underscored the importance of possessing soft beautiful skin to complement one’s fashion choices, be it casual, chic and trendy, or formal.

“The gentleness, softness, freshness and smoothness of skin inspired me to design these dresses,” explained Debbie Co, one of the designers featured during the show. “Cut-outs of delicate, soft, and sheer fabrics were used to showcase a woman’s skin. With these pieces being light and fluid, the nude colors make them beautifully soft and flattering.”

Free consultations with beauty and fashion experts like Donna Cuna-Pita were also offered throughout the evening. An innovative Soft Skin Lotion Bar, similar to an ice cream kiosk, allowed guests to experience first hand the benefits of Johnson’s Body Care lotions.

“Johnson’s Body Care makes women look and feel good about themselves, as the products help women possess soft, beautiful skin,” added Abaño. “Armed with soft skin that she can flaunt, a woman can express herself through her fashion choices and can be confident that she has nothing to hide.”

Johnson’s Body Care lotions and washes are available at all leading beauty and personal care stores, department stores and supermarkets nationwide.


Jollibee turns MOA into big dance floor with 300 dancers

Do today’s teenagers still believe in values and clean fun? In Jollibee’s biggest and hippest surprise to date, Filipino teens, joined by their families and friends, expressed their resounding “yes”.

In a gimmick that is fast becoming one of the country’s biggest viral hits, some 300 teens, together with yuppies, kids and even their lolas, converged at the SM Mall of Asia last August 8 for a four-minute dance explosion celebrating the youth’s langhap-sarap life. Inspired by Jollibee Yumburger, a favorite of many teens for its real value and good-to-the-core deliciousness, the spectacle was choreographed by Whiplash and directed by noted film, TV and music video director Mark Reyes.

“This is the biggest live spectacle we have ever done and it’s something that we hope will inspire Pinoy teens to continue to stay real and true to themselves and have fun in their own unique, wholesome and creative ways,” remarked Reyes.

Gyrating to today’s hippest and most exciting dance tunes, including Jollibee Yumburger’s new jingle Iisang Sarap by Parokya ni Edgar, the eye-catching extravaganza showcased the teens’ unique brand of coolness to the pleasantly surprised bystanders.

“It is exactly moments like these that make life truly langhap-sarap for them, much like the yummy goodness of Jollibee’s Yumburgers,” said Jollibee PR manager Arline Adeva.

“A large number of our youth today are excelling in their respective fields, just like Jollibee Yumburger which has maintained its leadership position in the burger category all these years. While times change, the langhap-sarap taste of Yumburger remains the same,” added Jollibee marketing manager Aileen Ricasata. “Like the real Pinoy teen that evolves positively through time, Jollibee Yumburger, along with its other equally great-tasting variants, continues to get better while maintaining that distinct langhap-sarap taste.”

Dedicated to today’s inspiring young role models, Jollibee’s dance craze at MOA presented many reasons for the youth to stay positive, be true to themselves while aiming to be the best that they can be. If this latest and coolest project from the country’s well-loved fast-food chain is to be the gauge, every moment of teen life remains as cool and exciting as it can be.

“For decades, Jollibee has been the symbol of happiness and special family moments especially among Filipino kids. But even in their growing up years, Jollibee continues to believe that the youth, particularly the teens of today, still relish the simple but the good things in life,” said Jollibee vice president for marketing Gold F. Tantoco.


The Biggest Loser Asia LIVE Auditions in the Philippines at Fitness First, SM Megamall

The Biggest Loser Asia is coming to Asia for the first time and Fitness First is proud to be a sponsor of a show that has helped change the lives of people around the world for the better. Fitness First clubs around Asia will be exclusive venues for the live screen test auditions for participants who want to be part of the show. In the Philippines , LIVE screen test auditions will be held exclusively at Fitness First at SM Megamall on the 15th of August 2009 (Saturday) from 10am-4pm.

