With HAVAIANAS, it's always summer

For most people, summer is the best time of the year. Summer is a time when they are free to enjoy the moment and indulge in life’s pleasures. This 2011, one ‘hot’ campaign will extend the spirit of summer throughout the year by the brand that knows summer best – Havaianas.

A companion of Filipinos during their happy moments under the sun, Havaianas is an essential part of summer days at the beach or in the city. Every summer, flip-flops lovers sport their favorite Havaianas as they journey to new summer destinations, stroll in shopping malls, or lounge in the summer sun. The summer spirit prompts people to indulge in happiness, creating a season that stirs people to go out, make a splash, and have fun.

But what happens when the summer season is over? Do the fun and happy memories stop there? Definitely not! The season may end but summer can still live on. Come rain or cold weather, one can still think about its sunshine, foster its warmth with positive thinking, and laugh like it’s always the year’s favorite season.

Havaianas, the world’s favorite flip-flops and summer brand, celebrates summer starting now. To encourage the summer state of mind, Havaianas launches the ‘Always Summer’ campaign to remind Filipinos that they don’t need to wait for the season to rejoice in its spirit. Summer never ends and neither do the happy moments that come with it.

“Havaianas is committed to bringing summer to every Filipino,” says Anne Gonzalez, Managing Director of Havaianas Philippines. “And that is why we’re spearheading a year-round celebration of summer—a season when some of our best memories of happiness and kindness are made.”

As part of its year-long summer celebration, Havaianas is launching the Havaianas “Always Summer: Race to Hawaii” contest. Flip-flops lovers nationwide can compete in a day of exciting summer fun by purchasing two pairs of Havaianas and winning a slot in the race. Winners in the regional leg will proceed to Boracay – all expenses paid – to compete in the final leg for the ultimate prize: a trip for two to Hawaii - the land that inspired Havaianas.

This exciting and unique race is only the beginning for Havaianas. “This is our way to achieve our vision of sharing summer with all the flip-flops lovers who never forget to wear their favorite Havaianas as they play, travel, and indulge in fun-filled activities.” says Gonzalez.

For Havaianas, summer is here and now. It’s as simple as a smile, a wink, or a laugh and as lasting as our favorite memories. Live like it’s always summer with Havaianas.

Experience summer fun and adventure from here to Boracay to Hawaii with Havaianas. Race begins at participating authorized Havaianas retailers.

Visit www.havaianassummer.com for details.