Lea Reveals Her Secret to Glowing On- and Offstage

Name a Filipina excellent in many aspects and Lea Salonga would be top of mind.

Lea’s multi-awarded performances have created a mark in the local and international scenes. Her singing prowess has literally brought her places, bringing about global recognition to Filipino talent. She is also a mother, wife, daughter, sister and advocate of alleviating poverty. She excels in fulfilling all these with seamless grace. This makes Lea an epitome of multidimensional beauty. Despite the many roles she plays on and off stage, she remains composed and radiant. Being in the business for over two decades could have taken its toll on her skin but people are still awestruck by her mere presence, making them wonder about her beauty secret.

Lea has acknowledged being an avid user of Avon since her younger days at the Repertory. “My mom introduced me to the brand. When people ask me what keeps me young and fresh-looking despite my seemingly endless commitments, I would always attribute these to sleeping early, a balanced diet, and skincare products by the globally trusted beauty-brand Avon. I virtually grew up with Avon,” said Ms. Salonga.

Like every Filipina keeping telltale signs of aging at bay, Lea has her own special skincare regimen. Given her jam-packed schedule, and easing into her wonderful 40s, extra care is needed to retain her youthful glowing skin. Good thing Lea found in Avon Anew a skincare partner that meets her skincare concerns.

In 2009, Avon renewed its partnership with Lea as its beauty ambassador for its global skincare brand, Anew. This year, Anew launches its skin whitening line, the Anew 360° White. “Avon has been my constant beauty partner for decades now. I consider it a great honor to again be chosen by Avon for Anew. I equally take pride in unveiling this latest skincare innovation - Anew 360° White. I am happy to share the secret to skin whitality with women who have always wanted fairer skin that glows with vitality,” said Ms. Salonga.

Skin whitening, as we know it, is a thing of the past. Fair skin is not about chalk-like, dull-looking skin. It’s about beautiful, white skin that looks revitalized, healthy and young-looking. That’s skin whitality (whitening + vitality). And skin whitality is Anew 360◦ White.

This July, Avon will launch the Anew 360° White Intensive Correcting Serum, a concentrated essence that makes skin not only dramatically fairer but more importantly, visibly reduces dark spots and skin discolorations. The Anew 360º White Intensive Correcting Serum boasts of three key technologies that lock, cut and discharge melanin production. It holistically repairs skin intensively from the three most critical points in the skin darkening process.

"Anew 360° White Intensive Correcting Serum is an incredibly powerful serum that works fast and deep into the skin for instant, noticeable results. Instantly, my skin is fairer and brighter. In 3 days, I had less fine lines. Amazing!," Ms. Salonga enthused.

Anew 360° White is empowered with the patented 360° Whitality Technology of Avon for brighter and healthier skin that glows and whitens from within. In just three days, 79% of women showed improved skin whitality. The concept of ‘whitality’ synergizes whitening and vitality that results in flawless, vibrant white skin aglow with health.

Just like Lea, complete your 360° whitality regimen with the Anew 360° White Protective and Vitalizing Creams and the Anew 360° White Clarifying Cleanser and Activating Lotion. The Anew 360◦ White Intensive Correcting Serum is priced at P1,200 (with a special introductory price of P899), available through all Avon Representatives starting July 1, 2010. Don’t have an Avon lady yet? Just call the Avon Customer Hotline at 8642900 or visit www.avon.com.ph.