Moms make meaty, great-tasting soups with Knorr Cubes

A huge bowl of delicious soup is one great expression of a mother’s love to her family. Like a re-assuring hug or an adoring kiss, the goodness of a steaming meaty soup never fails to warm the heart. In making their signature soup meant to delight the whole family, one ingredient most moms rely on is the meatiest Knorr Cubes. Knorr Cubes is the standard for great-tasting soups. It graces the tables of Filipino families to serve nothing less than comforting, appetizing experience.

“Proven to be the meatiest cooking aid in the country, Knorr Cubes is an affordable, convenient and trustworthy ingredient aimed to help mothers make the best, meatiest soups, and provide comfort and love to the whole family,” shares Chef Tristan Encarnacion, Knorr’s resident chef.

Take it from doting mothers Melody and Michelle who both believe that a soup-based dish is not complete without Knorr Cubes to meat it up. Michelle Mantecon is a 37 year-old mom, wife and businesswoman. She takes cooking as a meaningful way to make her family feel how much she loves them. “I love cooking arroz caldo, nilaga and tinola for them. Knorr Cubes is an important ingredient for my soupy recipes since it adds the meaty, distinct flavor that my whole family can’t get enough of,” she says.

31 year-old mom and career woman Melody Cabanilla has been using Knorr Cubes ever since she started cooking for husband Ronald. A legacy passed on to her by her mom, she prepares deliciously comforting soupy dishes with Knorr Cubes for them to enjoy after work. “And now that we have two sons, there are four of us who share loving and joyful meal times over hot, soupy dishes. Our favorites are bulalo and sotanghon since these are very filling, flavorful and made tastier with Knorr Cubes.”

For these moms, nothing beats the joy and satisfaction they see on their family’s faces, thanks to the meaty goodness brought by Knorr Cubes. Indeed, meal times become more mouth-watering, meatier and inspire more meaningful family bonding moments with Knorr Cubes.

Knorr Cubes is available in sari-sari stores, supermarkets and groceries nationwide, and is also now available in P4.50 singles pack in Chicken, Pork and Beef variants.