Twist away the summer heat

With summer season still upon us, make the most of your sunny days by adding a twist to your usual pursuits. Coffee Twist, the delicious ready-to-drink coffee drink from Universal Robina Corporation (URC), counts the ways to put a cool new spin on summer activities.

Help out on a holiday
Summer is road trip season, and while planning your itinerary, consider including a meaningful twist. Check out non-profit organizations or outreach programs based in your target holiday destination, and lend a helping hand while you’re in town. Take a few hours to meet the locals, find out about the issues and needs that are relevant to them – and bring home a worthwhile experience, instead of just souvenirs. After an uplifting session, share a Coffee Twist with your newfound friends and enjoy the long talks and happy banter.

Learn a new language
Soak up the culture and history of another country by learning to speak in their mother tongue. Various cultural centers and language learning facilities offer special summer courses that provide basic conversational skills for the savvy traveler. Help keep your mind sharp by drinking Coffee Twist, for just the right caffeine rush that can help you stay awake and alert for each lesson.

Be an urban nomad
If you can’t go out of the city for a summer escapade, then it’s time to explore the urban jungle. Take a different route – leave the car at home and commute. Or if you take public transport, perhaps a walking tour is in order. Check out the walking tours organized by Carlos Celdran or Ivan Man Dy and rediscover Manila. Revel in the everyday sights and sounds that you take for granted. See the world from a new perspective. After a day of exploration, wind down with an ice-cold bottle of Coffee Twist, be it in Classic, Hazelnut or Orange flavor.

Fly a kite
Nothing spells freedom more than a brisk run in an open field, kite in hand, and the afternoon breeze in your hair. Kites can be bought in all colors, shapes, and sizes, but for those feeling nostalgic, try making it by hand, with barbecue sticks and Japanese paper. Pack a picnic while you’re at it, with your favorite snacks and Coffee Twist, and enjoy the sunset after your kite run. Whatever summer activity you choose, Coffee Twist is the ideal drinking companion. The most energizing way to stay refreshed, Coffee Twist is available at a suggested retail price of P10.50 per bottle in leading supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, and gas stations nationwide.