C2 calls for cool and clean elections

C2 Green tea, the country’s leading ready-to-drink tea brand staunchly advocates a cool and clean elections this coming May. C2’s campaign, dubbed “I keep my Vote Cool and Clean!” is meant to heighten awareness (of?), encourage Filipinos to vote and promote honest elections, while people enjoy the cool and clean goodness of C2 Green Tea.

Come Election Day, voters will be treated to the refreshing and healthy benefits of C2 as cold C2 Green Tea and some exciting premium items will be made available at C2 booths located in selected voting precincts around Metro Manila. Voters can also enjoy big savings and purchase C2 500ml bottle of any flavor for only P10 at any 7-ELEVEN and Ministop stores simply by presenting the indelible ink marked on their fingers.

Through the campaign, C2 aims to empower Filipinos to keep their votes cool and clean while making the voting experience a more meaningful and affirmative experience. So after casting your votes on May 10, go and get your C2 Green Tea and celebrate cool and clean elections.