Be the fastest and the smartest with SKYBROADBAND Trivia Overload

Give those online Mafia strategies, restaurant challenges and agriculturally inclined activities a break. A new Facebook application is here to test your brain power as you exercise those neural muscles, score more knowledge, and even get the chance to win the coolest gadgets instead! Ongoing until April 8, 2010, SKYBROADBAND changes your Facebook experience with an intellectually stimulating application called SKYBROADBAND Trivia Overload.

It is so easy to play. A user can simply log in to his/her Facebook account and either go to http://apps.facebook.com/skytrivia or look for the SKYBROADBAND Trivia Overload application in Facebook Search. Once the user is on the page all he/she needs to do is answer 30 random trivia questions correctly and in the fastest time. An awesome MacBook or iPod Touch awaits you as well as other prizes like a Canon Digital Camera, a Samsung Touch Phone, and cool SKYBROADBAND Portable Speakers.

Virtually anybody can play this game anytime, anywhere. Users better stock up on general knowledge, or just appear online on Facebook to chat and pester someone who is an expert on trivia. If nobody else is around to help, then surf the internet to find the answers. After all, there are no limits to the online resources a player can use to answer a question.

SKYBROADBAND Trivia Overload is best played with a fast and reliable Internet service provider like SKYBROADBAND. With this, users can enjoy up to 12mbps speed that is four times faster than any residential DSL. At that rate, any player can surely surf the right answers in the fastest time and qualify for the monthly leader board. Players can play as many times as they wish to, while gaining significant knowledge at the same time. Aching to test your skills in the latest Facebook application? Call SKYBROADBAND now at 631-0000 and ask about their 15-day free trial, or log on to www.mysky.com.ph for additional information.