Delicious Jollibee Chicken Barbecue choices for everyone

Throughout the years, chicken barbecue has always made its way to Filipino mealtimes and has become a favorite among many chicken lovers. And this classic dish becomes even more special when we find different and creative ways to enjoy it.

Leave it to Jollibee to let Pinoys delight in this special dish in a variety of ways with the Jollibee Chicken Barbecue. With its juicy and tender, delicious inside and out goodness, there’s definitely a Jollibee Chicken Barbecue combo to suit everyone’s taste preference.

Craving for “perfection”

In a short span of time, Jollibee Chicken Barbecue has gained its own loyal fans. Pyey Fabie, a graphic designer, is one of them.

A perfectionist at heart, Pyey ensures that his artworks are not just creative but flawless as well. “I can be very meticulous with my work. I agonize over every image, every color, and every line until it is perfect,” he says.

While he demands the best from himself, he makes sure to indulge in hearty meals of his favorite Jollibee Chicken Barbecue. Pyey visits his usual Jollibee store a couple of times a week to have his 2-pc. Jollibee Chicken Barbecue with rice. “Good food inspires me. I guess that’s why I am such a fan of Jollibee Chicken Barbecue. One whiff of its smoky-sweet barbecue taste and I know, this is a product that Jollibee perfected and I appreciate that,” he added.

Old favorites, new combo

Another big fan is young entrepreneur Christine Kempeneers. Having grown up with Jollibee, she recalls the many times when the family would frequent Jollibee to have their fill of their favorite Jollibee Palabok Fiesta. Other weekends were spent at home enjoying her mom’s own chicken barbecue recipe. She still remembers those two meals as part of her best childhood memories.

And now with the Jollibee Chicken Barbecue and Palabok combo, Christine is delighted that she can conveniently enjoy her two favorite meals. “Now I get my fill of my two favorite meals. Honestly, I get a fleeting feeling of my happy childhood every time I eat it.”

And then there’s the new Jollibee Chicken Barbecue and Jollibee Spaghetti combo which is a hit especially with kids. Every Pinoy kid, after all, loves Jollibee Spaghetti. And by pairing it with the juicy, tender and tasty Jollibee Chicken Barbecue, you’ve got the perfect treat for kids.

Just ask 13-year old Mikee Eusebio who admits she makes her mom bring her favorite combo as pasalubong all the time. “I love it when my mom comes home from work with Jollibee Chicken Barbecue with Spaghetti. The spaghetti and chicken barbecue really go well together, it’s such a delicious meal with the spaghetti complementing the taste of the chicken,” says Mikee.

Mikee will be celebrating her birthday soon and she plans to treat her friends to her favorite Chicken Barbecue and Spaghetti meal combo. “I’m sure all my friends will super like my birthday treat, especially since they’ll get to have both the chicken barbecue and spaghetti in one sitting!” she enthuses.

A bucketful of treats

Among co-workers, the Jollibee Chicken Barbecue 6-piece bucket is also a winner. Account executive Nina Valle, whose days are filled with meetings and presentations, gives her and her officemates a satisfying treat between meetings, client calls and brainstorming sessions.

“When I order in a six-piece Jollibee Chicken Barbecue bucket treat, meetings become more fun and more productive, parang ganado lahat,” she shares.

Jal Natividad, one of Nina’s teammates and close office friend, says no one can resist the call of Jollibee Chicken Barbecue. “We even have some non-team members volunteering to pitch in just so they can share the Chicken Barbecue with us, so at times we go for the bigger 12-piece bucket,” she reveals.

Sometimes they also enjoy their favorite Chicken Barbecue bucket after a hard day’s work. “I always look forward to those evenings when we’d automatically gravitate towards Jollibee,” narrates IT guy Armand Aguado. “Those nights, we don’t just share food–which is so good–we’re also sharing experiences, becoming closer as a team and as friends,” adds Kate Geronimo.

Great for sharing

Filipinos love good food because it’s great to bond over. The Lin family from Quezon City is one big fan of the new 12-piece combo bucket that features two favorite chicken treats - the Jollibee Chickenjoy and Jollibee Chicken Barbecue. “Sometimes we can’t choose between our two favorites, so it’s great that we can have both in one bucket. Now, everyone in the family can enjoy their favorites,” says mom Corazon.

The Lin family usually catches up with each other during Saturday night dinners. “My kids are growing up fast and as a mother, I do my best to know what’s going on in their lives. Having their favorites makes it easier to call them to the dinner table,” she explains. The kids agree that this makes for a fun but not necessarily quiet meal. “Sometimes the kids have a contest on who can eat the most chicken!”

With the variety of Jollibee Chicken Barbecue choices, families and friends are sure to have their fill of their favorite barbecue chicken in many delicious ways. So visit any Jollibee store to dig into these juicy and delicious inside and out Chicken Barbecue treats, or call 8-7000 for Jollibee Express Delivery Service (Metro Manila stores only).