Since its debut in 2004 in the US by NBC reality television, the Biggest Loser has become a worldwide hit viewed by millions, airing in over 90 countries and produced in 25 countries. This is the first reality show where obese contestants are challenged and encouraged under guided expert supervision to undergo strenuous physical and mental training in order to shed kilos. The one who loses the most weight not only wins a grand cash prize of USD 100, 000 but also gains a healthier and better quality life!

Produced by Imagine Omnimedia (producers of Contender Asia) for the Hallmark Channel in Asia , Biggest Loser Asia will help change the lives of obese Filipinos who want to take up the challenge of shedding bad lifestyle habits and embracing healthier ones. The Biggest Loser Asia does not only look into the physical challenges of the contestants’ personal journeys but also their emotional and psychological trials and tribulations as they lose the kilos, inspiring and empowering others to do the same.

“We are extremely excited about being a part of The Biggest Loser weight loss reality TV show in Asia. This is a great opportunity for the Filipinos to show their dedication and commitment to staying fit and healthy” quips Fitness First Philippines’ Country Manager, Mark Ellis,

From June 22, to August 31, 2009, hopefuls can apply online at www.biggestloserasia.com and/or turn up at the LIVE auditions and on screen test events at the four selected countries in Asia which are the Philippines , Singapore , Malaysia and Indonesia .

LIVE auditions and screen tests in the Philippines will be held from 10:00am – 4:00pm at Fitness First at SM Megamall, Philippines on the 15th of August.

Watch The Biggest Loser US version season 6 now on the Hallmark Channel, every Tuesday at 9pm (SIN, MAL, PH, HK), 8pm (TH, WIB).

Fitness First is the number one global fitness company and the world’s largest fitness operator. For inquiries, please call 848-0000 or visit www.fitnessfirst.com.ph.


Cream Silk: Recognizing the power of women

For hundreds of girls like Chaitanya Caraga and Sigrid Aila Medrana, poverty is a fact of life that makes them feel powerless to fulfill their dreams of higher education.

Lack of the family’s financial resources constantly worries Chaitanya come tuition time, while education was not an available option for Sigrid and her mother.

In fact, other girls in similar situations often feel trapped between two choices—to pursue their education and their dream of a better life, or give it all up in order to unburden their families. Unlike these other girls, however, Chaitanya and Sigrid were determined to pursue their dreams and education, knowing they have what it takes to make their dreams come true.

They applied and were accepted into the Cream Silk scholarship program, when it was first launched by Unilever in 2008. Because of the scholarship, both are now sophomores at the University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD), proving their resilient nature by fearlessly studying fields not too many women would choose—metallurgical engineering for Chaitanya and electrical and computer engineering for Sigrid.

Supporting strength in women

“This scholarship program gives us women the chance to prove not only to ourselves but to the people around us that we have the power and capability to fulfill our dreams by working hard in every step we take,” enthused Chaitanya.

Unilever and Cream Silk believe in inspiring Filipinas like these UP scholars—women who not only have beauty and brains, but also power and the determination to succeed against the odds, even in a man’s world. The scholarship program supports such women through full scholarships from freshman year until graduation, provided that they are enrolled in courses at the country’s premiere state university.

The scholarship is part of Cream Silk’s Women Empowerment Program (WEP). Also launched in 2008, it aims to empower deserving Filipinas from all walks of life by providing them with educational and financial opportunities, including a partnership with Zonta for scholarships to the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and the Rags to Riches livelihood project. Through these efforts, Cream Silk hopes to inspire women whose circumstances have hindered them from achieving their dreams to finally succeed, against all odds.

Apart from Chaitanya and Sigrid, 22 other students also received UP scholarships in 2008 and all were honored at the Cream Silk Scholars’ Recognition Night held recently.

The spirited character of the 22 scholars were evident as they arrived, filling the atmosphere in the ballroom with inspiring energy. The mood was intensified further with the moving messages of the evening’s distinguished panel of speakers, which included some of the country’s most educated, courageous and empowered young women.

