Xenical launches club new you with Zumba flair

Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable deaths everywhere, causing at least 2.8 million adult deaths each year and compounding already serious ailments like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke. Originally thought to only be a problem in developed countries, this epidemic has found its way to the Philippines as well. The National Nutrition and Health Survey of 2008 showed increasing trends across all age groups in the Philippines, particularly in adults over age 20. The prevalence of being overweight in this demographic is 21.4% while obesity is at a high 5.2%.

There has been a renewed and enthusiastic focus on healthy living over the past few years, perhaps as a consequence to these alarming statistics. However, some might need an extra push to reach their weight loss goals. Xenical® (generic name: Orlistat), the leader in weight loss pills, provides an effective weight management solution that helps its users achieve real and long-lasting results. Marketed by Roche Philippines, Inc., Xenical® has the highest quality formulation and is purer compared to other orlistats on the market.

People who couple regular Xenical® intake with a healthy diet and a moderate exercise regime will see results in as quickly as two weeks, and consistent consumption of this effective weight loss aid will not only lower weight but keep it from being regained.

As more and more Filipinos continue to win the war against obesity with Xenical®, the brand recently launched ‘Club New You’, a support group that provides the latest holistic weight loss methods through relevant content on www.newyou.com.ph.

Dedicated health consultants will monitor your progress and motivate you to keep up the good work, while members of your family feel the benefits of the New You as well.

Members of Club New You will enjoy perks such as discounts and special promotions at various gyms, restaurants, and retail establishments around the country!

Held recently at the Greenbelt Residences in Makati, the launch of Club New You saw members of the media and Xenical® users alike party the pounds away in an innovative and fun workout. Hosted by F.A.S.H TV personality Bianca Valerio, the launch enabled everyone to experience Zumba, the Latin aerobics craze that has been steadily spreading across the globe since the 1990s. Demonstrated by certified instructors, participants were able to enjoy the perks of losing weight and discover their own Latin Rhythm!

Aside from trimming the fat, Xenical® offers a new lease on life. As Xenical® Brand Manager emphasized, “Losing weight is the best way to start your journey towards overall wellness. Xenical® and Club New You are your partners towards a healthier, happier life. Find the New You today!”

For those interested in joining Club New You, simply visit www.newyou.com.ph or call the Xenical® hotline (02) 552 – XENI (9374) to avail of the free registration form. It will also be made available in participating doctors’ clinics, upcoming Xenical® events, and leading drugstores. Complete forms are to be submitted with ten empty Xenical® blister packs along with your name, address, contact details, and birth date to Club New You, P.O. Box 4061, Makati Central Post Office, Makati City1225, PH. Early registrants will automatically receive a week’s supply of Xenical® absolutely free. Find the New You today!