Boy Abunda shares his New Year’s resolutions with Argentina Corned Beef

For popular TV host and talent manager Boy Abunda, the good thing about each New Year is that it allows new beginnings and brings in fresh zeal and energy into one’s life. And just like everyone else, he wants this year to be better than last year. To achieve this, he has made several resolutions for himself.

Better Boy for 2010

“I want to be better in everything,” he shares. “I want to spend more time with Nanay and Bong. I want to eat better food and exercise more consistently. I also plan to learn more about everything and nothing. And I should know now when to stop and run away to smell the flowers without losing the fire and passion in order for me to come back happier and stronger. As a television host, I will continue to give my all. I am always looking forward to doing the next show, hoping that it will be the best. As a manager, I’d like to be able to discover and develop new artists.”

And the one thing that Boy would surely take on is the value of pagpapakatotoo. “Pagpakatotoo is very important. If you live and fight from the point of view of truth, you will survive anything”, he exclaims. Just like Argentina Corned Beef’s campaign on the truth about the authentic taste of corned beef, Boy gives big importance on the value of truth and pagpapakatotoo.

Better food and diet

Aside from playing badminton and regular exercise, he also plans to count on his nilagang saba, and of course, his Argentina Corned Beef to achieve a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. His favorite dish offers the taste of real corned beef with added health benefits such as Zinc, Iron and Protein. With the 100% authentic corned beef taste of Argentina , he certainly would not settle for copycats and would always go for the true corned beef goodness. For him, nothing beats the taste of real corned beef. And as the brand’s endorser, he enthused, he is thankful for everyone for making Argentina the number one corned beef in the market.”