Keep your heart healthy with C2 Green Tea Sugar-free

The increasing demands of today’s fast-paced lifestyles may have increased the risk of developing heart ailments among Filipinos. According to cardiologist Dr. Norberto Tuaño, many risk factors can cause heart disease with poor lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, the lack of exercise and unhealthy diets still as the more common causes. But such ailments can also arise because of free radicals that come from exposure to harmful and stressful environments.
“Free radicals that arise from pollution or poor lifestyle habits can cause injury to cell walls of the arteries, and can lead to arteriosclerosis and other heart diseases. Antioxidants which can be derived from vitamins, green tea and other sources, can combat the harmful effects that free radicals have on the heart,” he said. A rich source of antioxidants, green tea is a potent drink to help reduce the impact of free radicals to the body. The health-giving beverage contains powerful antioxidants like catechins and Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that can help prevent many diseases, from cancer, diabetes to various heart illnesses.

Dr. Tuaño encourages Filipinos to replenish their antioxidant stores by eating a healthy diet that includes antioxidant-rich food and drinks like green tea. “Taking green tea that has antioxidants and combining it with positive lifestyle changes such as proper diet and exercise can help prevent cardiovascular diseases,” he stressed.
Helping Filipinos protect their heart and achieve a sound well-being is C2 Sugar-free Green Tea. With absolutely zero sugar, C2 Sugar-free has the right ingredients to help lessen the risk of heart disease. Made from 100% natural green tea leaves of Camellia sinensis, C2 Sugar-free Green Tea offers the health-giving goodness of antioxidants coupled with refreshing flavors that Pinoys have come to love. C2 Sugar-free is available in 355ml and 1.5L sizes in Apple flavor at all leading supermarkets, groceries andsari-sari stores nationwide.