Bonding moments made easier with Greenwich presyong kaibigan pizzas and pastas

They belong to your neighborhood, club, school or office barkada. They rank among your top profile viewers, and are just one mouse-click away from a group chat. Social media has added a new dimension to friendship, introducing a host of fun activities and sites for friends to let loose. But whether you hang out in a network or community board, there are some status updates that are best made in person.

Encouraging more face-to-face time among friends, Greenwich makes an irresistible offer to barkadas to show that virtual meals can never compare with the real deal.

Send a PM to the barkada and check-in at the nearest Greenwich Pizza branch for a fun and filling kwentuhan! Amid constantly rising prices of products today, Greenwich bucks the trend by bringing down the prices of its pizza and pasta best-sellers at presyong kaibigan showing that Greenwich values friendship and barkada bonding. By making these treats more barkada budget-friendly, Greenwich lets friends enjoy extended bonding sessions with delicious pizzas and pastas to share.

When was the last time you enjoyed old-school barkada kwentuhan? Spending offline time together promotes stronger connections and warmth among friends that no emoticon can ever express. And because nothing beats the sound of friends’ laughter while sharing the latest jokes or a real hug when you need it, Greenwich makes it easier and more enjoyable to catch up with friends the classic way.

Exchange your status update for a lunch date (even merienda or a dinner date) at Greenwich and share barkada pizza favorites that are now lighter on the pocket. Choose among the Classic Hawaiian or Ham & Cheese Pizzas at P149 for 9” double size and P249 for 12” barkada size, or the generously topped Ultimate Hawaiian or Triple Ham and Cheese Overload at P199 for double size and P299 for barkada size, or the filling All Meat & Cheese or Greenwich Special Overload Pizzas starting at P229.

Greenwich’s delicious range of pasta dishes have also been made more barkada-friendly. Get the snack size of the flavorful Lasagna Supreme for only P79 or the full size for P99. Also, the perfect combination of Chicken Carbonara & Premium Beef Strips or Lasagna Supreme & Jumbo Crunchy Chicken in the Pasta Supreme Meat Plates, are now at only P149.

Celebrate the value of friendship and take barkada bonding moments from virtual meets to real treats at Greenwich. Join the Greenwich barkada at http://www.facebook.com/GreenwichPizza or follow @greenwichpizza on Twitter for more presyong kaibigan deals.