The world is a playground this summer for Jollibee Kids Scouts

Summer couldn’t get any better with the Jollibee Kid Scout program, the flagship activity of the Jollibee Kids Club (JKC).

The six-day program exclusively for JKC members offers workshops that will inspire kids to develop skills and learn more about themselves on many different levels. Set in a lively and nurturing environment, these in-store activities assure moms that their children can explore the many facets of their personalities. Through the Jollibee Kid Scout program, kids can grow beyond the four walls of their home and also beyond school.

Participants can enjoy thrilling games, values and personality development and arts and crafts workshops. They are also given the chance to get hands-on during the make-your-own snack activity where they also learn about how their favorite store operates behind-the-scenes. The summer program will be capped off with a graduation day where the children’s achievements are recognized in front of their proud parents.

With more than 500 participating Jollibee stores and over a hundred thousand members nationwide, JKC continues to provide children a grand time through many different activities that help them become well-rounded individuals. Moms can immerse their kids in the fun Jollibee experience this summer and beyond by signing them up for the JKC Jollibee Kid Scout program. All they need to do is drop by the nearest participating Jollibee store and a friendly store crew member will gladly assist them.

Jollibee Kids Club extends a helping hand to parents in making kids be the best they can be through creative activities such as the Jollibee Kid Scout program. Parents of non-JKC members can sign up their child for a JKC membership in select Jollibee branches. For inquiries, call (02)898-7777.