Lolo Dad’s Brasserie introduces exciting menu for the Holiday Season

Enjoy some Stewed Beef cheeks baked with Puff pastry instead for the main course, available only at Lolo Dad’s Brasserie.

Among the strip of Malate’s finest dining choices, it is Lolo Dad’s that gained a reputable image among the authorities of gastronomy. People who frequent the vicinity can testify what that image means, claiming that this café is truly worth experiencing. True enough, those who have dined there have become living testaments to Lolo Dad’s hard-earned glory. That same spark and good taste that ignited the Cafe’s success can now be experienced in Makati , bringing the Lolo Dad experience closer to busy metropolitans. But this time, it comes in the form of a brasserie.

A brasserie in Makati

Except for the price range, Lolo Dad’s Brasserie is nothing short of the Café in Malate. The same trademark quality of food and service fills the simple and minimalist structure of the 6750 venue, easily complementing the grand dining experience. People who frequent the place have become accustomed to the Brasserie’s unique way of tickling the palate, making no excuses or reasons to justify why dining there is a must. “We created a Brasserie in order to give a more affordable Lolo Dad’s dining experience to the people,” said Ding Ayuyao, general manager of the Brasserie.

How about a Kebab of boneless Chicken leg with Garlic rice? Surely this will be a feat to the senses.

Contrary to the popular cafés that Filipinos frequent, a brasserie is an affordable restaurant that serves wine, fine meals and beer. Lolo Dad’s Brasserie has been striving to provide an authentic brasserie experience for the Filipinos; and after more than one year of doing so, to say that they succeeded is an understatement.

More reasons to dine

Lolo Dad’s Brasserie is genuinely grateful for more than one year of journeying not only to people’s stomachs, but to their hearts as well. As such, Lolo Dad’s Brasserie dedicates its reinvented Lunch Special Menu to its loyal (and soon-to-be loyal) customers.

Taste this hearty Mussels, Prawn and White Flesh in Chardonnay, Garlic and Anchovy pasta available on the Lunch Special Menu.

At just P495* per head, the Lunch Special Menu includes Mussels or Beef Cheeks specially prepared by Ariel Manuel himself, owner of Lolo Dad’s and Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets Best Chef awardee. This menu already includes three choices of appetizers, and for dessert, indulgent Vanilla Almond ice cream sitting on top of home-style banana bread.

For tapas aficionados, the Brasserie has prepared a tapas menu that won’t cost over P200*. Enjoy this delightful Spanish treat anytime of the day, any day of the week with this affordable and scrumptious menu.

Open from Mondays to Saturdays at 11:00 am to 10:00 pm, Lolo Dad’s Brasserie at 6750 in Makati City invites guests to come over and have a taste of their special meals. Whether it is to celebrate the Yuletide season or it is just another ordinary day to have coffee or dessert, the Brasserie will always have something flavorful, filling and reasonably priced. For diners who want to satisfy their craving for a special dining experience, head on to the Brasserie now.

End the Lunch Special on a sweet note as Chef Ariel Manuel brings the delectable Banana Split to the table consisting of Vanilla and Almond Selecta Ice cream with Banana bread.

*Exclusive of service charge