The World Interviews David Beckham Live Only on Yahoo!

Yahoo! calls upon its 600 million users around the world to ask the global sporting icon their ultimate question in an exclusive interview

MANILA, 13 July 2010 - If you could ask David Beckham one question, what would you ask him and why?

On 14 July, Yahoo! will be asking Beckham fans this very question as it prepares to host a unique global interview. The interview will take place in London at 9.30 pm Manila time and connect fans simultaneously by video from 18 other countries around the world. Over 90 minutes, David will then take quickfire questions from around the globe.

The interview will be streamed live on Yahoo! Singapore at http://ph.yahoo.com and viewers will have the opportunity to submit their own questions live during the event through Yahoo! Mail, Beckham’s Facebook page, the Yahoo! World Football Facebook page and Twitter using the hashtag #Y!DB.

David Beckham said: “It’s always great interacting with fans, but I’ve never been part of an interview quite like this - being able to take questions direct from people in 18 different countries across five continents. It’s definitely a first for me.”

The global interview will involve fans from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and India. Fans from each country will interact with David Beckham through video utilising Cisco’s TelePresence high definition video suites.

Earlier this month, David Beckham signed a global sponsorship deal to serve as Yahoo!’s Global Sports Ambassador. The partnership brings together the world’s largest online media company and the world’s most iconic sports star to offer exclusive content only found on Yahoo! for Yahoo!’s coverage of the World Cup and the 2010/11 football

“At Yahoo!, our vision is to be the centre of people’s online lives, and we do this through delivering unique, personally relevant content found nowhere else,” said Jack Madrid, Yahoo! Philippines General Manager. “David Beckham is one of those iconic personalities that captivates people – whether you are a football fan or not. He is the perfect partner for us because he is relevant to our users globally, and this is their chance to get up close to him like never before.”

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