“Knowing women’s important role in society, one sector we chose to focus on was their education–which is the pillar of a better future. Good education, as we all know, opens up one’s mind to endless possibilities and opportunities. Indeed, an educated woman is an empowered woman,” said Cream Silk Brand Manager Anna Karina Castillo.

She added that Cream Silk chose UPD as a partner because of its first-rate educational system and belief in equality among women and men.

UPD Chancellor Dr. Sergio S. Cao commended the Cream Silk WEP for giving women such an opportunity, despite the economic crisis driving most companies to cut costs.

“Scholarships like these are a way to a better life. It’s not easy for companies now to provide something like this. Unilever is very generous in putting up a financial program like its scholarship,” remarked UP Chancellor Dr. Sergio S. Cao.

Also inspiring the 21 Cream Silk scholars present that night was a stirring message from multi-awarded Philippine Daily Inquirer business reporter Abigail Ho.

She told the scholars, “I know that you are all empowered women who can take on whatever the world throws your way. I know this because, like you, I was also an Iskolar ng Bayan; and a true blue Iska stares challenges in the face and takes them on with gusto.”

The scholars agree and take this to heart, with Sigrid saying, “Problems can destroy us if we let them. We just have to be strong and brave. That is what being empowered means. As I stand here in front of you, I serve as living proof of how an empowered woman managed to survive and inspire others to be empowered, too.”

They got soul

Analog Soul presents “Do you have an Analog Soul?” t-shirt design contest winners

The call out of Analog Soul's "Do you have an Analog Soul?" t-shirt design contest received numerous response from the creative young generation. Among the sea of entries received, two young individuals' designs stood out and bagged the Soul on Demand Voters’ Choice and the True Analog Soul awards.

Jeffrey Dela Cruz brought home the Soul on Demand Voters' Choice award for his “Through the Years” design.

"Story is about the icons of how I came to know music. Every generation, there were significant representations that pop to mind to characterize music. There was the turntable during my dad's time then came the cassette for my brother's generation. My idea of music for my generation is already the compact discs," he explained.

The young artist learned about the Analog Soul t-shirt design contest through blogs that he follows. For the “Do you have an Analog Soul?” contest, Dela Cruz submitted 9 entries. He shared that he was really betting on his “Through the Years” entry to win.

A passionate artist, Dela Cruz showcases his talents though art design contests he follows. He also designed the winning entry for Incubus t-shirt design competition when the popular band visited the Manila years back.

He is an advertising graduate from the University of the East. Dela Cruz now works as a graphic artist at Tom’s World.

For Ronnie Amador, winner of the True Analog Soul category, he used the design contest to make one of his aspirations come to life. His “Rock Star Kit” design was born out of his frustration on someday being able to play a musical instrument.

"I love music and would love to be able to play a musical instrument so I can make music. I hope that there’s a tool kit that can make me a rock star someday," Amador enthused.

When he learned about the contest through a newspaper article, he made sure that his designs would be included in the contest. He was so determined that he sent in 36 entries and was pinning his hopes on his Rock Star Kit design.

Like Dela Cruz, this young talent also uses art design contests as his way of releasing his creative ideas. Amador is a Fine Arts graduate from the University of the East and is now one of the artists of DM9 advertising.

Analog Soul is a Filipino retail clothing and accessories company that embraces the creative and eclectic side of the market. They pride themselves in having a brand that provides customers and the artists with an avenue to express themselves.

"This t-shirt design contest is a testament of that," Analog Soul owner Migs Naguiat said. "We know how creative Filipinos are and we will continue to encourage and engage them to put these creative juices into use. Let Analog Soul be their canvass."

Watch out for the shirt designs of Jeffrey and Ronnie at their stores in Archeology Rockwell Center, The Ramp Glorietta 4, and Trinoma Mall. For more information on Analog Soul and visit Analog Soul at www.analog-soul.com.