Busy go-getters enjoy satisfying breaks with Jollibee Sundae

Young, goal-oriented Pinoys spend most of their day multi-tasking. With constant
deadlines to beat, planners dotted with appointments and to-do lists that need to be
accomplished, fatigue and stress definitely pile up.

Oyo Gatmaitan Jr., a sophomore at the University of Santo Tomas, is just one of
the many who experience this kind of reality. “As an active student council officer,
I am always juggling tasks: balancing various council duties on top of maintaining
good academic standings,” he shares. “That’s why I always find time to relax amid
hectic schedules. It’s my way to cope with the demands, while still enjoying the many
activities I have.”

Those who are part of the young workforce have also become familiar with the
physical and mental toll resulting from the daily grind. With most hours devoted to
work, they have to make the most out of the little free time they have. “Our regular
breaks take only 15 minutes. I use it to take my mind off work and de-stress,” shares
call center agent Richard Hidalgo.

Shaena Manzano, a marketing officer admits that she can be a workaholic and would
always focus on a task until it gets done. “I know that work can be physically and
mentally taxing. That is why I make sure that when I accomplish something that took
so much of my time, I take a break and give myself a treat.”

For these dedicated and hard working young adults, they know all too well that they
deserve a rewarding treat as they take a break from their busy schedules.
“It doesn’t have to be expensive. What’s important for me is that it makes me feel
good and rewarded after I indulged on it,” explains Richard.

For Oyo, a good treat is something that is delicious enough to satisfy his constant
craving for anything sweet and delicious. “Anything like that, I consider my personal
antidote to exhaustion brought about by schoolwork and activities.”

Shaena is always deliberate about what she wants. “I hop to the Jollibee store near
our office. There, I enjoy having their sundae, which for me is a simple yet very
rewarding treat.”

All three of them share one thing in common – they are self-confessed fans of the
Jollibee Sundae and have been regarding it as the treat that never fails to make them
feel good after a stressful day. “Jollibee Sundaes definitely help students like me rest
their minds after an exhausting day in school,” Oyo emphasizes.

Jollibee’s delectable sundae offerings provide a deliciously satisfying break for
students and young professionals who want to indulge during their short break times.
The Rocky Road Brownie Sundae boasts of vanilla soft serve, topped with chocolate
syrup, brownies from Red Ribbon, marshmallows and nuts. Meanwhile, the Black
Forest Sundae has cherry and dark chocolate syrups, brownies, milk chocolate chips
and a cherry quarter, for one delightful concoction. Both are available for only P36.
Then there’s the classic Chocolate Sundae which has generous servings of vanilla soft
serve, lavished with thick swirls of chocolate syrup at only P29.

“I can’t imagine a week of not having at least one Jollibee sundae. It’s one thing
every hardworking active young Pinoy needs to make their day brighter and lighter,”
says Shaena.

For an ultimately satisfying break anytime during your busy day, head over to Jollibee
and have your pick of the delightful sundaes.