Unique Pinoy coffee habits made delectable with Blend 45

It is interesting to know that Pinoys who like to keep warm turn to the cozy soothing aroma that can only come from coffee. Ever inventive and innovative, Pinoys have even developed well-loved customs and practices in enjoying coffee that are distinctly Filipino. Blend 45, the truly Pinoy coffee drink from Universal Robina Corporation (URC), celebrates these unique Pinoy quirks in
relishing coffee in many ways. With its trademark sweet and mild taste that’s made for the Pinoy palate, those looking to start their day relaxed and focused can always relish the toasty glow from a hot cup of Blend 45.

The country’s time-honored coffee traditions

Generations of Pinoys have made their almusal more delectable and satisfying by dunking pandesal into the warm and delicious goodness of Blend 45. A classic tradition, the pandesal-coffee match is a well-loved morning or merienda treat that boosts the energy and conjures sensations of cozy days spent with the family, and feelings of contentment and being at ease. Those looking forward to an appetizing almusal also know about pouring a hot cup of Blend 45 over steaming rice to make a meal more delicious. A ritual enjoyed in provinces all over the country, pouring coffee over rice is a popular habit of Pinoys to make mealtimes more filling, flavorful and invigorating.

Many locals in provinces like Laguna always match Blend 45 with delicacies like kesong puti and ube halaya, creating a rich and flavorful merienda. They have also been known to match Blend 45 with traditional treats like the creamy ensaymada, bischoco or barquillos. BatangueƱos in particular, have enjoyed their own version of Blend 45 as they make the taste sweeter and smoother by adding a bit of panutsa, a sweet delicacy from Batangas that’s made from sugar cane. In the Visayas, local goodies like the suman, a dish made of sticky rice cooked in coconut milk, and puto are paired with smooth-tasting Blend 45 to entice and excite the taste buds. Other delicious fare in the region like the sweet budbog kabog in Dumaguete becomes even tastier when taken with a relaxing cup of Blend 45.

In Mindanao, those wanting to enjoy even more delicious twists to the usual cup of coffee add tablea or sariwang gatas. DavaoeƱos even add the taste of their favorite durian to a cup of Blend 45 for a novel coffee experience; and locals from Camiguin have always enjoyed blissful dessert goodness when theypair their sweet pastel with the smooth-tasting coffee. Offering delectable taste and aroma that’s distinctly Pinoy, Blend 45 creates the perfect coffee experience from its blend of 45 roasted choice beans. From a soothing cup of coffee to wonderful food pairings, Blend 45 truly lets coffee-lovers discover perfect coffee goodness in many distinctly Filipino ways. With Blend 45’s economical price, everyone can start enjoying unique and truly Pinoy coffee traditions anytime, anywhere.Infinite possibilities are waiting to be discovered and enjoyed only with high-quality and delicious instant coffee from Blend 45, available in all leading sari-sari stores, groceries and supermarkets nationwide.