Perfect… but not quite?

How to get a trimmer figure and hide unwanted bulges perfectly.

Some people say, there is beauty in imperfection, but if you’re the one with the unwanted swags of loosely hanging skin in the most undesirable places, you won’t be a very happy camper. The fact is; (to paraphrase a popular song) we work hard for our bodies, so hard for our bodies… but it never turns alright.

We spend hours in the gym, doing cardio, weight training, yoga, pilates, group exercises just to tone our bodies, but somehow we always fall short of expectation. Annoying. It’s frustrating that with these bulges, we couldn’t wear the clothes we want. How many times have we fancied a fab outfit, only to feel down when the style doesn’t flatter you?

It’s kind of comforting to know that this happens to everyone. Yes everyone, even bodilicious babes have their bad days. But it’s even more comforting to know that there’s something us mere mortals can do about it – and it’s as easy as putting on a comfortable pair of underpants, literally, yes it’s that easy. Ladies, behold the Inches Off Instant Body Shaper, it instantly trims and tones your bodies and hides the undesirables. It’s an easy solution to give you that lift and tuck that will make you feel great.

Inches Off Shapewear is comfortable you can wear it every day. It’s not like the old corsets that define the waistline with excruciatingly uncomfortable boning that our mothers had to suffer. A new knitting technology was developed that allow “firm control” all over at greater flexibility. Unlike old corsets and girdles, movement is not restricted when you’re wearing Inches Off. What it does is provide you with a strong slimming control form under the bust for that extra smoothing and shaping in the midriff, tummy, hips and rear areas. It pulls in and flattens the “muffin top” effect at the belly, stops the love handles at your waist and tones your jiggly legs. Inches Off prides itself of being the only shaper that carry “SUPER SLIMMING FIRM MAXIMUM CONTROL” types of shaper which can actually take centimeters off your size by flattening your tummy or slimming your thighs, where most of the problem bits are. Other shapers currently available only have lighter control that will only smooth out the lumps and bumps but it won’t reshape it. Others only have moderate control that just tones your body but won’t reduce your dress size.

Inches Off has three styles you can choose from:

Tummy Flattener Firm Control Panty is so incredibly comfortable for your everyday use you forget it’s shaping you! The full panty has a high waistband for excellent tummy control for your “puson” while providing full back coverage and shaping of your rear with its unique butt pockets.

Need a perfect ready to wear solution to tame your tummy and master your thighs? Inches Off’s High Waist Tummy Tucker and Thigh Slimmer style creates an hourglass silhouette and provides all over smoothing and shaping. Its unique advantage over other shapers is that it has a non-binding waistband from under the bust that stays in place even without straps. It’s made from lightweight hosiery type material with flat sewn seams that’s virtually invisible under most outfits, guaranteed no VPL (visible panty lines) and jiggly legs with this powerful, super sleek mid thigh shaper. There are “butt-pockets” that lift tushies with subtle cheek separator that prevent the uni-butt effect. There is also an ingenious cotton gusset crotch opening that makes it really convenient.

High Waist Tummy Flattener Firm Control Panty is the perfect combination of maximum zoned compression technology and comfort. This under-bust full panty is a guilt free luxurious treat any woman can enjoy everyday, all day! It has strong slimming control from under bust for that little extra smoothing and shaping in the midriff, tummy, hips and rear areas to make you look better and slimmer in your clothes. The high cut leg gives natural shaping and ease of movement. Ideal for every occasion when you want to wow!

Every woman should grab a pair of Inches Off Shapewear, not only is it reasonably priced, a pair would set you back as much as a decent top or a good moisturizer, but it’s also the most reasonably priced compared to other imported shaper brands. With the right care for your Inches Off Shapewear, it may even outlast your wardrobe favorites. And its one piece of arsenal that makes your clothes hang much better on you with the added bonus of a visibly smoother silhouette, now how great is that? More bang for your buck!

Inches Off was proudly designed and conceptualized locally so you can be sure that their designers had your body in mind when they were making it, that’s why Inches Off’s sizes are made for Filipino proportions (waist 27-32 and hips 37-42). You don’t need to buy one size smaller to get the effect you want. If you can’t breathe, the shaper you’re wearing is too small, too constricting, you won’t be able to move. And worse, it’s going to slide down on your body. If it’s too tight, too much is squeezed too hard into one place, count on it to pop somewhere else. Not a very good look. On the other hand, if you have some extra room in your shaper, you won’t see a noticeable difference – you’re not really getting what you paid for.

Inches Off uses materials that are comfortable and breathable - nylon, spandex and cotton, you can wear it everyday. All three styles are designed to address a variety of common body issues - bulging tummy, love handles, saddlebags, sagging buttocks, jiggly legs. It comes in nude and black. And its special material allows you to wear whatever clothes you want – whether clingy or the casual type.

So remember perfection now comes at a price you can afford with Inches Off Instant Body Shaper. It’s available at selected Watsons mall stores and SM department stores in key cities in Metro Manila, Cebu and soon in Baguio. For more information, visit www.InchesOff.com.