Good times with the barkada relived in Jolly Teen Fair

Ask any Pinoy teen about the key to their happy and carefree lifestyle and their answer is simple: an unending quest for shared barkada moments. Nothing beats having the right company to embark on awesome life adventures. Even something as ordinary as hanging out at the school yard after class or at a friend’s house on weekends is enough to triple the excitement with these fun-loving teenagers. From watching videos to playing cool computer games and sharing funny stories over affordable snacks – teen life brims with countless memories worth living out.

And with the meaty and juicy Jolly Hotdog, teen life can definitely be more enjoyable. This was exactly what the guests experienced during the Jolly Good Times Fair hosted by Jollibee at the SMX Convention Center recently.

During the exclusive event to launch Jollibee’s new Jolly Hotdog TVC, the guests got to relive the fun and memorable times of teen life in a school fair setting complete with an interactive photo booth, overflowing food and a mini-concert starring Popstar Princess and new Jolly Hotdog endorser Sarah Geronimo.

Guests were given access to an all-you-can-eat Jolly Hotdog treat and great giveaways such as Jollibee gift certificates, signed Sarah Geronimo CDs and iPod shuffles, apart from enjoying the virtual fair ground.

For the attendees, the event was a welcome respite from their work and enabled them to relive those good old jolly times with friends -- proof that good company plus great food truly make for perfectly fun moments.

Jollibee enables teens and even teens-at-heart to have even more enjoyable times with the ideal snack selections. The Jolly Hotdog makes for a delicious treat perfect for a barkada’s happy moments. Available in two variants, Jolly Hotdog Regular and Classic, the Jolly Hotdog is perfect for the taste and budget of teen barkadas reeling to go on and on for more happy, quality bonding times. The Jolly Hotdog Classic is affordably priced at P42 for solo, P53 for value meal with drink, and P73 with both regular fries and drink. The Regular variant on the other hand is only P25 solo, P36 with softdrink and P56 with both fries and drink. Even the popular and talented young star Sarah Geronimo agrees: “Just like me, my friends also love to keep it simple. Good times with my barkada also mean catching up on each other’s busy life while enjoying Jolly Hotdog.”