Discovering Pinoy pride through travel and Blend 45

The Philippines is teeming with dream destinations in practically every region. Filipinos are very proud to have nature’s wondrous creations such as pristine beaches, magnificent mountains, breathtaking hills and terraces right in their own backyard. This is why wherever they may be in the country, their Pinoy pride easily shines through. Whether Filipinos come from these places or are visitors themselves, they easily find pride and comfort in such wondrous places—the same feeling they get with every sip of BLEND 45, with a mild flavor that has been pleasing Pinoys for 45 years already 

Up north is picturesque Vigan. Until today, ancestral homes line the cobblestone streets of this World Heritage Site. With remarkable scenery as this, travelers will truly enjoy a colorful trip swathed in culture and history. To further enhance the Ilocos experience, have a hot cup of BLEND 45 with the famous Vigan empanada as you take in this quaint place described by some as “where time stood still”. Mindoro, meanwhile, has the breathtaking Apo Reef. Its majestic clear water brings life to Mindoro’s colorful province, and makes Filipinos proud to have another beautiful beach. Scuba divers everywhere will enjoy the wonders of the Apo Reef.  Going further down southern Mindanao unveils the tallest and mightiest mountain in the Philippines, Mt. Apo. Witnessing the sky unfold into a rich hue of blue will be the best backdrop as one admires the magnificent creations of nature. Mystical Mindanao proves to be a rewarding journey once your feet touch the soft sand of dreamy Siargao. This unexploited island loved by surfers from all over the world offers world-class crystal blue waves and virgin snorkeling sites for the ultimate beach-lover’s getaway.