Enjoy great mornings with Jollibee breakfast joys!

There’s nothing like waking up to a hot and deliciously prepared breakfast to start the day great. After all, a hearty breakfast not only fills you with the energy needed to start the morning right, but also brings out a positive vibe and an infectious enthusiasm that carries throughout the rest of the day.

But more often than not, you tend to leave out the most important meal of the day due to the morning rush from home to work. With Jollibee Breakfast Joys, you can have deliciously filling breakfast fare anytime.
Jollibee Breakfast Joys offers a variety of satisfying and mouth-watering breakfast choices ranging from rice meals to pancakes. Those who want a traditional Pinoy rice meal can choose among Longganisa, Beef Tapa, Crispy Bangus, Hotdog, Breakfast Steak and Corned Beef. These favorite breakfast meals come with garlic rice, fried egg, and a choice of coffee, hot chocolate, or a regular cold drink. Meanwhile, those who are looking for an alternative yet equally filling breakfast treat may go for the 2-pc. Pancakes with butter and maple syrup. Enjoy it solo or value meal complete with a regular drink of your choice.

Working up the breakfast appetite on the go won’t be a problem as well with the new Jollibee Sausage & Egg Pandesal, Jollibee’s convenient and delicious new breakfast offering that’s delicious sausage patty and scrambled egg in a soft, warm pandesal. The new Sausage & Egg Pandesal is affordably priced at P35 solo and P45 for the value meal that comes with a regular drink.

With Jollibee’s breakfast offerings, everyone can experience great mornings instantly. So take your fill of the Jollibee Breakfast Joys to bring out a wider smile to your morning greeting, break out to a livelier laughter or complete your daily tasks with more zest!

Drop by your nearest Jollibee store and jumpstart your day with the Jollibee Breakfast Joys, available daily until 11 am for dine-in, take-out, drive-thru, or through the 8-7000 Jollibee Express Delivery Service.