Bilis-alis ubo ng pamilya

When someone in the family suffers a terrible cough worsened by phlegm, you want to ease the problem with nothing less than the soothing love of the family; and an effective and trusted cough medicine – Bisolvon.

Over the years, Bisolvon kept every Filipino family secured from the threats of cough. It has stood by us for more than four (4) decades and continues to stand by us in the battle against cough. As the leading family coughs medicine, Bisolvon aims to serve us and be part of each and every family for more years to come.

July 3 to 5, 2009 at SM Mall of Asia, Bisolvon hosted a 3-day Family Day entitled “Bisolvon Bilis – Alis Ubo ng Pamilya”.

This event did not just strengthen and reestablish Bisolvon’s name in every Filipino household but instead made each Filipino family revive family bond through various activities.

As Bisolvon positions itself as a member of our family, it also wants to be a part of an authentic Filipino family – loving, happy, and healthy.