Even in skincare, mother knows best

Trust is a very important element in a relationship. Trust is gained and built, and certainly makes the relationship last the test of time. And for many of us girls, there’s one person we almost always equate with trust: Our mom.

When we are faced with daily dilemmas or hardships in life, we turn to Mom. And even when it comes to skincare, we know we can never go wrong with what our moms trust and recommend.

This is especially true for Joyce Velasco who has been using a skincare line that her mom has relied on for many years now. “My friends have noticed how my skin has become supple and fairer. They often tease that I’m in love cause they say I’m ‘blooming’!” shares Joyce who has been using Eskinol since her mom recommended it a year go.
Joyce chose Eskinol because she has seen how her mom has, for many years, trusted the brand, with great results. Says Joyce’s mom: “I wanted my daughter to use Eskinol because I have personally experienced how effective it is. My friends always tell me I look so much younger than my age. People we meet for the first time think Joyce and I are sisters!”
Jennifer Go, whose mom also grew up with Eskinol, has a similar story. “I used to constantly worry about my oily skin,” she shares, “until my mom told me to use Eskinol.” According to Jen’s mom, oily skin runs in the family. “I had a similar problem when I was younger. So when Jen started complaining about her skin, I knew Eskinol is what she needs. It has helped me before and I knew it can help Jen.”

In return, Jennifer introduced her mom to Eskinol’s new Ice Poretherapy Scrub and Toner, which they both use now. “It’s very effective,” shares Jennifer who now feels more confident to go out even without makeup. To this, her mom agrees: “People always compliment my skin, and they refuse to believe Jen is my daughter – she’s looks like my sister lang daw!”

Another daughter who swears by her mom’s beauty regimen is Soleil Capulong. Her mom has been using Eskinol for many years so when Soleil first became concerned with skin care, her mom’s first recommendation was Eskinol. “My skin became smoother,” attests Soleil who now uses Eskinol Ice Pore Therapy Facial Wash and Toner because they make her pores look smaller. “I’m so glad I’ve found the brand that works really well with my skin. I use Eskinol because it’s really effective and it’s the brand trusted by my mom!”

Soleil’s mom, on the other hand, attributes her long-standing loyalty to Eskinol to its being “hiyang” to her skin. “I’m always mistaken for Soleil’s older sister,” she laughs, “and for this, I thank Eskinol. It’s the skincare brand I trust for many years now!”
The unwavering trust of women is one of the enduring legacies of Eskinol, one of the brands in Sara Lee Corporation’s roster of leading brands.
Eskinol’s continuing success, says Mario Salvatori, Sara Lee Asia-Pacific's Regional Vice President for Marketing, is a reflection of the brand’s commitment to innovation and research and development. “Eskinol continues to evolve with its consumers, and is committed to delivering products that address women’s changing skin care needs,” he added.
It’s true that skin care for Filipinas has evolved through the years. And yet, Eskinol remains their trusted brand. Proof of this is the fact that the original solution, Eskinol Medicated Facial Lotion, launched in 1945 and now named Eskinol Classic Whitening Facial Cleanser, is still available and widely used by Filipino consumers.

And while Eskinol continues to introduce new variants and lines that address specific skin care requirements, generations of moms and daughters remain steadfast in relying on the brand to give them smoother, more radiant, and younger looking skin.

It’s an enduring relationship built on trust that spans generations – today’s women trust it, their moms trust it and moms before them have done the same.
And as the experiences of Joyce, Jennifer, Soleil prove, one can never go wrong with the brand that their moms have trusted for many years.