A C2 summer to remember

With the rainy season here, how wonderful it is to treasure the memories of summer when C2 green tea kept things cool and clean with the recently concluded C2 “Sarap ng Summer” Stations in the country’s favorite summer destinations. With bottles of lip-smacking C2 within easy reach, vacationers and adventurers truly enjoyed a more refreshing escapade with this ready-to-drink green tea beverage.

Continuing C2’s yearly effort to make summer doubly exciting, the C2 “Sarap ng Summer” Stations visited the famous Boracay beach where it crowned chosen beach babes as C2 Envidia’s Summer Body to Envy. C2 likewise climbed the breezy mountains of Baguio and partied with the crowds in Puerto Galera. In these chill-out places, the C2 booths became an oasis of refreshments as it offered a line-up of beverages from Universal Robina Corporation (URC) including C2 Green Tea, C2 Envidia, Yin Yang Cooling Tea, Coffee Twist Iced Black Coffee, Hidden Spring Mineral Water, Xplode Energy Drink and the company’s newest ready-to-drink juice, OMJ! Oh My Juice. Passers-by also took home premium items from C2 such as swim balls, swim rings and cool bottle holders. The free Poi, Yoga, Tai Chi and Hip-Hop sessions were also highlights of the day for people who wished to enjoy the summer while enhancing their bodies.

A perfect drink for those who celebrate healthy living, C2 Green Tea is made from 100 percent natural green tea leaves of Camellia sinensis and bottled on the same day, locking in all the goodness of green tea. For that enviable summer body for all seasons, C2 Envidia contains no sugar, and its healthy ingredients L-carnitine and EGCG work together to flush the body’s toxins. Together, these C2 drinks make every summer twice as relaxing, refreshing, and deliciously healthy.