Ease out the tension and work-related stress with Phiten

Hectic work schedules do not necessarily mean giving up a healthy lifestyle. Busy, working individuals can always find means to ease the tension they feel whenever too much work gets in their way. Knowing this, Phiten – a brand globally known for its stylish line of health-enhancing wearables, reaches out to career-driven employees looking for alternatives to manage their work day better. A leader in innovative wearable technology, Phiten offers trendy items such as bracelets, necklaces, clothes among many others that employees can wear to let them feel more at ease at work. Phiten uses breakthrough technology in its wide range of products to cater to today’s demanding and varied lifestyles. With an aim to help restore and maintain the body’s natural state of balance, it gives its users stylish and effective means to ease out their work-induced
stress and continue living a dynamic life.

Phiten’s line of wearable items all go through Phiten’s nanotechnology, the process which turns titanium into microscopic particles called Aquatitan. Unique water-soluble metal technology used by Phiten allows Aquatitan to be infused in every strand of the product’s fabrics. Using this material conditions the body to an inherent state of relaxation simply by wearing them. Employees can survive high-stress situations amidst the demands of today’s corporate setting. Among its many potential benefits to the body is the improvement of blood circulation, muscle pain relief, fatigue and injury prevention and increase of flexibility. It also helps users enhance their performance and maintain optimum energy levels all throughout the day.

As busy individuals carry on with their daily tasks at the office, during meetings and even when doing overtime work, coming in handy are Phiten’s stylish line of products: necklaces and bracelets, tapes, lotions, gels, titanium supporters, socks, ankle guards, knee guards, waist belts, shoulder guards and titanium bandages, collared T-shirts for golf and casual wear.Available in
Phiten shops and kiosks and in major sports shops in the country. For more information, visit www.phitenphil.com and find out the Phiten accessory that best suits your lifestyle.