LG's next generation TV coming to PHL this May

Manila, May 10, 2011 – LG Electronics (LG) will redefine the meaning of home entertainment this May 2011. Get ready to be amazed as LG unveils an ingenious product range of Next Generation TVs that aims to evolve the viewer experience to higher grounds. “LG is presenting a new vision of how consumers can live simply smarter, enjoying LG TV with their family and friends,” said Cyd Montebon, Product Marketing Head of LG Electronics Philippines. “With our cutting edge technology, and easy-to-use features, LG’s new CINEMA 3DTM TVs and Smart TVs are a perfect starting point for Filipinos who are eager to step into a new world of TV experience.”


One of LG’s highlights this year is the new LG CINEMA 3DTM, which boasts the first third-party endorsed “flicker free” 3D images, along with more comfortable 3D glasses, a brighter 3D pictures and offers a wider viewing angle. Together, these features make it more comfortable than ever for viewers to enjoy 3D contents with their loved ones in the comfort of their homes.

“Having used LG’s expertise in developing a new 3D technology, we were able to address consumer concerns about 3D, such as flickering which caused discomfort and dizziness, and limited viewing angle, today LG is very pleased to offer a real breakthrough in 3D with LG CINEMA 3DTM TV in the Philippines,” Montebon said. “LG CINEMA 3D will be a real game changer in 3D TV, pushing 3D viewing to new depths and contrasts of excitement and taking 3D technology firmly into the mainstream of home entertainment worldwide.”

Smart TV

With its “Point, Click, Control, Simply Smarter” capabilities, LG’s Smart TV lets users access the best of the internet directly on the big screen in a way that’s easier and smarter. With motion sensing technology, the Magic Motion Remote Control offers single click access, by letting viewers drag and drop, just like a PC. On a single screen the Home Dashboard makes it easy to navigate through entertainment options.

Another creative feature is the TVs Smart Share function which allows users to wirelessly stream all their favorite music, videos and photos stored from one’s laptop, tablet or Smart Phone, and access simultaneous meta data – including actor profiles or movie synopses –about whatever movie they’re watching.

LG’s Smart TV offers top-quality content from global and Pan-Asian providers as well as specially selected local video-on-demand contents that relevant to Filipino viewers. In addition, a fast-growing list of LG Apps offers services from lifestyle and education to entertainment and games.

More surprising announcements will be revealed on how LG will boost TV market share this

year with its Next Generation TVs.