Cool, clean Christmas fun for the whole barkada with C2 1.5 Litro

December means Christmas and the much-awaited Christmas vacation. It’s time to take a break from projects and deadlines and embark on good times with friends -- from going on adventurous road trips, chilling in a mall or discovering new favorite hang-outs. What better way to complement great holiday moments than with a refreshing and healthy bottle of C2 1.5 Litro that the whole barkada can share?

Yearning for a quick and easy Yuletide trip with friends? Explore nearby places like Tagaytay. Pack some tasty snacks and and C2 1.5 Litro, which is so convenient to tote along. Everyone can enjoy a glass of invigorating green tea while sharing stories and hearty laughs. With Apple and Lemon flavors that tickle the taste buds, C2 1.5 Litro will surely give you and your friends a merry Christmas get-together.

If you’re a clique of nature lovers and explorers, go on an exhilarating hike to the majestic peak of Mt. Makiling, walk the leafy trails of Subic Bay Forest Reserve, or explore the soft sands of Pampanga’s precious hidden beaches like Anawangin Cove to camp out. Chill out and lay back after a long day of outdoor fun with a bottle of C2 1.5 Litro for the whole group.

And if your barkada wants to hike up the fun and excitement this Christmas, head to Tagaytay and dare to try the zipline! Remember to bring a bottle of C2 1.5 Litro for that energizing boost of green tea goodness.

With pocket-friendly prices and a whole liter of green tea goodness to share, C2 1.5 itro is guaranteed to make your Christmasbarkada trip the most refreshing day-out. Best of all, C2 is brewed from 100% natural green tea leaves and bottled on the same day so you get all the health benefits, quality and freshness of green tea. For cool and clean Christmas bonding with friends, take a bottle of C2 1.5 Litro and experience refreshing fun for the whole barkada.