Learning is Fun at the Nick Jr.’s Play to Learn Pre-School Tour

Four year-old Rhianna Saavedra with mom Ria learned new things together at the Play to Learn Pre-School Tour.

Hundreds of pre-school children experienced the fun of learning at the recently launched Nick Jr.’s Play to Learn Pre-School Tour organized by Nickelodeon and Wyeth Progress Pre-School Gold in five different schools in Metro Manila. The tour’s engaging and exciting activities gave hundreds of kids a head start by helping them cultivate a stronger love for learning and by enhancing their mental and physical skills.

Six year-old Kenrick Sze with mommy Wingki marveled at the screening of Team Umizoomi.

“Children learn most when they are having fun. That is why we worked together with Nickelodeon which is known for their entertaining and educational shows. We want to instill enthusiasm for learning in the minds of preschoolers through this partnership. We want them to know that learning can be a lot of fun,” says Wyeth Progress Pre-School Gold’s Senior Product Manager Rachel Tongson. Through the challenges, the kids were able to test their brains, grow their knowledge and even learn about team spirit. They also had a blast participating in entertaining games, playing in interactive booths, and watching the newest Nick Jr. show, Team Umizoomi, an animated series that teaches kids basic principles in Math and Geometry through its cool characters. The kids were also treated to a surprise appearance by Kai-lan (from the hit Nick Jr. series Ni Hao, Kai-Lan) or the fun-loving sea sponge from Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants.

During the event, the kids didn’t only play to learn, they also learned how to play. Apart from being educational, all the games were exciting and proved to the young ones that learning can indeed be lots of fun. The Backyardigans’ Musical Magic Carpet game, an improvised version of the traditional “Newspaper Dance” and “The Boat is Sinking,” allowed kids to focus and enhance their math knowledge as they danced and grouped themselves. Team Umizoomi’s Silly Fix It game, on the other hand, taught them how to appreciate different shapes and forms. Other games were also themed after their favorite Nick Jr. shows like Yo Gabba Gabba and Ni Hao, Kai-Lan.

Mommy Ivy Yang with her five year-old son, Sedric, both enjoyed the study sessions together

At the Play to Learn Pre-School Tour, children are given the opportunity to excel as they enjoy what they see, hear and do with the engaging and informative activities that it brings. Playful six year-old Kenrick Sze, who enjoyed the screening of Team Umizoomi, was one of those who enjoyed the play day. “I learned how to match and fit different shapes and sizes,” he shares. Four year-old Rhianna Saavedra adds, “I learned how to behave when I am out of the classroom. I lined up and obeyed my teacher.” Friendly five year-old Sedric Yang also had a blast during the event. He has been an avid fan of the Nick Jr. show Dora the Explorer, where he learned a lot of Spanish words like gracias (thank you) and abre (open). He also learned how to count from one to ten in Spanish, just by enjoying his favorite program.

With the Play to Learn Pre-School Tour, the combined benefits of fun learning and good nutrition were made more accessible to children, fulfilling Progress Pre-School Gold’s goal to provide avenues to strengthen kids’ love for learning and help put them a step ahead in life.