Knorr Cubes proven meatiest in challenge, donates cash prize to feeding program

From tinola to sotanghon and nilaga, Filipino cuisine is full of delicious soup recipes. Homemakers who wish to satisfy their families’ palate with such favorites know to look for ingredients that will give their cooking the meatiest flavor—the foundation of any great-tasting soup. Their search ends with Unilever’s Knorr Chicken Cubes, which has been proven to be the meatiest cooking aid in the P1 Million Sabaw Challenge.

Knorr Cubes, with endorser Chef Tristan Encarnacion, challenged Filipino consumers to present a seasoning granule with more meat content than Knorr Chicken Cubes. If a consumer finds a seasoning granule meatier than Knorr Chicken Cubes, he or she can get a prize of P1 million. Should there be no product proven to be meatier, the P1 million prize will be donated to fund a feeding program to help improve the nutritional level of Filipino kids.

The challenge tapped an independent third party testing firm in Germany, Eurofins Analytik Gmbh, and worked in accordance with an FDA-approved testing protocol for meat content analysis to ensure credibility. Despite the entries submitted, Knorr Chicken Cubes still confirmed its meaty superiority, with meat content proven to be at least five times more than other local brands.

“When it comes to making great soups, no other brand beats Knorr Cubes! It contains five times more meaty goodness than all the other seasoning granules in the local market. For me, soup is not a good enough soup without the very meaty taste of Knorr Cubes,” says Chef Tristan.

Meaty million

Since no one won the challenge prize, Knorr Cubes donated P1 million to Kabisig ng Kalahi – a non-government organization that does community-based feeding programs in selected depressed communities in the Philippines.

This will help address hunger and malnutrition, which continue to be national pandemics affecting thousands of school-age Filipino children. One province at a time, Knorr is making a dent in reducing the national malnutrition level among school children through its Makulay ang Buhay ng Batang Pinoy (MBBP) feeding program. Knorr has partnered with Kabisig to operationalize this feeding program, and the P1 million donation will provide hundreds of children with nutritious meals. The program also trains parents to prepare healthy, affordable meals for their families. To date, the MBBP feeding program has already nourished more than 20,000 malnourished Filipino children.

“Our commitment to good food goes beyond providing excellent cooking aids,” says Bajeng Cruz, Knorr Brand Manager. “We believe that good food matters and the Sabaw Challenge gave us an opportunity to live out that commitment by offering undernourished kids and their families the value of quality and healthful cooking. We can only be very happy and proud to be of help in this way.”

With the result of Knorr Cubes’ P1 Million Sabaw Challenge, homemakers can be certain that they can make meal times more delicious, meatier and more substantial every time they put Knorr Cubes in their soups.

To meat up your menu, grab Knorr Cubes at your nearest sari-sari stores, supermarkets and groceries nationwide.