Enjoy a sweet break everyday with the new Jollibee Strawberry Sundae

Exhausted from the never-ending meetings? Tired of running after numerous deadlines? Stress level already rising? If you’re a hardworking yuppie, give yourself a boost by squeezing in a well-deserved time-out. For a sweet and satisfying break, try the new Jollibee Strawberry Sundae, Jollibee’s newest addition to its line-up of delectable sundaes!

The Jollibee Strawberry Sundae has Jollibee’s signature creamy vanilla soft serve topped with rich strawberry syrup and delicious strawberry bits. For only P25, the Jollibee Strawberry Sundae is sure to keep those with a sweet tooth raving about the unique taste of this latest indulgent treat.

Take a breather from a hectic schedule or meet some of your friends for some quality bonding time by savoring the luscious blend of vanilla and strawberries. Whether enjoyed by yourself or in the company of Sundae makes a cool, delicious, new companion.

Whatever you do, remember to make your breaks deliciously satisfying. Add a sweet note to that busy day with the new Jollibee Strawberry Sundae and make everyday berry unforgettable.

Jollibee Strawberry Sundae is now available in all Jollibee branches nationwide for dine-in, drive-thru and take-out. For delivery, call Jollibee Express Delivery Service hotline at 8-7000 or log on to www.jollibeedelivery.com. friends, the new Jollibee Strawberry