Nike Creates Special Edition Tees Celebrating Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao

Design inspired by Manny’s phenomenal athletic journey as he trains for a new title on November 14, 2009

Nike announced the creation of two special edition tees, the Nike MP Team Pacquiao Eagle Tee and the Nike MP Tee, celebrating boxing great Manny Pacquiao’s possible unprecedented seventh world title in seven different weight classes as he goes into the ring on November 14.

Both shirts, available in limited quantities, will bear the Nike Pacquiao identity crest, an iconic symbol which has come to be associated with Manny’s many victories over the past few years. This specially designed crest also reflects Nike’s unwavering commitment towards supporting one of the greatest boxers of all time, Filipino pride Manny Pacquiao.

“We are very proud to support Manny Pacquiao in all his battles and feats. As he once again steps into the ring for what could be a historic first, Nike and the entire Philippines will be supporting him,” said Mae Dichupa, Nike Philippines Country Marketing Manager. “Manny embodies the good sportsmanship and athleticism that Nike athletes possess. We are committed to being a part of his battle - from his rigid training to the actual fight in the ring.”

The Nike MP Team Pacquiao Eagle Tee comes in bold red, showcasing a gold foil outline of the Philippine Eagle head in the center front, with a screenprint of an outlined Eagle wing in the background. The back carries the Team Pacquiao statement in bold letters, with the Nike – Manny Pacquiao logo below it.

The Nike MP Tee comes in black, and showcases the iconic Nike logo on the front, accompanied by Manny Pacquiao’s initials MP in red and blue respectively and a sun to the lower right, reminiscent of the Philippine flag. On the U.S. version of the tee, the back bears the Nike tagline Just Do It in bold letters, with the Nike-Manny Pacquiao crest below it. The localized version of this tee differs in the writing on the reverse side. Instead of Just Do It, the slogan especially for Philippines bears the statement “Lamang Gawin Ito.” The Philippine release will be sold exclusively to the local market.

The Special Edition tees will be available in select Nike stores nationwide including Nike Park The Fort, Trinoma and Glorietta 4 from PHP 1,095 starting November 6th.

Signed Manny Pacquiao merchandise up for auction to benefit GK youth communities

As an added initiative to celebrate Manny and his supporters, signed Manny Pacquiao merchandise will be put up for auction on November 12, and will close on the day of the fight on the 15th.

These items celebrate the journey of Manny Pacquiao’s battles in the boxing ring and the roads he had to take in order for him to make his legacy.

Proceeds from this auction will go to the education of GK youth communities who were victims of typhoon Ondoy and who are slowly putting back the pieces of their life together.