New Hunt’s website offers delicious possibilities

For today’s domestic goddess, having the best cooking equipment can help create a mouth-watering recipe, but having a ready and accessible kitchen handyman, coupled with a handsome, strapping kitchen confidante might just do wonders in making deliciously sizzling creations that ignite the appetite. Here to fuel your culinary creativity is the new website of the world’s leading tomato expert, www.yummyhunts.com.

And to help pave the way to gustatory pleasures is Hunter, Hunt’s resident kitchen handyman. As the website’s official guide, Hunter is set to satisfy the wildest cravings with exciting tips and delicious recipes that will tickle the palate. These include everyday dishes, special weekend meals, and party food that families will enjoy. Showing just how yummy things can get, Hunter embarks on culinary adventures as he visits different kitchens, malls, and restaurants to share tasty tips on food preparation. Armed with insights into food and practical living, Hunter also takes care of the most intimate kitchen queries to help moms provide the best-tasting food for the family.

“Join me aboard gastronomic adventures as we fall in love with the temptation of good food and unique dishes made with the finest ingredients from Hunt’s. Together, we’ll check out the best hotspots in the metro and discover endless yummy possibilities. Who knows, I might even pay you a visit one of these days,” says Hunter.

Moms looking forward to experiencing a new flavor of delicious entertainment and information can catch Hunter’s must-watch Eat, Cook, Love episode where he visits a restaurant in Tagaytay. Members can also win an overnight stay at that same restaurant just by giving feedback via the Hunt’s website. Aside from introducing food-lovers to Hunter’s endearing charm and insatiable passion for food, the website also features solutions to moms’ everyday kitchen needs, daily recipes, and updates on the latest high-quality and great-tasting Hunt’s products. With the www.yummyhunts.com, moms can enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience in the kitchen as they discover a wealth of information, lip-smacking insights, and mouth-watering dishes available and ready 24/7.