Greenwich Ultimate Hawaiian Overload: A Classic Level-Up Goodness

Young working adults are always on the lookout for better things in life and always striving to level-up. They’re always hankering to get their hands on better and newer things, from the latest mobile phones and laptops, the season’s most buzzed about movie, the current fashion must-haves, to the best jobs in the market. When it comes to driving the dream car, buying the house you’ve been longing to have, getting the perfect body to flaunt, or landing a big promotion at work, most of us know that the only way to go is up. After all, nothing beats the feeling of being able to enjoy the things we dream of the most.

And nothing says “I’ve finally arrived!” than big breaks like these that can boost the spirits and take us to a whole new level. However, moving on to the finer things in life means giving our taste level an upgrade as well. What better way to celebrate breakthroughs than with Greenwich’s Ultimate Hawaiian Overload, a leveled-up version of the classic pizza favorite.

The new Ultimate Hawaiian Overload reintroduces the delicious blend of Hawaiian flavors with even more mouth-watering toppings atop a bed of rich mozzarella cheese. It’s really piling on more zesty glazed pineapple chunks and more ham slices for flavorful goodness in each bite, making it the perfect level-up treat for go-getting pizza-lovers.

Savor the finer things in life than and enjoy upgraded pizza creations with the barkada with the new and beefed-up goodness of the Ultimate Hawaiian Overload only from Greenwich.